Here at Eat.Move.Hack. we are thrilled to have developed advertising relationships with companies across the globe that share our passion. These partnerships are important to the longevity and breadth of EMH in important ways.

First, they help us bring to our readers products and offers that are in keeping with our goal to be the top personal health blog resource. In order to reach our collective goals of attaining greater health, it is necessary that we utilize the best products available. We work with our partners to bring our readers products that we are proud to associate our name with. As a top health blog, we connect our readers to other healthy websites and products.

Not only do we bring you recommendations for great products, but our partners are generous enough to periodically provide us special offers that we can pass along. This equates to a win-win outcome for all involved.

The second reason these partnerships are important to EMH is that they provide us with the financial resources that we need to keep the site alive, active, and growing. Maintaining a site like EMH is not cheap. This site incurs many costs behind the scenes.

All we can sell through EMH is our reader’s attention. You are part of a coveted community….consumers that are focused and committed to becoming the healthiest version of themselves. Companies are willing to pay referral fees to be connected with these kinds of consumers.

Our partners do pay EMH a small commission on sales that are attributable to our readers. We hope our readers understand that we recommend products that we believe in and not just those products that pay us the highest potential referral fee. EMH recommends products because we believe that these products will help our readers attain a higher quality of life.

We understand that there are a lot of health blogs on the internet. We don’t take our readership for granted. Quite the contrary. We are constantly looking for ways that we can grow our community.

The larger we grow our community the more content we can bring to our readers. This is why you see advertisements on our site. These advertisements pay the costs of the site. We wish we were able to run the site for free and provide ad-free content with no interruption. However, this just isn’t feasible. It is our hope that our readers understand this and in turn support our advertising partners. The more support we send to our advertisement partners the more we can grow and bring additional valuable content.

We thought it would be helpful to be fully transparent to our readers about how this site is monetized. If you ever have any questions about our advertising partnerships please reach out to us. If you are interested in partnering with EMH as a new advertiser please reach out as well.

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Below we will try to maintain a list of our current advertising partners.

We will also maintain article threads with partner offers in the “Partner” category so you can check back regularly to find deals. 

Current EMH Advertising Partnerships: