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Chris Evans Workout and Diet

Chris Evans Workout and Diet

Chris Evans has become the well-known face of Marvel superhero Captain America. And, thanks in part of Evans playing the character, Captain America has a notoriously perfect, well-built physique. He’s the soldier that never ages and he’s got the muscle mass to match. In fact, a brand new Avengers movie is scheduled to be released in the US in the spring of 2019. Once again, Evans will be there, starring as Steve Rogers, a.ka. Captain America. Many fans are already eagerly awaiting the movie’s arrival. One thing they can know for sure, the same ageless Captain America they’ve come to know and love will be the same still, as Evans hasn’t backed down from his demanding workout and diet routine in all these years.

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Some fans have become so used to Chris Evans as Captain America that the fact of his playing part of the Human Torch, Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four movies slip their notice, even if they’ve seen the movies before. Evans was fit even back then but it was a slender fit. He had to put on a lot of muscle mass to make the transition from being Johnny Storm to Steve Rogers. The Captain America workout is, therefore, all about building power and bulk. Those who are looking to slim down would do well to go slim down first before trying this routine.

Chris Evans Workout

The exercise plan Chris Evans follows to get and stay in tip-top Captain America shape will have followers pumping like a superhero right from the start. It’s proof that, as far as effort and results, you get out what you put in at the gym. The Captain America workout is not for the faint or those prone to complaining instead of working when faced with a challenge. Odd as it may be, it’s also not a workout those who love cardio. Evans is by nature a very slim guy and it takes a lot for him to put on weight. He’s the “no cardio” guy who gets his performance boost from circuit training instead (1). Still, those who want a physique like his should keep their body fat percentage within his range of 10 to 12 percent (2).

If you want mass, mass, and more mass but without going to the overbuilt extremes most championship bodybuilders are known for, then follow this routine. You may fall in love with the fact that there’s three entire rest days. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays you workout just like Chris Evans does. He works his back on Mondays, chest on Tuesdays, the lower body on Thursdays, and his upper body on Fridays. Yes, that means the lower body really only gets worked once a week, but have you seen Chris Evan’s legs? This routine works.

Chris Evans Workout and Diet

As with most weightlifting routines, Evan’s workouts feature a list of about four to seven different exercises done at a varying number of sets and reps per set. His back routine for example, the one he does on Mondays, features four sets of weighted pull-ups at four to six reps per set, then two sets of four to six reps on the one-arm dumbbell row followed by a seated cable row at four sets of six to eight reps. The last two moves of this back routine are the lat pulldown and cable crunches, three sets each of around eight to ten reps.

Tuesdays are the days Evans works on his signature Captain America pecs. This day’s routine is made of just four moves; the incline press, dumbbell bench press, cable crossovers, and face pulls. He does around three to four sets of around six to eight reps of all except for the cable crossovers. For them it’s just two sets of 10 to 12 reps. His Thursday leg routine is done in similar fashion, featuring all of the classics. He does deadlifts, lunges, the leg press, calf raises, hyperextensions, and cable woodchoppers. Friday is his longest workout, as it has the most moves. It’s an upper body routine made of side and rear delt raises, more cable crossovers, pull ups, barbell curls, seated dumbbell presses, weighted pull-ups, and overhead rope tricep extensions.

Chris Evans Diet

Chris Evans Workout and Diet

Packing on pounds of muscle isn’t easily achieved without the right nutrition. Evans needed a diet that could support his mass without undermining his cut. Like many bodybuilders, he followed a diet plan that had him eating every few hours of the day. It included a lot of clean foods like lean protein, vegetables, and whole grains, though he stayed away from the starchy carbs (3). He made good use of supplements, consuming quite a few protein shakes and doses of branch-chain amino acids (BCAAs). For breakfast, Evans would have porridge with walnuts and berries then a morning snack of a protein shake and BCAAs. Before his workouts, he’d snack on apples and almonds. Another protein shake and five grams of BCAAs was his post-workout snack. Then came lunch just twenty minutes later, being a chicken salad and brown basmati rice. Evans would have one more protein shake for the day before enjoying a dinner of either fish, or lean chicken or beef, and vegetables.

Why You Should Be More Like Chris Evans

One of the most interesting parts of the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier is where skinny Steve Rogers undergoes the transformation that turns him into Captain America and he emerges all buff and built. That movie magic may have dramatized the change, but is just about what really happened in Chris Evan’s life, as he stopped being the naturally skinny skin-and-bones guy to this solid superhero with a physique to crave. Guys like Evans and Rogers who struggle to keep on mass can learn a lot by following the program Evans followed to become the pillar of muscle that he continues to appear as when starring in the role that has brought him the most renown. He steered clear of cardio and focused on lifting hard and heavy to gain mass and become a massive success both on the screen and in life.



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