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Best Skateboards

Since the mid-20th century, skateboarding has blossomed into a once obscure and regional pastime that originated in the southern counties of California to a global sport that sees famous riders performing tricks in front of crowds of thousands. Today, skateboards are used for many different activities. Skaters can be seen in suits and ties in urban areas commuting to work in the morning and evening. There are parks that specifically cater to skateboarders who wish to practice tricks and their style of riding. Others have replaced bicycling with skateboarding, since they are smaller and easier to carry and store. Some even travel with their skateboards when on holiday since they can easily fit into the back seat of an automobile. Other models are catered to people who wish to bring their board with them on an airplane, with some models built to comply with airline carry on and checked baggage regulations.

With so many different types of skateboards that are available for purchase, it can sometimes be a daunting task to choose the right product for their specific need. Picking the best skateboard is very similar to choosing clothing at a department store. When you wishes to buy a nice pair of jeans or a t-shirt, the size, fit, and region of the individual’s home are all taken into consideration. In this sense, skateboards are the same. Listed are some of different varieties of skateboards and the purpose of their shape. These are the best skateboards that are most popular among skateboard riders:

Penny Boards

These are also known as cruiser skateboards. Penny boards are popular for riders who wish to transport their board to many different places as they are lighter and usually shorter than typical longboards. They are also larger than short boards. If the skater wishes to travel long distances that require lots of turns and curves, penny boards are one of the best options to buy.

Short Boards

Also called double kick skateboards, the short board is famous for having a nose and tail that is inverted. This is to make tricks easier to perform. Many professional skateboarders are seen using short boards for this reason. They are great for riders who want to perform cool techniques on rails and pipes. If skaters intend to do such activities with their board, this is the most suitable choice as long as there will be no long distance riding. Best used at parks and on the street for short range travel.

Pintail Boards

Pintails are popular with surfers since their shape most resembles the boards from which skateboarding had their inspiration in the 1950s. They are shaped in a way that prevents the wheel from coming into contact with the bottom of the board. They are also suitable for carving (a technique of continually turning a skateboard) and cruising. Pintail boards have many different sizes yet are often larger than short boards.

Twin Tip Boards

These are excellent for riders who like to make deep carves. Twin tip skateboards feature a nose and tail that is smaller in size to the part of the board in which the rider places their feet. The wheels are also designed to avoid hitting the board (also known as wheel bite). Many longboards and drop through skateboards feature this style and are useful for riders who live in regions where downhill passings will commonly occur. Visually, this board has a Formula One look, and the high speeds in which it can go is similar to the race cars in this regard as well.

Buying the Best Skateboard – What to Consider

Riders should always consider their weight and foot size when buying a skateboard. Every skateboard’s size preference is determined by comparing this information with the length and width of the deck. Here are some of the standard sizes for picking the best skateboard suited for a person in relation to their size and weight:

3′ 5″ and shorter: Boards that are sold for children of this size are often called Micro decks or Micro boards. They are usually cheap and easy to find both online and in brick and mortar stores. The trucks and wheels will not last very long unless the manufacturer specifically sells a micro board of high quality. Deck width averages at 6.5 to 6.75 inches wide. Shoe size should be a size three or smaller.

3′ 5″ to 4′ 5″: Kids of this size are typically six to eight years old. The boards best for them are known as mini decks. They are also inexpensive but the components will be of higher quality than micro boards for small children. Deck width is around 7 inches and shoe size is between four and six.

4′ 5″ to 5′ 3″: Deck width at approximately 7 inches. At this stage, skateboards begin to broaden in their shapes and sizes yet remain recommended for kids between nine to twelve years old. Shoe size for boards of this width is seven to eight. Children aged 9 to 12 are the best candidates for these boards.

5′ 3″ and taller: Boards sold for older children and adults 12 and older begin at 7.5 inches in width or higher. Shoe size will be 9 or higher. It should also be noted that the average width of boards suited for these individuals can change, depending on the style of the skateboard itself.

The Best Skateboards

Landwalker Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Best Skateboard 2018 Ultimate Guide

Landwalker’s Cruiser Longboard/Skateboard is truly a remarkable class of top of the line boards. The deck has the traditional pintail shape, making it perfect for skating around wide open areas that are not congested. There are nine piles of Canadian Maple wood that give a super strong and robust feel to the ride. The trucks are aluminum, measuring seven inches in length which are connected to hardened and long-lasting polyurethane wheels. The bearings prove that the manufacturers know attention to detail with their ABEC 9 rating. It comes fully assembled and ready for riding.

Board Dimensions:

• Length – 44 inches (19.95 centimeters)

• Width – 9 inches (22.86 centimeters)

Wheel Diameter: 70 millimeters

Weight Capacity: 260 pounds (117.93 kilograms)

Pre-Assembled: Yes

SCSK8 Pro Skateboard

Best Skateboard 2018 Ultimate Guide

SCSK8 Pro Skateboard is just that-a professional grade skateboard that is easy to buy and simple to use. The deck and trucks are all made from solid materials and the bearings stand at a top notch ABEC 9 rating. The polyurethane wheels are resistant to spotting and breaking. Furthermore, the maple deck will provide a smooth riding experience for a wide variety of weights and heights. Both professionals and first-time boarders will love the SCSK8 and all of its top shelf parts.

Board Dimensions:

• Length – 31 inches (14.06 centimeters)

• Width – 8 inches (3.62 centimeters)

Wheel Diameter: 52 millimeters

Weight Capacity: 225 pounds (102.05 kilograms)

Pre-Assembled: Yes

Atom Drop Through Longboard

Best Skateboard 2018 Ultimate Guide

If speed is what a skateboarder desires in their ride, the Atom Drop Through Longboard is the way to go. It can perform at its best when the terrain consists of declines in elevation. The Atom sports eight layers of Maple wood laminate and has large wheels to provide extra speed and control, no matter how fast the rider chooses to go. Bearings are at excellent quality and will show no drag.

Board Dimensions:

• Length – 40 inches (101.6 centimeters)

• Width – 10 inches (25.4 centimeters)

Wheel Diameter: 51 millimeters

Weight Capacity: 275 pounds (124.73 kilograms)

Pre-Assembled: Yes

Penny Nickel Complete Skateboard

Best Skateboard 2018 Ultimate Guide

The Penny Nickel Complete Skateboard has many assorted colors to suit any person’s style. The length of the deck stands at 27 inches (which is to be expected of penny boards) and is suited for everyone. The deck is made of a dense plastic, which connects to 3.12-inch trucks that won’t wear quickly. It is travel friendly and can be taken in backpacks, duffel bags, and luggage. This penny board is manufactured in Australia, another great region that is known for producing some of the best skateboards around.

Board Dimensions:

• Length – 27 inches (60.58 centimeters)

• Width – 8.5 inches (21.59 centimeters)

Wheel Diameter: 59 millimeters

Weight Capacity: 230 pounds (104.32 kilometers)

Pre-Assembled: Yes

Yocaher Pika Punked Complete Skateboards

Best Skateboard 2018 Ultimate Guide

Yocaher has one advantage over some of its competitors. It features many different deck styles that suit just about any skater’s needs, including micro, mini, and street decks. Although the illustration on the grip tape is the same, it can easily be altered with another that is sold separately. Out of all of the boards listed, the Yocaher is truly one of the strongest in terms of customization to the same product.

Board Dimensions:
Varies with each deck

Wheel Diameter: 54 millimeters

Weight Capacity: about 200 pounds (90.71 kilometers)

Pre-Assembled: Yes

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