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Marilu Henner Diet and Workout

Marilu Henner Diet and Workout

Marilu Henner is one of those celebrities whose been in the spotlight a long time and whose personalities have become well known on a variety of touch-points. Many were first introduced to her when she starred alongside John Travolta in the musical Grease. Others recognize her from the long-running sitcom Taxi. She has always appeared vibrant, energetic, and fit, but she’s not without her share of life troubles. One such trouble is keeping control of her weight. Though most have only ever known her to be thin, Henner spent years overweight and worried that she’d never be able to get rid of it permanently, as her weight fluctuated up and down.

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Of course, Henner was able to finally take control of her weight and her life to become the success story so many know, love, and admire today. Having put the struggle behind her by learning what works and how to stick with it, she wrote a book about her story called Total Health Makeover. In the book, she teaches readers the things she learned that finally unlocked the door to her slimmer self so that they too may overcome. In fact, many of her closet friends were the first ones to put the plan to the test. They noticed how she’d slimmed down, how the weight was staying off, and how full of vibrant energy she had suddenly become. Her book became a New York Times Bestseller and thousands of lives have been transformed for the better thanks to Henner.

Marilu Henner Diet

Marilu Henner Diet and Workout

The diet program Marilu Henner teaches in her book lays out a set of nutritional principles to live by. Even today in a world where the diet and fitness industry is booming, some of her principles are very uncommonly taught. For example, she teaches that protein and carbohydrates should not be consumed together. Also, fruit should always be eaten alone. No refined sugars or chemical ingredients allowed in this diet. Dairy products should be avoided and red meat should only be eaten in very limited amounts. All refined sugars are to be replaced with natural sources of sweetness, such as honey and fruit.

Henner’s dieting rules kick out most of the foods frequently found in the diet of the average American. The list of foods she recommends is quite short. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, dieters can enjoy salmon, tuna, egg whites, and white meat chicken. They can also get some protein from tofu, soy milk, nuts and seeds. No need to worry about not getting carbs, as oatmeal and whole grain pasta are on the list. The sweeteners allowed are maple syrup, raw honey, blackstrap molasses, and brown rice syrup. And, while dairy is one of the no-nos, Henner does recommend non-dairy cream cheese.

Another interesting teaching on Henner’s diet program is to never drink water with meals. She teaches that water should be “eaten” instead, by way of wet foods such as tomatoes or other foods contain a lot of water. According to Henner, drinking water dilutes digestive juices, which is an undesirable effect. One thing that is traditional about Henner’s Total Life Makeover diet is the concept of eating three meals a day. All her example meal plans feature breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each meal is a combination of either protein and vegetables or starch carb and vegetable. Fruit is used as an in-between meal snack.

Marilu Henner’s Workouts

Many may find Henner’s dietary recommendations quite remarkable, but one thing that’s not remarkable is the directive to exercise daily. To Henner, exercise isn’t the unpleasant-but-necessary task some paint it to be. Instead, in her book, she teaches readers that exercise is a tool for reducing stress. This is a point her workout video Dancerobics strongly helps to reinforce. In this 60 minute video Henner shows off her dance moves and love of exercise by guiding her audience through grapevines, the samba, the fox step, the charleston, and kick-ball-change.

Though her workout video is an hour long, Henner isn’t specific about how long one should workout or even what type of exercise they should do. Her rule is simply to exercise daily, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. In addition to this, she recommends having a 10-minute sweat every day. This can be during the workout but it can also be in a sauna or by other means.

Why You Should Be More Like Marilu Henner

Like many women and even men, Henner was up against a real challenge when it came to when it came to her weight. It didn’t matter that she danced for a living and led a very active life. Her weight, though far from what most call obese, fluctuated. She didn’t enjoy those times when she was at her heaviest. Instead of continuing to struggle through one fad diet after the next, she took matters into her own hands and started listening to her body. She found out what she needed to stay in great shape and enjoy vibrant health, obtaining one new piece of wisdom at a time through trial and error. Soon she had a full program that worked not only for her but for many.

Though it’s been decades since Henner’s book was first published, the lifestyle it lays out continues to transform lives, as does her Dancerobics workout. For many, it has been the solution they needed to stop the constant up and down with their weight and lose the excess pounds for good. Though the diet plan is strict, it’s doable and far from being a fad way of eating. It is with this same program that Henner was finally able to get rid of those fifty pounds that had been plaguing her even when she starred in Taxi. Nailing down what it really took to get and keep control of her weight opened up a whole new world of vitality for her. In fact, it was the dramatic difference in her before and after that inspired many of her friends to find out her secret. It was their asking and succeeding with her instructions that inspired Marilu Henner to write her book.

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