Mason Jar Blender – Oster Ball Personal Blender

Mason Jar Blender - Oster Ball Personal Blender

Quite a few years back someone discovered that they could replace their blender’s jar with a mason jar, that it fit and gave the added convenience of blending right in a container you could take on the go. Famously, it was only Oster brands that fit mason jars, and this was hardly intentional by the manufacturer. Apparently Oster caught on to what its customers were doing and decided to join in and make it easier by putting the Oster Ball Personal Blender Mason Jar Blender on the market.

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Using this blender is as much for nostalgia as it is for practicality. Now this isn’t a blender you can use with just any old mason jar. You have to use the jar that comes with it. While mason jars are traditionally made of glass, the ones that come with this blender are plastic. That’s for safety’s sake. Yet surely those who grew up using mason jars on their blenders get a kick out of this machine. It’s a great piece for entertaining guests and can help spark up a bit of conversation. Still, a blender needs to be a lot more than just eye-candy. Just how well does the Oster Ball Personal Blender Mason Jar Blender do the job? We’ll soon know.

Mason Jars

mason jar blender

This blender comes with two of ball mason jars of its own. They are specially made to withstand the pressure of blending without chipping or breaking. Along with these jars come a sip and straw lid, a separate straw, and a storage lid that has no straw hole. These accessories add to the novelty of this machine. You simply put your ingredients into the jar, set it on the base, and blend away. When the blending is done, put the lid on and go. You can use the sip and straw lid to enjoy your creation immediately or use the storage lid to keep it airtight fresh until you’re ready to it. With this blender you can not only make smoothies, but also baby food, dips, spreads, and salsa, basically a lot of the foods you would normally keep in a mason jar of this sort. Each jar holds up to 20 ounces of ingredients.


Of course this isn’t the most powerful blender on the market. It just wasn’t meant to be. It has enough power to serve its purpose – a generous 250 watts. The power in this Oster Ball Personal Blender Mason Jar Blender is sufficient for making chunk-free drinks and spreads. It’s a standard 110 – 120 volt appliance and it has very sharp blades that help it be even more powerful. While it may not be suitable for grinding coffee and making anything more than chunky peanut butter, it’s clearly well-built to suit the purposes for which it was intended. Of a truth, some have succeeded in using this blender to grind their own coffee.


This blender comes with a generous 3-year satisfaction guarantee. Using it is made quite easy thanks to its one-touch operation. It’s hands free blending that’s quick and consistent. Its easy operation makes it perfect for entertaining guests because you can worry less about getting distracted, leaving the blender to do its thing while you and your guests do yours.


This blender is an instant conversation piece that can catch the eye of whoever you allow into your kitchen. It comes in four stylish colors, including black, red, light blue, and white. The shape of the base is sleek and aesthetic with its curved rectangular shape and four wide legs. Using this blender requires three simple steps. First, put your ingredients into one of the included mason jars. Then, screw the blade system onto the mouth of the jar. Finally, set the jar onto the blender base blade side down and blend. The design works in collaboration with the controls to give users an overall pleasant and unique blending experience.

Pros and Cons

Users love the touch of style this blender adds to their kitchen. For many, it brings them back to their childhood years when real mason jars were used as a replacement for Oster blender jars. It’s a great way to prepare and serve your blended creations, reducing the number of dishes you need to wash. And you can buy additional mason jars and lids for your blender, allowing you to serve as many people as you host. Since the blender works fast you don’t have to worry that making many servings will be too time consuming. This makes a great blender for college students, enthusiastic smoothie drinkers, and singles.

Some simply don’t like the plastic mason jars or the fact that they can’t use their own mason jars with this blender. They find the mouth of the included jars to be a bit too small. It can make adding ingredients a bit of a messy process. And this blender just wasn’t made to handle complex jobs. When some put it to the test by attempting to blend more durable ingredients they find that it can quickly begin to smoke and overheat. Plus, if you do not attach it right when putting on the blades and putting it on the base it can leak, creating quite a bit of cleanup work for you. There have been complaints about the base being made of plastic, as some think Oster should have made it of a bit higher quality.


If you want to buy this Oster Ball Personal Blender Mason Jar Blender it’s important to understand and respect its limitations. It does a great job for what it was meant to do, which is making blended drinks like protein shakes and smoothies. Sure, some have found they can get away with making it do more, as it’s little motor is quite powerful. Ultimately, they end up shortening the life of their blender. And that’s a real shame because the novelty of this blender is quite cool. Many people get a kick out of its novelty and enjoy the convenience of blending and serving right in the mason jars. Keep in mind that you can only use the mason jars it comes with.

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