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Kendall Jenner Diet and Workout

Kendall Jenner Diet and Workout

It takes a lot to be a Victoria Secret model, or land any of the prestigious modeling gigs Kendall Jenner is known to have. But for many years now she’s stayed at the top of the modeling scene and has amassed quite a bit of popularity. Of course, many like to imagine that models are just those who got lucky in genetics. With an Olympic decathlete champ as a dad, a mom who could qualify as a model in her own right, and Kim Kardashian – or any of the Kardashians for that matter – as a sister, it’s easy to think that Jenner’s perfect physique simply runs in the family, but that’s far from the case.

Kendall Jenner happens to put a lot of effort into maintaining her good looks, and that includes are slim, toned physique. The Internet and major media has no lack of rumors about what she does to keep up her million-dollar body, but she really does have a few secrets to staying sexy that go beyond the norm. One of the most important things to know is that Jenner doesn’t go for fad dieting. For her, as many can recognize, its all about the lifestyle.

Kendall Jenner Diet

What is Jenner’s number one dieting secret? Why detox tea of course. And she drinks plenty of it, as much as 12 cups a day. This is not just any kind of detox tea but a lemongrass and green tea detox blend from Kusmi Tea – it’s her favorite. To her, this is no fad. It the way she supplements her efforts to stay slim. As it turns out, she eats a very healthy, clean diet. Plus she believes in always drinking lots of water. However, this is not to say that Jenner hasn’t struggled with her eating habits. She reports having to give up pigging out with her sister in order to focus on her modeling career.

Jenner maintains a well-rounded diet to which she does add the occasional splurge of pizza or ice cream. She eats a lot of fruits and vegetables, and is known to have them on her list of dressing room demands. In addition to salmon and chicken breast, her main sources of protein are yogurt, milk, fresh eggs from the family chickens, and smoothies. Jenner eats organic whenever possible and keeps her starchy carbs consumption to a bare minimum. She also has a list of things she’s prohibited from consuming, it features fruit juice, fizzy drinks, processed foods, refined foods, preservatives, and artificial ingredients.

Kendall Jenner Workout

Jenner’s strict diet of clean eating can go a long way in getting a person looking famously fab, but you simply don’t get toned abs like hers without working out. When preparing for her Victoria Secret shoots, she works out with personal trainer Gunnar Peterson, but she keeps things simple on the days she’s working out at home alone.

Her 13-move workout consists of a series of planks and abs moves. It starts off with 30 seconds each of the forearm plank, hand plank, and side forearm plank. Then she does five reps of side plank crunches per side. Next comes 10 seconds of arm and leg raises and 10 reps of knee to elbows, both done while in hand plank. Then she’s on her back to work her abs, doing 30 seconds each of bicycle crunches and raised toe touches. She turns back around for 15 seconds of rocking hands plank before returning her bottom to the floor for some jackknives. While she’s there, Jenner does 15 reps of Russian twists and 20 crunches before finishing her program up on her hands and knees with donkey kicks, 15 reps each side.

Though her solo workout may seem a bit mild to some, they may be either shocked or relieved to know that Gunnar Peterson hardly takes it easy on Jenner when he’s training her. And Jenner really goes at it hard, glad for those results, doing pull ups, squats, deadlifts and so on. Peterson reports that she does much sled pulling up and down the track, as well as some lateral banded work and a whole lot of intense cardio intervals.

Why You Should Be More Like Kendall Jenner

Sure, genetics (and money) plays a part on Jenner’s celebrity looks, but a lot of work goes into it as well. Though she used to enjoy pigging out with her sister, when it was time to get busy working on her career, she laid down her old habits and focused on on what was going to take her to the next level. Jenner still enjoys the occasional treat and has quite a list of favorite junk foods, but she’s all in when it comes to sticking to her demanding diet and exercise regime. She doesn’t back down from working out tough but trains hard with Peterson as well as when alone.

Of course, Jenner, being part of the Kardashian crew has no lack of support or motivation. Celebrity status runs deep within her lineage. She’s able to stand out on her own and enjoy a fantastic modeling career that most can only ever dream of. She puts in the work and is willing to say no to temptation in favor of focusing on hitting her goals. This is part of what makes her claim that she’s a part time vegan, as she eats so much healthy fruits and vegetables that hardly does she consuming anything else, all in an effort to maintain her money-making looks.

There are a lot of people who would love to have Kendall Jenner’s good looks and her dream lifestyle to match. They would do well to learn from her example and invest a lot into health, valuing it highly because it’s what it takes for them to shine and succeed. Though Jenner’s diet and exercise program is demanding, strict, and highly focused, it’s doable. Those who would follow it should first make sure it’s right for them and their needs.

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