Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike Review

Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike Review

Exercising on a recumbent bike is a great way to train the core and help keep it fit. The Nautilus R614 recumbent bike may be just the tool you need to achieve your fitness goals. This is a model for those who don’t need or want a lot of fancy extras. It does come with a bit more than what you would get from a cheaper bike and is aimed at those who do expect a measure of quality. They would invest in this machine in the hopes of it lasting longer and delivering a consistent, quality performance.

Even though the Nautilus R614 only costs about $400 it’s fair to expect comfortable seating, adequate space, smooth rotations, and a decent variety of programs and resistance levels. The best scenario is that it delivers on these as well as one of those thousand-dollar machines would. Another issue that is a big concern with stationary bike buyers is the noise level. Since a noisy machine can detract from the workout experience and be a disturbance to those nearby, you may want to go with a bike that gets good reviews on being quiet. It could be that the R614 delivers on everything you should expect and more.

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Workout Programs

The number of preset workout programs is one thing that separates cheap stationary bikes from the costlier ones. On a cheap bike you may get less than ten workouts, but it just so happens that this Nautilus recumbent bike comes with a generous 22 programs. This is about the same as you would expect from a machine that costs more. In fact, some pay nearly twice as much as this model costs only to get around seven extra programs. The list of programs on the R614 includes one quick start program, two custom programs, two fit tests, and nine profile programs.

Resistance Levels

With 20 levels of resistance, those who were thinking of buying a more expensive machine won’t be missing out. They can get this Nautilus, as it offers almost as many resistance levels as the pricier models. Most users, regardless of where they are with their fitness, will find that this recumbent bike has enough versatility in challenge to get them to their goal and beyond. And remember, the higher the resistance level, the more you’re working on building lower body muscle.

Dual LCD Display

That this machine features a dual display is a big deal because it’s something you would expect on a bike that comes at a big cost. This is just another example of how the Nautilus R614 recumbent bike delivers on premium features in spite of its modest price. With the dual LCD display you won’t have to spend your workout session pressing a bunch of buttons; everything is displayed right there in front of you, and all at once. The two displays show a total of 13 different workout details, including all the basic data you would expect – speed, distance, time, calories burned, level, heart rate, and rotations per minute.

USB Charging Port

Those who are avid users of mobile devices can appreciate the importance of having a built-in USB charging port. The first time you’re waiting on a phone call and need to workout and realize that your phone’s battery is low, you’ll get a deep understanding of how vital this feature can be. It means you won’t have to leave your phone plugged up in some out-of-reach place and you won’t have to get off the machine to go answer that phone when a call does come through. This can save your workout. It helps prevent your flow from being interrupted.


Organization is a big part of fitness. Most who succeed in achieving and maintaining optimal fitness are those who establish and follow a plan. They have to track their progress and know when to adjust. It’s great when technology can help with the organizational side of fitness. With the R614’s GoalTrack feature, users can keep up with their progress. It displays the achievements and workout totals for each individual user profile.


The Nautilus R614 has acoustic chambered speakers that produce rich sound. This can assist users in being more engaged in their workout, helping each session to be a more enjoyable experience. You can play your favorite music or listen to feedback from a compatible app. This is a helpful feature for those who don’t want to wear headphones or earbuds while using the machine.

Pros and Cons

This recumbent bike is every bit as good as one you would expect to find at the gym. It allows buyers to get premium features at more than half as less as they would pay for a more expensive model. Users appreciate how lightweight this bike is, making setup or relocation simpler. Even the assembly process earned great reviews thanks to the clear directions provided by the owner’s manual. Most find that the process takes about an hour and a half. But the best part is the performance. This is a high quality bike that runs quietly and smooth.

As great as the assembly is, it’s very important to follow the directions carefully and tighten each screw and bolt well. Some have found the machine to be wobbly if they don’t pay good attention during the setup. Even if it seems well assembled at first, the pieces can become loose after repeated use when they were not sufficiently tightened. It separates those who run into mechanical issues from those who get to keep and use this bike for many years. Also, some have commented that the seat ought to have a bit more space and cushioning.


The Nautilus R614 is proof that you can get a premium recumbent bike without breaking the bank. Its features make it easily comparable to models that cost upwards of a thousand dollars, yet this bike costs only about $400. The only thing that’s missing here is bluetooth and a few more resistance levels and programs, yet even if you’re out to run the Tour de France you’ll find that this recumbent stationary bike can more than satisfy your needs.

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