Best MCT Oils – Benefits and Where to Get It

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MCT Oil Introduction

Thanks to the rise of the internet and objective studies on the benefits of alternative dieting, more people now understand that not all fats are created equal. Similar to bacteria, fats can improve the health of individuals in ways that were once thought impossible. The key is to know which fats should be consumed and in what quantity. MCT oils are a perfect choice to test the benefits of portioning high-quality fats over their undesired counterparts.

MCT Oil Comparison

NameImageServing SizePrice
Onnit MCT OilBest MCT Oils - Benefits and Where to Get It1Tbsp$
Bulletproof Brain Octane OilBest MCT Oils - Benefits and Where to Get It1Tbsp$$
MCT Oil Powder with Prebiotic Acacia FiberBest MCT Oils - Benefits and Where to Get It9g$
Quest Nutrition MCT Powder OilBest MCT Oils - Benefits and Where to Get It9g$

What is MCT Oil?

Using dietary fats to achieve improvements in health is known as the Bulletproof Diet, of which MCT oil has an important role in its operation.

MCT Oil is a concentrated liquid (can be dehydrated into a powder) that forms a collection of saturated fatty acids known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCT).

Fats, such as those that are saturated, are made up of hydrogen and carbon that binds to the molecules in different amounts. They visually resemble a tail. Based on the number of carbons that make up the particles of fat, they are classed into three distinct varieties:

• Short-chain fatty acids – Less than 6 carbons
• Medium-chain fatty acids – Has between 6 to 12 carbons
• Long-chain fatty acids – Has between 13 to 21 carbons

Fatty acids with a smaller number of carbons will move through the digestive system at a faster rate than longer-chain
acids. As described prior, MCT Oil consists of medium-chain fatty acids. From this distinction, MCT conforms to an additional set of properties:

• Caprioc/Hexanoic acid (C6:0) – Found in vanilla and various animal fats such as goats
• Caprylic acid (C8:0) – Found in animal milk and coconut oil
• Lauric acid (C12:0) – Commonly found in coconut oil

Being that it is concentrated, all three medium chain acids make up the ingredients for MCT oil. Together, they offer many advantages over the consumption of other foods that are used for nutritional fat intake. Several MCT oil brands on the market are recommended for their price and level of product quality. They are sure to provide keytones fast and quick gains to body functionality and energy output.

Best MCT Oil Products

1. Onnit MCT Oil – Pure MCT Coconut Oil

onnit mct

One of the positive aspects of MCT oil companies is their willingness to experiment and tweak their oils overtime to churn out trend setting methods of oil processing. Unique in relying solely on coconut oil, Onnit’s MCT Oil is one of the best in it’s category. As the name implies, it is processed completely from pure coconuts but maintains top levels of all three MCT fatty acids. C12 is listed at 30 percent, C8 at 38 percent, and C10 at 31 percent with every serving. Users who want a high quality MCT that mixes the pure and clean coconut oil should place this on their must-have list.

2. Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

Best MCT Oils - Benefits and Where to Get It

Bulletproof’s successful marketing has made their product a common sight in health food stores offline and online. Sugar free, Bulletproof MCT Oil has everything that is to be expected from a top shelf oil supplement. Even with it’s selling point of providing better mental attentiveness and focus with it’s ketones, it also works well as a good energy replenishment source. Saturated fat content measures at 14 grams per serving. While it may be slightly high in price, Brain Octane Oil is consistently rated high among virtually every online retailer’s customers.

3. Zhou Nutrition MCT Oil Powder

Best MCT Oils - Benefits and Where to Get It

Adding fiber to energy-infusing MCT’s is a mixture that could become more popular once people are made aware of this innovative nutritional product. Acacia Fiber is a water soluble dietary fiber that works as an additional layer to aiding weight loss and digestive inflammation of the intestines. With it’s combination of MCT powder, this creates a powerful brand. Zhou Nutrition handles ketones and reduces bloating. It also contains 30 milligrams of sodium and a bonus 51 milligrams of calcium with every 9 gram scooping. Surely one of the best options for people who are attempting to lose weight, Zhou makes it incredibly easier to become motivated for weight reduction.

