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Gwen Stefani Diet and Workout

Gwen Stefani Diet and Workout

Some may find it hard to believe that Gwen Stefani is well over forty. There doesn’t seem to have ever been a time when she’s looked anything less than spectacular, even when sporting a very casual off-day look. Stefani is a mother of three in addition to being a singer, fashion designer, songwriter, and actress. She runs a very busy life and is no stranger to a tight schedule, yet it’s clear that she always makes time for taking care of herself. Fans were amazed at how fast Stefani was able to get rid of post-pregnancy excess weight. Her body seemed to instantly just pop back into shape.

Of course, Stefani did have to put some effort into shedding the pounds. In fact, she confesses that maintaining her sexy slim size 4 has always been a challenge. Her dieting days started when she was in sixth grade, far younger than most would find appropriate for a girl becoming obsessed with maintaining her figure. But for Stefani, it was her early love of fashion and self-proclaimed vanity that inspired her. It follows that she has a lot of experience with dieting and fitness, knowing what works and what doesn’t for keeping her body in model condition.

Gwen Stefani Diet

Stefani summed up her dieting program by saying that she eats “all the healthy stuff”. In fact, she’s a vegan whose approach to slimming down when needed is to cut back on the carbs. Her veganism is all about maintaining her good looks rather than some philosophy against eating animals. She doesn’t always stick to her vegan diet, but is very committed to it so as to avoid the disappointment of not fitting clothes she wants to wear. Stefani says she would really prefer not to have any dieting rules to have to abide by. At some point in her life, she found that a vegan diet is what works for keeping her weight under control.

It’s not just veganism Stefani doesn’t always stick to, she confesses that she does allow herself to enjoy a treat every now and then. Her favorites are cookies and pizza. Stefani doesn’t have an issue doing what it takes to bounce back. Though she had to go on a strict diet to lose her post-baby pounds, it wasn’t long before she was ready and eager to be pregnant again. The foods she cut back on to lose the pounds were all those that cause the body to retain water, including potatoes, oatmeal, rice, salt, and wheat. Stefani always goes for organic when she can, eating a lot of locally-grown whole foods and getting her protein from nuts and soy milk.

Gwen Stefani Workout

Unlike some women, Stefani doesn’t shy away from muscle-building moves for fear of looking unfeminine. Instead, she prefers to “workout like a man” finding that this approach delivers the results she craves. To this end, her days are filled with kickboxing and heavy lifting. She finds that yoga and pilates, traditionally considered preferred workouts for women, simply aren’t her style. Stefani frequently works out with personal trainers, who put together routines for her that include high intensity interval training and a variety of other exercise types, depending on the trainer. She finds trainer Mike Heatlie to be the toughest of them all. She prefers this because she knows that fitness is more about intensity than time spent.

For Stefani, the more grueling the workout, the better. She loves doing Olympic lifts. She’s faithful in working out at least five days a week, and most sessions include some form of weightlifting. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday she does squats and a back routine. On Tuesdays and Thursdays it’s lunges and upper body. Her squats and back workout is comprised of seven different moves done in three sets of 15 reps, 10 push ups, and 30 seconds of a cardio move such as jump rope. This is a circuit she repeats 2 to 3 times before finishing up with a 30-minute HIIT routine.

Why You Should Be More Like Gwen Stefani

Even from an early age, Gwen Stefani has been a person who knows what she wants. She wants to look amazing. She wants to fit any clothes that she wants to wear. For her, putting in the dedication and work it takes to get and keep what she wants is no issue. In fact, she takes her workouts to extremes many women wouldn’t dare go, doing Olympic-quality weightlifting and approaching her fitness much like a bodybuilder would. Being vegan, her dieting routine is just as extreme, and this she’s prone to restricting even further for the sake of getting off a few extra pounds. It is this approach to weight control that allowed Stefani to lose weight fast after giving birth to each of her three children.

Stefani is a size 4. This is a thing she has always worked hard to keep control over. She confesses that maintaining her weight has been a challenge, but this is the size she finds she needs to be in order to wear whatever she wants. For her the investment is worthwhile as her vibrant energy and good looks has been an important element in her success. So devoted is she that it’s not rare for Stefani to drop and do push ups even while on stage at one of her concerts (5). She’s even challenged her fans to push up contests at her shows.

For the women who fear working out with weights and doing moves traditionally considered manly will leave them anything less than feminine, Stefani is proof of the contrary. She doesn’t go for flimsy fitness but enjoys tackling the tougher workouts. And this hasn’t resulted in bulky muscle on Stefani’s slender frame. Instead, it’s her secret for keeping her weight under control so that she can have the freedom to live the life she wants. This gives women everywhere yet another reason to look up to Gwen Stefani.

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