Best Electric Longboards 2018 Update

Electric Longboards: Things To Know

Skateboarding has advanced well into the mainstream public over the last two decades. What once was a regional pastime in California has now manifested into an international sport that has businesses, marketers, and celebrity skateboarders with large notoriety viewed and known in nearly every corner of the world. The manual style of transportation will forever be popular among youth and adults alike. Yet today, a new breed of skateboards has fast become a trend.

What Are Electric Longboards?

Electric longboards and skateboards are contemporary boards that have motors that automate the entire process of riding a board. They allow the rider to keep their feet on the grip tape with no need of touching the pavement to give the board motion. This is done by two methods: An electric motor that consists of a lithium ion battery on the bottom of the board has a rotary that is fixated to a belt that turns the back wheels. The user operates a remote control to allow the board to move as expected. The second method is from manufacturers placing a motor consisting of electrified coils into the wheels of the board itself. Both methods rely on the user charging the device to give power to the board.

For charging, most longboards are typically ready to go after a two to three hour charging time. Many also allow the rider to plug their smartphone into the charging station on the bottom of the board as well, which is best utilized when the board is not being used. Other longboard products have mobile applications that can operate or give riding statistics to the user on miles driven, speed, directions, and battery life.

Electric Longboards vs. Electric Skateboards

Electric longboards are similar in style to electric skateboards but with a few minor differences. While both do aide in getting the rider to move quicker (depending on the location), their main differences are in the appearance and build of the boards themselves. Electric longboards tend to have a slightly slower top speed than normal electric boards. However, they are also much cheaper and easier to use.

Since electric longboards feature a deck length that is greater than traditional skateboards, it is sometimes recommended over smaller electric boards, especially if the rider has never ridden a skateboard before or is returning back to riding from years of hiatus. The large surface of grip tape lets the “driver” hold their feet in place much easier, especially when going downhill and executing slight turns.

What To Look For In Electric Longboards

Most riders have no problem with longboards at all while others simply have difficulty in using them, especially skateboarders who are accustomed to boards that were produced before the 1980s since they tend to feature higher trucks and significantly smaller decks.

Speed should also be a factor. Since most electric longboards that are sold on the market today are not as fast as electric skateboards, an advantage or disadvantage can happen, of which is dependent of the user’s experience with boards in general. For children, they are great since the speed is acceptable but prohibits them from going too fast. Professional skateboarders who have experience with this subtype may feel that electric longboards should be faster.

Every electric skateboard and longboard company is transparent about the listed speeds of their skateboards. Where the potential purchaser may find error is in the time given for battery life, since some boards have been reviewed as having slightly more or less battery length in margin than what is advertised on their product.

One of the greatest advantages is in the cost of savings. Longboards often retail far less than electric skateboards. The lower amount of torque in the battery is great for beginners who wish to start on electric longboards before transitioning to regular skateboards and longboards that do not have motors. The user will get a feel for the comfort in which they mount themselves on the board and the second-nature placement of their feet. The size of the feet is also important. While the standard board width is about nine inches wide, some boards are specifically built to cater to heavier individuals who have larger shoes and no refined stance.

If stability, comfort in riding, and simple automation of a board is ideal, then longboards are advised over skateboards if the rider does not intend on buying a product based on speed alone. In this sense, they are some of the most marketable electric boards for experts and those who seldom use longboards or skateboards.

The Best Electric Longboards:

Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard

Best Electric Longboards 2018 Update

The Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard is made to favor endurance over speed and agility. The 400-watt motor is powerful enough to generate a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour. This makes it great for cruising and other family oriented boarding activities such as traveling around residential areas and parks.

Top Speed: 12.5 miles per hour

Weight Capacity: 220 pounds (99 kilograms)


• Deck Length – 35 inches (88 centimeters)

• Deck Width – 13 inches (33 centimeters)

Wheel Diameter: 35 x 24 millimeters

Buffalo Electric Skateboard Commute Longboard

Best Electric Longboards 2018 Update

The Buffalo Electric Skateboard clocks in at a top speed of 12.4 miles per hour and boosts 1200 watts of torque in the battery’s power delivery. It has the world’s only single dual drive system, allowing the user to move quickly uphill and brake fast when going down declines. There are four layers of bamboo and fiberglass material that make up the board itself, which is water resistant and low in weight when scaled with other electric longboards.

Top Speed: 12.4 miles per hour

Weight Capacity: 264 pounds


• Deck Length – 38.4 inches (97 centimeters)

• Deck Width – 9.4 inches (23 centimeters)

Wheel Diameter: 83 x 50 millimeters

Wheel Durometer: 85A

BLITZART Huracane Electric Longboard

Best Electric Longboards 2018 Update

The BLITZART Huracane Electric Longboard offers slightly more in range and speed, having a maximum of 17 miles per hour with 10 miles of range capable of being traveled without charging. The board is equipped with a 36-volt lithium ion battery pack that charges in full after two and a half hours. There are six layers of maplewood and two layers of bamboo in the deck of the longboard. It has solid grip tape that will keep the rider’s feet in place. Furthermore, with a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, the BLITZART board is highly recommended for heavier riders who are concerned with being too large for a standard electric longboard.

Top Speed: 17 miles per hour

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds (136 kilograms)


• Deck Length – 38 inches (96 centimeters)

• Deck Width – 10 inches (25.4 centimeters)

Wheel Diameter: 90 millimeters

Wheel Durometer: 80A

SWAGTRON SwagBoard Voyager Electric Longboard

Best Electric Longboards 2018 Update

SWAGTRON’s SwagBoard Voyager Electric Longboard sports a dual 350-watt wheels (the battery is located in the wheels) that is capable of going up to 15 miles per hour. The range is measured at about 15 miles, a good distance for people who wish to take their boards to work or school. Like most longboards, this product comes equipped with a wireless remote control that allows the user to control the primary functions of the longboard (braking, acceleration, etc.). It features a traditional longboard design and is made of a combination of bamboo and Canadian Maple, a blend to enable high flexibility and cushioning during high and low rates of speed.

Top Speed: 15 miles per hour

Weight Capacity: 350 pounds (158 kilograms)


• Deck Length – 41 inches (104 centimeters)

• Deck Width – 13 inches (33 centimeters)

Wheel Diameter: 90 millimeters

Wheel Durometer: 80A

SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Electric Longboard

Best Electric Longboards 2018 Update

The SwagBoard NG-1 Electric Longboard has a 24-volt lithium ion battery capable of delivering a top speed of 11 miles per hour and up to 10 miles of distance on one charge up. The wheels are made of sturdy polyurethane and designed to absorb shocks and bumps on uneven concrete and asphalt. The deck is maple wood and has premium grip tape for reduced falls. The ride is smooth and recommended for beginners or veterans of electric skateboards and longboards.

Top Speed: 11 miles per hour

Weight Capacity: 176 pounds (79 kilograms)


• Deck Length – 32 inches (81 centimeters)

• Deck Width – 9 inches (22 centimeters)

Wheel Diameter:90 millimeters

Wheel Durometer: 80A


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