4. Quest Nutrition MCT Powder Oil

Best MCT Oils - Benefits and Where to Get It

Weighing in at 16 ounces, Quest Nutrition’s MCT Powder contains caprylic acid and seven grams of saturated fats. Although it is food-based, it pairs well with nearly any hot beverage. It should not come as a surprise that this product makes coffee taste even better. It is even used as a creamer replacement. In powdered form, is dissolves quickly and easily with solid foods as well. If MCT oils are causing problems such as gastric irritation, Quest Nutrition is a solid alternative to achieving proper ketones.

Where to Buy MCT Oil

Supermarkets, health food specialty stores, and online retailers will offer MCT oils for purchase. Some pharmacies may also sell them with other dietary supplements.

It has been debated on whether or not MCT oils should be purchased from certain sources. The contention stems from some companies being accused of failing to disclose the amount of lauric acid that is labeled as being true MCT oil.

For an objective product description, careful reading of personal and verifiable reviews is advised. Whether the oil is sold offline or on the internet, things to be mindful about are an avoidance of reviews that are unofficial and seemingly too positive in nature.

MCT Oil Benefits

When MCT oil first enters the body, it quickly travels to the liver where it is transformed into ketones which naturally act as a defense mechanism for prolonged exercise, fasting, and other physical activities. However, since MCT is willfully taken, the liver will produce ketones quickly under normal conditions. This results in increased stamina, energy, and cognitive function. Improved digestion and less hunger pangs means that fat cells have more time to break down thus preventing or counteracting obesity.

For people who are active in the gym, MCT oil is a great substitute if they are sensitive to pre-workout supplements. Since ketones are produced efficiently and quickly, mixing with a beverage immediately before and during a treadmill run or a row of sets would double the oil’s fat-burning properties.

While breakfast is labeled by some as the most important meal of the entire day, adding MCT oil to coffee before the business day commute to work will enhance driving coordination and fight off the drowsiness that so often happens after an early rise. Counteracting coffee’s knack for causing unpredictable crashing is also a minor advantage.

MCT Oil Side Effects

Nearly all supplements and diet products will have mild or moderate side effects. As a general precaution, a beginning dosage of MCT oil should be small but enough to know whether or not it will have any positive or negative effects.

Since MCT is an oil-based supplement, the most common side effect is irritability in the digestive tract. First-time users are especially vulnerable to encountering stomach discomfort, gas, and mild diarrhea. As a tolerance builds to the substance over time, such reactions will become few in occasion unless larger amounts are taken, which pertains to the dosage and serving size.

How Much MCT Oil Per Day

The amount of activity anticipated could serve as a basis for determining how much MCT oil will be used. Nutritionists recommend that the daily dosage not exceed 3 tablespoons in 24 hours to avoid an upset stomach. Of course, beginners will want to gradually increase the amount over time.

However, certain activities may warrant a greater need for ketones. Events that require deep concentration, whether they be at a place of employment or an outdoor activity, should be handled by scheduling the dosage in time for the particular occurrence. For example, if yard work needs to be completed on a home during the middle of the day, skipping a breakfast dose for one or two tablespoons of an MCT-mixed drink directly before it commences will ensure ketone gains and minimal discomfort.

Difference Between MCT Oil And Coconut Oil

Coconut oil on it’s own is healthy and will always be wonderful for cooking or mixing, especially with it’s lauric acid. The internet is filled with information from nutritionists that have compared it with MCT oil. The primary differences between the two are their fatty acid properties. MCT is concentrated, combining lauric, caprylic, and caprioc acids in the product. Coconut oil is produced by a simple heating method that presses the fruit to extract the oil and has lower levels of caprioc and caprylic acid.

Additionally, MCT is friendlier on the gut. Coconut oil is not easily digested and can result in a lot of irritability. It is frequently purchased by people who are attempting the Bulletproof Diet which does not list coconut oil as a must-have item.

How Can MCT’s Work Best?

Users who plan on taking MCT oils to lose should keep in mind that these products work best when physical activities are accomplished with them. Exercise, weightlifting, or simply jogging will ensure that weight is decreased during the Bulletproof Diet plan. Because of the way in which MCT’s generate ketones that block hunger, it is equally important to avoid waiting too long in between dosing to eat solid foods. If these steps are taken and remembered, it is guaranteed that dieters will notice smaller or leaner mass relatively quickly.

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