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Marie Osmond Diet and Workout

Marie Osmond Diet and Workout

Marie Osmond is a very busy woman who has remained in the spotlight since a very early age. She’s one of those celebrities that always seems to be around. Her most recent works include being a contestant on Dancing With The Stars and filling in regularly on The Talk. She continues to work in support of The Children’s Miracle Network, frequently appearing in their commercials. And in addition to her active professional life, she also has a very busy personal life. For Osmond, it’s been this way for decades. She has enjoyed a lot of success, but like many busy people, she’s also experienced many challenges in keeping her weight under control.

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Osmond’s weight has fluctuated several times before the public eye. At times she appears quite lean and toned, but there have been many other times that she’s been quite heavy. Her weight control struggles aren’t something that Osmond tries to hide. She’s opened up about them in some of her most popular interviews, such as with Oprah, confessing how she’d tried it all to slim down, even to the point of Bulimia. But in another interview she tells how her mother saved her life by giving her a key piece of health advice. Right before passing, Osmond’s mother told her to take better care of herself than she had seen her mother take care of herself.

After years of having her weight go up and down and being told by producers that she’s too fat, Osmond took her mother’s advice to heart and discovered the lifestyle that put her in control of her weight. Now fans want to know how she was finally able to get over the hurdle of fluctuating weight to become the slender version of herself we know her to be today.

Marie Osmond Diet

Marie Osmond Diet and Workout

When Osmond first appeared as her new, thinner self, it wasn’t that remarkable. It was great that she had slimmed down, but it wasn’t the first time fans had seen her do this. The really big deal came when it was a whole ten years later and she was still trim and fit. This was a new phenomena for both Osmond and her fans. Her success was due to a dieting secret that she couldn’t keep secret for long. After years of being on the program and getting lasting results, Osmond became a spokesperson for Nutrisystem 6.

The public is used to celebrity-endorsed diets flooding the marketplace, but it’s Osmond’s testimony that makes her endorsement stand out. For her, Nutrisystem 6 is the solution that she had long needed. Her many public appearances while overweight served as proof that her challenges were real. It wasn’t until long after she was keeping the weight off that deep public interest was brought to what she was doing. That Osmond became a Nutrisystem 6 spokesperson was only natural. Her celebrity endorsement of the program, though now paid, is genuine.

The concept behind Nutrisystem 6 is fairly simple. It’s a six-meal-a-day diet, an already well-known approach to eating. The meals on the plan are well-balanced and include fruits and vegetables as well as meats and carbs. But what Osmond likes about it as opposed to WeightWatchers, is that it’s easy to follow. There’s no counting, or even cooking. Instead, all meals are prepared for the dieters by the company. Following the program is as simple as buying your next set of meals and eating them when assigned.

Marie Osmond’s Workout

Though joining Nutrisystem 6 has been the backbone of Osmond’s lasting weight loss success, she didn’t get there on the diet alone. Nutrisystem 6 isn’t a program that puts a lot of emphasis on working out. It does, however, encourage dieters to follow the standard national health recommendation of getting at least 150 minutes of exercise weekly . To that end, the company has created 2-week activity agendas for its followers, but Osmond has often been known as one who likes to break off and do her own thing. She has her own workout system and it’s publicly available. It’s called BodyGym.

Marie Osmond Diet and Workout

Perhaps the best thing about BodyGym is that each workout lasts only around nine minutes. Osmond claims that the program is excellent for both men and women of all fitness levels (4). Her workout program is based on resistance bands. It comes with its own equipment – the very unique BodyGym bar and one quality resistance band. Osmand designed the program to be portable and easy to do anywhere. Customers get a carrying case and guidebook. A tape measure and workout sticker guide are also included. There are two DVDs, Move with Marie and the Targeted Workout DVD, online videos, and an app.

BodyGym workouts are based around six basic exercises and target the entire body. The moves are squats, leg kickbacks, tricep extensions, bicep curls, assisted sit ups and core twists. The idea is to give users a gym-quality workout without the gym. Why this workout program works great for someone like Osmond is clear: it allows her to get a good workout in even when she’s on the road and at her busiest.

Why You Should Be More Like Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond is living, public proof that fad diets don’t work for long-term results. She’s tried all types of ways to lose weight and, though many of them worked, she always end up heavy again. Her life story can serve as a good lesson for those who always look for a quick fix to getting fit. It wasn’t until she sought out a healthier lifestyle that she was able to achieve her goal once and for all. Realizing how cumbersome proper nutrition and exercise can be, she chose programs that made dieting and exercising as simple as possible. It saves her time while effectively maintaining her brand new figure.

Nutrisystem 6 is, of course, not without its critics. The main issue being that those on the system never really learn how to put healthy meals together. They rely on the company to figure out everything for them. Should a time ever come when they aren’t buying their meals from Nutrisystem, dieters may start to regain simply from mismanagement. For those who are ready tro make a long-term commitment to Nutrisystem, that’s never an issue. Those who are concerned about not always having Nutrisystem in their lives must learn how to eat healthy on their own. But Marie Osmond continues to endorse Nutrisystem with a passion because, for her, it works, especially when combined with BodyGym.

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