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Blake Shelton Diet and Workout

Blake Shelton Diet and Workout

When country music star Blake Shelton first appeared as his slimmer, fitter-looking self, he got a lot of positive feedback. Fans were raving over his new look and rumors started to spread. There’s so much gossip about Shelton’s sudden weight loss that it can be hard to tell fiction from fact. Some say that his slimming is the result of some remarkable weight loss supplement, but there are many different stories about which supplement that really is. Other stories report that the weight loss wasn’t from a supplement, but that Shelton’s divorce from Miranda Lambert sent him into self-induced starvation. Finally, there are rumors that he did lose the weight on purpose, and that his motivation was the right to get with Gwen Stefani.

Blake Shelton Diet and Workout

For those who don’t know, Blake Shelton was born in Oklahoma. He was 12 years old when he started singing and wrote his first song just three years later at age 15. After graduating high school, Shelton moved to Nashville, Tennessee, the Country Music Capital, where he was later signed with Sony Music thanks to the assistance of Bobby Braddock. Since then, he’s made several appearances in both television and film. His debut album, “Austin”, released under Giant Records, went platinum.

But one thing about Shelton that has captured much attention in recent years isn’t his divorce, success, or relationship with Gwen Stefani, it’s his notable, rapid weight loss. How could he slim down so much so fast? Perhaps it really was safflower oil and mowing the lawn more, but maybe not.

Blake Shelton Diet

Those looking for a rigid eating plan here are going to be disappointed. The changes in Blake Shelton’s eating habits are a result of the many twists and turns his life has taken in recent years. A lot of his weight loss is the result of self-induced starvation brought on by stress, and some of it is his new dedication to taking better care of himself, but Shelton hasn’t gone much into detail on the latter. And, though a lot of websites claim Shelton used one supplement or the other, he hasn’t really came forward to endorse any of them.

Divorce was a stressful time for Blake Shelton, just as it is for most. His coping mechanism was to simply not eat. It wasn’t necessarily a conscious effort to slim down. Nor was he aiming to starve himself on purpose. Food just wasn’t a priority at that time. In short, in sadness he lost his appetite. But the weight he lost caught the attention of Gwen Stefani, who confessed that while she and Shelton really ‘clicked’ she wasn’t physically attractive to his fatter self. With the stress of the divorce leaving him a whopping 30 pounds lighter, Stefani had no issue getting together with him. Plus, his newfound free time, time that was once devoted to caring for his now ex-wife, gave him the room he needed to start focusing on taking care of himself.

Today, Blake Shelton is no longer in self-starvation mode. He focuses now on taking much better care of himself than he has in years past, with Gwen Stefani on his arm, encouraging him along. He simply focuses on healthy eating without confining himself to a certain set of rules. At times, that means being sure not to skip meals and at other times it means simply going for the healthiest meal option available. As a result, he does get a lot more fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins into his diet. In other words, a happier life has meant a healthier life for Shelton.

Blake Shelton Workout

Surely Blake Shelton didn’t drop all that weight simply by skipping meals. There has to have been some sort of exercise in his life, right? Well, just as those who expect him to have followed an eating plan were let down, so too will those be who think Shelton spent a lot of time in the gym. It turns out that, no, Shelton didn’t follow any sort of exercise program to lose his weight, though he does admit to doing a bit of working out now in his new life.

The most activity Shelton reports doing that may have contributed to his weight loss is mowing the grass. But don’t be so quick to yawn at that, he had a lot of grass to mow, and he did it all with a push mower, instead of one of those fancy ride-ons. As Shelton recounts it, he went out in his yard one morning amid the divorce to mull over his life and the recent turn of events. He noticed that his grass had become a remarkable three feet tall. He attributes mowing the grass that day to contributing as much as a 20-pound loss to his slimming down.

Why You Should Be More Like Blake Shelton

Whether or not you think taking Safflower oil, forskolin, garcinia cambogia, or even apple cider vinegar will make you be more like Blake Shelton is up to you. Rumors that any of these contributed to his weight loss are just that – rumors. His weight loss was very much a result of the stress in his life, but that proved to be a bridge to a healthier lifestyle for Shelton. He took all of that negative energy, wallowed in it for a little while, and then used it to transform his life for the better by starting to take better care of himself.

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While Shelton may remain a long way from becoming the poster boy for the health and fitness industry, he can make a good role model for those who struggle with their weight. Though self-induced starvation is not at all the way to go, taking the bad and using it for good is a smart approach. Shelton surrounded himself with supportive loved ones, namely Gwen Stefani, and burnt off the pounds by putting all that penned up energy to good use in his yard. There may be no stellar, organized Blake Shelton diet and workout program to follow. But those who struggle with their weight may do well to follow his example by getting a support system and learning how to turn frustration into productively.

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