Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Review – Updated 2018!

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Review - Updated 2018!

Finding the best recumbent bike for your needs and goals can be a big challenge, but you should take a good look at the Schwinn 230 recumbent bike. Designed to be versatile, this stationary bike has a lot to offer both those who are avid lovers of cycling and those who are just getting started on their fitness journey. The maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds and even riders well over six feet tall will find that that the unit can more than accommodate their stature. You can get a great workout in with this 13 pound flywheel and just might be impressed by how many levels of resistance the Schwinn 230 features. While there are a few things left to be desired, such as Bluetooth and perhaps a larger shoe strap, the quality and features of this workout machine make it worth serious consideration.

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The Schwinn 230 comes feature-rich, setting it a step ahead of many of the other stationary recumbent bikes on the market. Clearly this is a machine designed to accompany the determined all the way through their weight loss journey and support them even through advanced levels of fitness.

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Review - Updated 2018!

Goal Track

Users may find that keeping up with their fitness goals was never easier. In fact this bike makes it easy to keep track of your progress and stats, possibly replacing the need to keep up with a separate diary. The Goal Track capability saves individual user profiles, making the bike excellent for the fitness-focused family or wherever two or more people need to share this machine. And, since updating your profile and goals is built in to the workout session, you may no longer need to worry about forgetting to write down your latest exercise achievements.

Resistance Levels

The Schwinn 230 comes with an impressive 20 levels of resistance, giving you many options for when choosing the intensity of your workout. The many levels also make it easy for beginners to find a great place to start. Advanced riders will find the higher resistance levels sufficiently challenging. This feature also makes it easier to advance faster, as the smaller increments makes it easier to take your workout up a notch.

LCD Display

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Review - Updated 2018!

The Schwinn 230 features helpful, easy-to-read DualTrack 2 LCD screen displays that give you a clear view of the programs and your goal stats. With this, you can plan your next workout as you do your present workout, working up a sweat as you look forward to your future rounds of fitness.

The Ride

Forget having your morning workout interrupted because of a noisy aerobics machine that woke everyone up. This ride is smooth and quiet. The bike comes equipped with a drive system that is high speed and high inertia. It makes the startup smooth and is responsible for the quietness of the workout.

USB Charger

If you like to multitask while working out, you may love how this machine is designed to accommodate you. It features convenient USB charging ports that help make keeping the battery of your phone, tablet, and other compatible devices topped off. The bike itself can be plugged into any standard 110 volt outlet.

Adjustable Seat

Out of all the great features this recumbent bike has, the seat apparently has become the favorite. It accommodates riders of a wide array of sizes and is wide and comfortable. Each user can find their perfect fit simply by using the easy adjust level. The seat rail slider system helps to ensure you get the leg space just right.


While the Schwinn 230 recumbent exercise bike may not having advanced entertainment technology such as a built in digital coach or scenic mixed realities for you to experience, the in-console speakers together with the MP3 input makes it convenient to workout to your favorite songs.

Workout Programs

Not only does this recumbent workout bike come with 20 different levels of resistance, it also has 22 preset workout programs. This gives users many options for choosing the right workout. There are 8 heart rate control programs as well as a quick start program, two fitness tests, and nine profile workouts.


It’s not hard to find a lot of great things to appreciate in the Schwinn 230. The many programs and resistance levels can help make any session on this bike more challenging and effective. Combine this with the smooth, quiet ride and option to use the speakers and it’s easy to see why most who use this bike report having a delightful experience.


Though it’s evident that the Schwinn 230 is a nice, quality stationary recumbent bike that can help accelerate you towards your goals, there are a few cons to mention. For one thing, some may not find the thought of having no Bluetooth a deal-breaker. Those who have come to love those highly advanced bikes may be unimpressed that this Schwinn does not offer mixed reality training. The biggest complaint has nothing to do with actually using the bike but putting together, as the machine weighs 80 lbs, which has proven to be a bit too much for some. It should also be noted that the shoe strap on the pedals is a bit too small for some. If you wear a men’s size 10 or larger you might find the strap to be a tight fit.

State-of-the-Art Aerobics with the Schwinn 230

The folks over in Schwinn’s Vancouver, WA headquarters clearly knew what they were doing when they designed this 230. It meets the needs of those whose lives are headed for a major transformation for the better, accommodating them when they require the lowest resistance and perhaps are close to the 300 pound weight limit but helping them to stay challenged and advancing as their stamina and strength grow.

Of course there are more advanced and more expensive recumbent exercise bikes to be found, but this one offers a nice mix of value, functionality, and quality. This is a great mid-range stationary bike that might be a bit on the heavy side but helps users continue to feel lighter. Unless you need all of the highly advanced technology of a high end exercise bike, there’s a good chance you’ll find the Schwinn 230 to be a great fit for your fitness goals.

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