Oster 10 Speed Blender Review

Oster 10 Speed Blender Review

Sometimes you don’t need a lot of fancy extras, just a blender that works well and does what it was made to do. Many find the Oster 10 Speed Blender to be the cheapest that can be bought online without going second hand. Yet even with its wonderfully low price tag this blender offers a good amount of performance and features. It may not be the shiny, high grade black and chrome blenders whose pricing ranges in the hundreds, but that’s an attractive point to a lot of consumers. They’re willing to take a chance and buy this blender because they’ve purchased more expensive models and found that the money spent was just a waste.

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This is a blender designed for the basic home kitchen. It’s Oster’s solution for those who just want a good value. It’s a simple, modest appliance that’s meant to fill in the gap as a kitchen staple for those who simply want this machine marked off their shopping list as quickly and affordably as possible. Sure, there are those who would never give this blender a try because they want the advanced features and style only a pricier blender can offer. But, if your budget is tight and you’ve got a need to blend, you just may find that the Oster 10 Speed Blender is exactly what you’ve been after.


The amount of power this blender has is quite noteworthy. It’s 700 power watts and 450 blending watts is enough to handle most recipes. You can make your smoothies and milkshakes and even crush ice. Frozen fruits and veggies aren’t too much for it to handle. There are sold-separately attachments that extend this blender’s capabilities, allowing it to chop and grind fresh meats and produce. The power of this blender is quite impressive for the price. It works like a more expensive model and yet costs much less.

Blade System

This blender comes with a remarkable Crush Pro 4 blade system that’s made of all stainless steel. This unique 4-point system gives the blender a lot of precision, allowing it to pulverize even some of the most challenging ingredients fast. Thanks to the blades, many users find that this blender works even better than most of the affordable blenders they’ve owned before, and even better than some of the premium models. It’s a surprisingly great feature for those who were just wanting to buy a blender that’s cheap.

Oster 10 Speed Blender Review


Even the Ninja blenders come with less speeds than this economical Oster. As the name suggests, it comes with a generous 10 speeds. The lowest speed is pulse and the fastest is puree. This gives the blender enough versatility to help you get your handcrafted creation just right. Whether you’re chopping onions, crushing ice, making salsa, or serving up soup, this Oster blender has a speed setting that’s perfect for that. For some, it has helped them regain their passion for creative cooking.

The Jar

No cheap plastic here. The Oster 10 Speed Blender comes with a jar that’s made of durable, shatterproof Boroclass Glass. This type of glass is signature to the Oster brand line of blenders and it really helps this blender be of exceptional quality. The jar has a maximum 5-cup capacity, is safe to use, and safe to put into the dishwasher. Though they’re not easy to see from a distance, this jar does have measurements on the side.There’s even a 2-ounce filler cap you can use for measuring the ingredients that you pour in.

Pros and Cons

Users are very impressed with the Oster 10 Speed Blender. It surpasses the expectations of those who were simply looking for a very basic, affordable blender just to say their kitchen has one. Though it costs only around $30 you can quickly get a sense that this small appliance is worth a whole lot more. It does a great job doing all of the most common jobs given a home kitchen blender, such as blending up shakes and breaking up ingredients. It has a modest but attractive design that you won’t feel you have to hide in the cabinet. The rounded shape of the base and the shiny blue and white buttons make for quite an attractive blender. Best of all, this value blender can outperform its pricier competitors. It’s a quality unit that was built to last.

Of course, as you’d expect, there are a few disadvantages to note. The lid of the jar is made plastic that’s a bit flimsy. Some users find that the only way to get their smoothie truly smooth is to cut the ingredients into smaller than usual pieces before putting them in. And it’s simply not made for some of the more complex blending tasks, such as grinding nuts and seeds. Those who don’t respect that this blender isn’t made for advanced use often find that the motor will smoke when they try to blend heavier, more resistant ingredients.


If you’re looking to save a nice chunk of money while buying a blender that will give you a reliable performance you need not look further than the Oster 10 Speed Blender. Though it is one of the cheapest blenders you can find online, it is often found to outperform models that cost more. It has a pleasant appearance that can look decent in any kitchen. There are a few things to watch out for, such as taking a bit of extra care with the flimsy lid and not overworking the motor, but overall this blender does a good job. Those who take good care of their Oster 10 find that this machine can last for several years even with daily use. It makes a great pick for those who are just starting on their fitness journey and need a basic blender to whip up their smoothies and protein shakes. Indeed, personal preference is the only real reason to buy something that costs more. While this may not be the blender for you if you want something that’s a snazzy black and chrome and has the power to pulverize small seeds, it is an excellent pick for the budget-minded.

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