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Edgar Cayce Diet and Workout

Edgar Cayce Diet and Workout

Far more people follow the teachings of Edgar Cayce than recognize who he is. Considering the size of his Association for Research and Enlightenment, that’s saying a lot about the reach and significance of his work. Nicknamed The Sleeping Prophet for the way he made predictions while in a trance, Cayce is often credited as being the founder of the New Age Movement. A lot of the questions he answered frequently dealt with matter of health and healing. Though many doubted that his psychic abilities were real and health professionals found his notions on diet and wellness to be a bit unorthodox at least, some of today’s most popular dieting and health concepts came from him.

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It is Cayce who first brought the principles of the alkaline diet. From him also came the concept of strategic food combining for the sake of optimal health. Indeed, Cayce is the one who brought the concept of using food therapeutically into Western society. Even now there remains those who are strong followers of his teachings and predictions because many of his predictions are found to have come to pass, such as the finding of Atlantis, the assassination of two American presidents, and even the movement of the Earth’s magnetic poles. Cayce even correctly predicted his own death and burial. There were many who had Cayce foresee the future of their lives and experienced his predictions come to pass. His teachings on dieting and nutrition were therefore trusted by many.

Edgar Cayce Diet

Cayce advocated consuming plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables while lowering meat intake. He considered vitamins, especially B vitamins, to be important to good health. Though to him it was best to get these vitamins from eating whole foods, he would often prescribe vitamin supplements for his patients. The things he taught about dieting and nutrition were principles meant to serve as the foundation of a healthy life. He, therefore, aas prone to creating customized diets for each individual under his care, addressing their unique needs.

One of the custom diets Cayce would recommend was for individuals who needed nerve regeneration. His nerve and blood building diet served as the foundation to which he added the consumption of organ meats in limited amounts. The diet incorporated a lot of raw vegetables and was designed to be alkaline. Meat on this diet was fowl, fish, and lamb, again in limited amounts. This is the same alkaline diet that so many follow today. The key to this diet is to understand the categorization of each food as either acidic or alkaline. This goes beyond the traditional approach to healthy eating in that even natural foods may be prohibited or limited. If they are acidic.

Edgar Cayce Workout

Much of the focus of Cayce’s teachings regarding health was on nutrition, but he also had quite a few things to share regarding exercise. He believed exercise to be very important to the health of the body and recommended that it be done on a daily basis. He made recommendations on what type of exercise should be performed and when to perform it. For example, he taught that a person should, upon waking, open a window and breathe deeply, slowly raising their hands above their head. They were to then slowly bend at the hip towards the floor, repeating this move a few times.

According to Cayce, the most important type of exercise to do is the cat-stretching moves, including splits. There was never much emphasis on exercises such as weightlifting or cardio. The routines Cayce would prescribe were less demanding and more like yoga. The moves were to be done a few times in the morning and in the evening, every single day. Still, he warned against letting the sessions become rote. He taught that every move should be done with purpose. He also recommended a list of head and neck exercises to be performed daily before each session of meditation.

Following Edgar Cayce for Optimal Health

The Edgar Cayce diet can be considered the foundation of many modern day dieting and nutrition programs. He should be given credit for the concept of alkaline eating. Though the program he recommends does not call for a person to refrain from eating all meat, it makes no concessions for those who feel they need to eat a high amount of protein. The focus is all on vegetables, whether they are acid or alkaline-forming, and often eating them raw. These principles of eating make up the basic diet that he would recommend to everyone. Those who were found to have nerve damage were given additional directions such as to consume small quantities of organ meats.

Though Cayce had a lot of strict rules for dieting, the approach to exercise that accompanied his nutrition plan was more easy-going. The exercises were all about stretching. The most demanding activity he recommended was to get some outdoor time and exercise outside as much as possible. He was a strong believer in customizing plans based on the the needs of the individual and would often recommend certain exercise moves for the treatment of certain ailments. But the most important part of Cayce’s approach to exercise was doing it first thing in the morning and in the evening before bed. This is a practice he recommended to all, regardless of their situation.

Though there are many who report having lost weight after becoming a devout follower of Edgar Cayce’s teachings on health and vitality, his focus was simply on achieving and maintaining physical and mental wellness. He saw humans as multidimensional and considered the holistic approach as the pathway to healing. He avoided generalizations in the practice of good health, seeing each person as a special individual. To this day, people all around the world continue to flock to his Association for Research and Enlightenment, which has several international locations. Edgar Cayce’s work continues to influence a number of disciplines and touch the lives of human beings both as a group and on the individual level.

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