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Best Spin Bikes

Going to the gym can be a great way to lose weight and get back into (or stay in!) shape. Most gyms will feature a wide assortment of gear that can be used to accomplish workout goals and yearly resolutions. However, some have found that an even better way to avoid the hassle of going to the gym is to simply buy a machine that can be used at home. Of all the options that you can go with, spin bikes happen to be one of the best choices.

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Spin bikes are a useful tool to perform cardio exercises in the comfort of the home. They allow you to make a routine of biking without the need of going to the gym or riding bicycles outside. While most spin bikes are fairly simple in their design and upkeep, there are several important things to take into consideration before you can find the best spin bike.

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What to Look for in a Spin Bike

Bike Console

Also called spin bike consoles, they help the user track statistics such as distance, speed, and number of miles ridden per day/week. Some spin bikes do not feature them, however. Without a spin console, it will be hard to track the owner’s progress.

Spin bikes that do not feature consoles are considerably less expensive than models which include them. Additionally, bikes that do feature them may only show rudimentary information.

The Flywheel

The spin bike flywheel is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a model. Most products have flywheels that are heavy, with weights averaging between 30 to over 50 pounds. It gives the rider the same feel of operating a normal outdoor bike. It also softens pedaling and takes away the “jerky” motion that is sometimes found on models with lighter flywheels.

Furthermore, heavy flywheels require more work to move the pedals. More effort will be needed to slow down as well. Similar to a bike, the pedals are fastened to the flywheel with chains or a belt drive.

Friction and Magnetic Resistance

Friction resistance, the most common of the two, works by giving linear resistance to a pad that is connected to the flywheel. It is turned by a switch or knob. It is tightened by the user wanting more pressure in their pedaling simply by feeling the resistance itself.

When picking the best spin bike for you, it is recommended that consumers look for bikes that will raise the equipment’s resistance steadily. This is to avoid the bike being set at levels that are too high with only slight movement of the switch.

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Friction resistance can also be applied through a system that mimics normal bikes even more effectively. Calipers, a padding that sits on the of the flywheel, gives good friction yet a system with one pad is not bound to dislocate. Like their outdoor transportation cousins, caliper resistance pads will need to be adjusted for this to not happen.

Magnetic resistance utilizes magnetized pieces that drag close to the flywheel. As this happens, resistance is increased. Since they do not physically touch the flywheel, spin bikes with this feature make less noise and do not erode easily.

Height Mechanism

Most spin bikes allow some form of height adjustments. In cheaper models, the seat will lift up and down. More expensive versions will allow the rider to not only lift up and down, but horizontal as well. Shoppers should also check to see if the spin bike has handlebar adjustments. Those that do will let the user move it in four directions.

For those that don’t, a simple up and down mechanism will be featured. In this case, manufacturers will often include the four-way alteration on the seat. Spin bikes in this category are better for individuals who do not wish to perform intense workouts on the bike.

Easy to Store

Most spin bikes average in dimensions between 45 to 55 inches long and 20 to 25 inches wide. Contradictory to what some may believe, they are not difficult to store, particularly if the consumer has a closet or garage that is not exceptionally crowded. If the bike will be stored, it is advised that a covering be placed over the equipment to prevent moisture and rust from developing.


The weight of the spin bike is another important factor. Models can weigh well over 100 pounds. Because of this, many companies will produce spin bikes that are fitted with transport wheels. They are often located at the front of the bike and are used by simply lifting the opposite end of the machine, rolling it along the direction in which the user intends to go.

Good transport wheels will be strong and made from solid materials such as hardened rubber. The bearings should be checked to ensure that they are tight and able to spin correctly.

Top Rated Spin Bikes:

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Black

Best Spin Bike 2018 Update

The Keiser M3i is one of the best spin bikes that can be bought online. It includes nearly everything that users wish for in the fitness equipment category, including usb ports to connect a smartphone, a floor mat, and stretch pads. The handlebars and seating can be moved in all directions.

With its digital screen, users have access to a plethora of monitors and statistics. Additionally, all sensors on the on-board computers are pre-installed, so there is no need for purchasers to download anything when it is delivered straight out of the box.

Weight: 85 pounds (38.55 kilograms)

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds (136.07 kilograms)


• Length- 45 inches (114.3 centimeters)

• Width – 26 inches (66.04 centimeters)

• Height – 49 inches (124.46 centimeters)

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Best Spin Bike 2018 Update

The Sunny Health and Fitness Pro spin bike, like other products made from this company, produces little sound, delivers a smooth and quiet ride to anyone who uses the device. The seat is fully adjustable, able to shift in four directions. On the other hand, the handle bar can be moved up and down, but not left or right.

The flywheel weighs about 40 pounds and can provide extra comfort in the riding experience with little irritability, even when the resistance is strong. For users who do not carry excess weight (275 pounds in the maximum recommended weight), this spin bike will produce good results and last a long time.

Weight: 97.2 pounds (44.08 kilograms)

Weight Capacity: 275 pounds (124.73 kilograms)


• Width – 20 (50.8 centimeters)

• Height – 46.5 (118.11 centimeters)

• Depth – 48.5 (123.19 centimeters)

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

Best Spin Bike 2018 Update

Exerpeutic is a folding spin bike that allows anyone to easily move the equipment to any location in their residence. It is recommended for people who are taller than average heights. Transport is also made easier with its compact design features. It has a control system that uses magnetic resistance, allowing users to adjust tension levels to make the workout suitable to their desired magnitude of difficulty.

Weight: 42.8 pounds (19.41 kilograms)

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds (136.07 kilograms)


• Length – 31 inches (78.74 centimeters)

• Width – 19 inches (48.26 centimeters)

• Height – 46 inches (116.84 centimeters)

Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike

Best Spin Bike 2018 Update

This Sunny Health and Fitness product may not be the pro version that was listed prior yet still has enough features to be recommended among the best spin bikes. It has movable seats and handlebars, a seat that more closely resembles those used on road bikes, and manually adjustable knobs to change the resistance levels. Furthermore, the on-board computer can monitor user progress by recording distance, speed, and length of time spent of the spin bike.

Weight: 61.7 pounds (27.98 kilograms)

Weight Capacity: 240 pounds (108.86 kilograms)


• Length – 32 inches (81.28 centimeters)

• Width – 22 inches (55.88 centimeters)

• Height – 45 inches (114.3 centimeters)

Exerpeutic LX7 Indoor Cycle Trainer with Computer Monitor

Best Spin Bike 2018 Update

The Exerpeutic LX7 has a visually impressive and sleek design. However, this is not the only notable feature on this spin bike. Imitating a real uphill climb on a bicycle, riders have the ability to stand or sit during their workout.

The pedals are constructed of aluminum alloy and have cages that are built to give the rider additional forward leg thrust. It has heart pulse sensors that can monitor the user’s cardiovascular output and is built with handle bars that are covered with an easy-to-grip foam surface.

Weight: 90 pounds (40.82 kilograms)

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds (136.07 kilograms)


• Length – 49 inches (124.46 centimeters)

• Width – 20 inches (50.8 centimeters)

• Height – 49 inches (124.46 centimeters)

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