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Conor McGregor Diet and Workout

Conor McGregor Diet and Workout

When you want to be a champion you have to eat and train like a champion. If mixed martial arts is your sport, then Conor Mcgregor is the one to emulate and surpass – if surpassing him is even possible. This 145 pound UFC featherweight and lightweight champion has been called the Michael Jordan of MMA. He just moves so differently and that’s a big part of what makes him stand out from the rest, besides the fact that he wins, of course. His power is remarkable like that of a heavyweight, but his agility and speed are highly trained as well, which is unique for someone with that much power.

Surely McGregor’s uniqueness in the octagon is a merely a reflection of his very unique diet and training regime. His performance has many eager to search out his fitness secrets, thinking they will give them the same noteworthy advantage McGregor seems to be enjoying. To look at McGregor without knowing him, with his lean, small build, one would see simply another fit guy – not much remarkable about that, just good ol’ fitness. It when he gets busy that it gets intriguing. How can an MMA fighter with that much power manage such agile, signature moves? Let’s find out what he does:

Conor McGregor Diet

Conor McGregor Diet and Workout

Surprisingly, McGregor doesn’t put a lot of emphasis on following any type of specialized diet. Some would think that his dieting was done according to a set of rigid, extraordinary rules but no, not so. This isn’t to say he pays no attention to what he eats. His number one nutrition rule is to stay hydrated. To that end, he drinks a great deal of water and quite a bit of coconut water on a regular basis. And, as you can safely assume, he stays away from eating junk and doesn’t eat a lot of carbs. His nutritional habits are geared towards high protein. As McGregor himself put it, “I just eat good, quality meat and stay hydrated”.

McGregor admits that his eating habits tend to change as time draws nearer to his next match. During those times his eating habits become even more disciplined, as he tends to avoid eating a few of the things he would normally include in his diet. The focus remains on eating vegetables and getting protein, avoiding carbohydrates. For McGregor, this focus doesn’t change very much, as he looks at eating as a lifestyle and refuses to support dieting fads of any kind. But, when he does eat carbs, he prefers to stick with sweet potatoes. He eats a lot of leafy greens and fruits. His main sources of protein are eggs, steak, salmon, some chicken, and protein supplements.

Some may find it intriguing that McGregor doesn’t go to extremes in his dieting, even when there’s an upcoming match. There’s no complex list of dos and don’ts, just straightforward healthy eating, with an emphasis on protein and hydration. Apparently, that’s enough to fuel his workouts and maintain his lean fighter’s body. Those looking to Conor McGregor’s diet to uncover his secrets need to look elsewhere, such as at his fitness routine.

Conor McGregor Workout Routine

Creating agility and strength, McGregor’s fitness regime is where it’s at. Of course he practices his MMA moves a lot, but his training is far from limited to that. In fact, variety is one of his biggest fitness philosophies. He’s always trying out new moves and new routines. That can make it hard for those who want to mirror what he does, as McGregor constantly is up to something totally different and new. And, for those who think he trains hard, they’re absolutely right, but McGregor is ever vigilant against overtraining. He finds balance between rest and work in his routine to be the secret to competitive stamina.

But what really makes Conor McGregor stand apart as an MMA fighter and UFC champion isn’t just in the fact that he wins a lot. He’s regarded highly for the way he moves. It just so happens that he puts a lot of emphasis on mobility in his workouts, making sure to stretch and perform other mobility exercises on a daily basis. But let’s not forget his ripped muscles and amazing displays of power to match. If you’re looking for him to have some type of complex weight training schedule, forget it. McGregor claims his body is a machine and that machines don’t train on their own kind. Instead, the staples of his weight-bearing workouts are all about bodyweight – push ups, V-ups, pull ups, and other calisthenic moves.

Moves indeed, because McGregor never seems to stop moving =-at least, during his waking hours. Working round the clock with a team of the world’s best trainer, his daily workouts, though full of variety, usually go for about ten hours. That’s a lot of devotion to working out, even for the fitness elite. Those who want to train like McGregor had better be willing to sacrifice a lot.

Why You Should Be More Like Conor McGregor

When it comes to his health and fitness, Conor McGregor is all about balance. He creates balance in his body by working with mobility moves and stretches. He creates balance in his workout routine by going at it hard but knowing when to back off. Some may find the ten hours a day he puts into taking out a bit extreme, but a lot of that is exercises designed to prevent injury and no two of his workouts are ever quite the same.

Variety in his fitness is a big part of what allows him to workout for so long. While the length of time people workout certainly varies greatly, the principle of exercise variety is one at least most stand to benefit from. McGregor can even be a good role model when it comes to dieting, for he avoids extremes and fads, focusing instead on eating healthy. Perhaps not everyone who wants to eat and train like Conor McGregor can, but those who can manage may surely see some awesome results.

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