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Daisy Ridley Workout and Diet

Daisy Ridley Workout and Diet

Star Wars fans were excited when the news came that they’d get to enjoy yet another installment of their favorite, definitely phenomenal series of movies. And when they saw how well Daisy Ridley handled her leading role, they were impressed. She absolutely captivated the audience. Now people are all abuzz with her greatness and want to know what she does to maintain her alluring physique. News of her epic workouts have also drawn a lot of attention to the star. It turns out she takes on fitness much like you’d expect any brave Jedi would.

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Daisy Ridley has had acting in her life from a very early age. Though most were first introduced to her in her role as Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, she’d played numerous roles before then. In fact, acting is in her blood. Her great uncle is Arnold Ridley the playwright and actor who starred in the BBC sitcom Dad’s Army. The film Matilda was her favorite as a youth and she looked to it’s leading character as a role model. Earning a scholarship to Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, Ridley sought to become an actress very early on in life. Still, none of this explains how she manages to maintain such an award-winning physique. Daisy Ridley’s workout isn’t at all for the faint at heart.

Daisy Ridley Workout

When Ridley goes at it, she goes at it tough, incorporating an array of training styles into her fitness regime. And for the making of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, her training was constant, going on both in and out the gym, as she had to work on her combat training, spending 4 hours a day working on rock climbing alone. As you might have guessed, Ridley does have some assistance in building her Jedi-tough physique and works with a personal trainer, though she also does a lot of working out on her own.

It may be no surprise to you that Ridley lifts weights, but her training routine is different from most in that she doesn’t do split where the upper body is worked one day and the lower body the next. Instead, she works on muscle building one day and performance the next. Her muscle building days are full body weight training sessions and on performance days she works on plyometrics, speed, and her abs.

Ridley’s muscle building workouts come every other day of the week, starting with Day 1. Each of the week’s muscle building routines feature a different set of exercises for the sake of muscle confusion. All of the routines are comprised of six moves For example, the first day’s moves are the deadlift, T-bar row, seated lateral raise, one-arm landmine push press, push ups, and barbell curls. The second weightlifting session of the week is made of the barbell back squat, overhead press, bent over row, lateral raise, barbell walking lunge, and spider curls. Ridley performs each move in 3 sets of varying repetitions. For example, when she does deadlifts, she does 8 reps the first set, then a set of 5 reps and a set of 3 reps.

Unlike her weightlifting routines, Ridley’s performance days all feature the same workout. It’s a simple five moves: planks, ab crunches, bicycle crunches, lying heel touches, and lying floor leg raises. Although for the plank she does 3 sets of 20 seconds, the rest of the moves are done 3 sets of 10 reps. If it’s a move that calls for alternating, such as heel touches or leg raises, she’ll do 10 reps on each side.

What Daisy Ridley Diet

Ridley had to prepare for her role as Rey, and that meant going on a very strict diet. The foods that served as her mainstay were fish, spirulina shakes, and legumes (1). Thanks to a bout with endometriosis, she was already staying away from sugar and dairy. She had already cut many things out of her diet as a matter of fact, including eggs and most meat, calling herself a “cheating vegan” (2). There are some other rules to her diet. She’d break up her daily allotment of food into five meals a day, eating her biggest meal in the morning and eating light at night.

Just because Ridley had to give up sugar doesn’t mean the cravings for it went away. To cope with her sweet tooth, she’d throw back a handful of almonds. Ridley also eats a lot of fruit and vegetables, especially avocado, since it’s a source of healthy fats. And she knows well the importance of staying hydrated, as she habitually drinks around 2 to 3 liters of water a day.

Why You Should Be More Like Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley is proof that if you want to be a Jedi you have to train like one. Though she had long committed herself to living a healthy lifestyle, she took her training to a whole new level to get ready for her role. Ridley avoids certain foods due to her battles with health conditions and desire to be vegan, but her diet became even stricter when she needed to achieve a certain goal. Ridley would workout for five days a week, five hours a day. That’s more hours than most would put into their part-time jobs. Those hours include her base workout program as well as her various trainings for the movie, such as combat training.

Although the time for preparing for the movie is long past, Ridley still works to maintain her fit body. Like for many who commit themselves to the fitness lifestyle, making the transition to a tougher workout and diet plan was doable though challenging. Ridley clearly succeeded at reaching her goals and enriching not only her own life but that of the fans who weren’t disappointed at her work in the film. Still, Ridley has one interesting confession: she still can’t do push-ups and was never an athlete (2,3). That might be remarkable considering her performance as warrior Rey, but it didn’t stop her from reaching peak fitness. Today, she’s an avid runner.



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