Best Collagen Cream – Top Reviews for 2018!

Best Collagen Cream - Top Reviews for 2018!

What is Collagen?

Abundant within the human body, collagen is a specific protein that is found in the most crucial organs, most notably the skin. Similar to a spider web, it prevents the tissues from shifting and aides in their recovery during times of injury and physical activity. As the body grows older, the amount of collagen that is naturally created diminishes over time until it is unable to effectively produce the protein on it’s own. Visible and unseen signs of age are the resulting effect of a depletion of collagen in the body interior. It contributes to hair loss, heart problems, failure of the body to heal quickly, and an overall weakened immune system. With fewer protein molecules, fatigue and respiratory problems can also occur.

Best Collagen Creams

To minimize the effects of aging, dry skin, and unsightly calloused hands, doctors will recommend their patients to use skin moisturizers and collagen creams on a regular basis, especially during dry seasons. Lotions work in the same fashion as an athlete replenishing themselves by drinking water that is infused with electrolytes. It is a useful hydration method. However, moisturizers containing collagen are ideal for people seeing a superficial increase in skin crevasses. The five products listed contain not only absorbable collagen, but other healthy ingredients alongside with them. As they are not tablets and can be purchased in pull form, strictly lotions and creams will suffice for the following that are recommended.

1. L’Oreal Paris Collagen Cream Moisture Filler

Best Collagen Cream - Top Reviews for 2018!

L’Oreal’s Moisture Fuller Collagen Cream is probably the most commercially available product, easily found both offline and in online retail. The lotion is targeted specifically for the face. It guarantees a visual improvement of factual features and wrinkle elimination after the first 30 days of using the cream. Although oily in consistency, it’s brand has been a popular beginner collagen cream for people wishing to test it for the general awareness of this common brand that normally produces face and hand washes. It is advised to use every night before bedtime.

St. Ives Renewing Facial Moisturizer

Best Collagen Cream - Top Reviews for 2018!

Developed with the intention of preventing pores from being blocked, St. Ives says that this collagen cream will yield great results in one week. It also contains seed, safflower seed oil, and Elastin, a derivative of collagen that essentially straightens skin while maintaining a youthful, flat facial surface. It can be applied to both the hands and neck.

3. ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Skin Care System

Best Collagen Cream - Top Reviews for 2018!

One area that is commonly reported as troublesome for correcting lines is the circular area of the face that borders the eyes and eyebrows. ELEMIS collagen cream, when used daily, has a result timeframe between one to two weeks for smoother eyelids and firm cheekbones, with no unsightly bags–even after application during the morning hours.

4. Advanced Clinicals Collagen Skin Rescue Lotion

Best Collagen Cream - Top Reviews for 2018!

This product provides moisturizing relief that can used throughout the body. Available in a large 16 ounce bottle, Advanced Clinics Collagen is a special blend of ingredients that mixes Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Green Tea, Aloe Vera and Chamomile. The lotion works best on people with severely dry skin.

5. Mason Natural Vitamins Collagen Beauty Cream

Best Collagen Cream - Top Reviews for 2018!

Mason’s Natural Vitamins Collagen Cream is nearly unscented, making it easy to apply for those with skin that is sensitive to fragrances. On the surface, it resembles any ordinary hair conditioner, but is fully infused with collagen building proteins for the face and aging spots on the arms and limbs. This product also features vitamin E Glycerine.

Collagen Cream Ingredients

With no exception, all moisturizers and lotions use collagen as an active ingredient, with Aloe being an additional extract in most of the products. As with most lotions, collagen creams do include a number of other chemicals to ensure that the bottles do not become tarnished during use. Regardless, all ingredients on every listing are non-toxic to adults and the elderly.

Pros and Cons of Collagen Cream

Collagen creams have many advantages for regular use, most commonly for the following:


• Collagen is absorbed into the skin, which is the areas of the body most associated with high concentrations of the protein before the body’s aging process begins.
• Long term use of collagen-infused moisturizers can boost confidence, self-esteem, and motivation to make more than the skin healthier (a call to begin dietary improvements).
• Can help alleviate excessively dry skin.
• Can be cheaper and easier to obtain and choose from than tablets


• Some products do not contain enough levels of collagen to achieve lasting effects. Buyers searching for collagen creams are recommended to research brands before they are acquired.
• Some collagen creams are not recommended for people with oily skin, since some protein lotions have an oily consistency.

Collagen Cream vs Pills

• Lotions can contain some synthetic ingredients.
• Retail price can be expensive depending g on the product.

Collagen tablets and pills generally do more for the body than creams. Organs such as the liver and kidneys rely heavily on collagen to keep them locked in place. Creams are normally used for the skin’s elasticity and invigorates the outermost layers of the body’s largest organ, reversing the aging and degradation of the skin’s surface. Although both will contain proteins within their medications, they are often seen used for slightly differing reasons.

Collagen Benefits

Much like water, protein has a vital role in ensuring a proper function of the heart, lungs, and central nervous system. Without it, wrinkles becomes more sporadic in many individuals that fail to replenish collagen by means of consumption or absorption. As time passes, researchers test and monitor different molecules to see if they are suitable for cures, sickness, pain relief, and damaged joints.

Collagen could also be used in the future to treat such dibilitating illnesses as osteoporosis, a disease that erodes the bones and causes arthritis. While the studies remain in their infancy, having been performed in recent years, the fact that scientists have decided to implement collagen into their studies to combat an often tragic and painful affliction is complementary of the benefits it has bestowed to other people. Proteins are a much needed fuel for the body to perform the most rudimentary movements and activities. The importance it has on human prosperity should not go unnoticed.


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