Skateboard Sizes

skateboard sizes

Skateboarding practice is an important task for riders. A ton of training and devotion is required for one to become better. It is in this way critical to have the best skateboards to guarantee confidence while on the board itself. Skateboards are sold in different sizes and the choices are often picked based on the age of the rider and the size of their shoe.

Skateboard Sizes

Deck Sizes – Length

The length of a skateboard is subject to the skating style that interests the individual rider. The normal deck length can go up to nearly three feet. Most decks that are smaller can be reserved for younger skateboard riders. These short decks are called minis. It should be noted that the length of a skateboarding deck does not convey much impact unless riding on longboards.

Deck Sizes – Width

Many sizes are available for skateboard decks. The size will be normally on the user’s own intentions, yet it is useful for people to try out larger sizes to before buying a new skateboard. This will make it much easier for the rider to understand what choice is better for them.

The width of the deck is subject to the span of the foot and favored skateboarding tricks. Individuals with feet that are larger than 12 inches are better suited for skateboards that measure eight inches or more.

As stated previously, skateboarding techniques are based on the type of deck that is purchased. If riders prefer street skateboarding, smaller width decks are the perfect option as they enable more diverse tricks. Decks that have a width of between 7.2 to 7.5 inches are the best decision when based on foot estimates. For skateboarders who ride pool, vertical or changes, wider decks are the best.


Trucks are the components of the skateboard that fasten the wheels to the deck. It should be even with the deck’s width and about a quarter of the deck’s overall size. Height is specified by the type of riding that the user wishes to incorporate into their skateboarding. Low trucks are most appropriate for basic skateboarding use. Higher trucks are geared for speed. Bushings, another piece of the trucks, can either be stiff or soft, with soft bushings allowing for fast turns and quick gains in the board’s movement.

Sizes Of Bearings

Skateboard bearings are important since they determine the smoothness of the ride. Bad bearings make it hard to ride by anyone. An easy way for riders to determine how bad their bearings are is to spin the wheels and time how long it takes for them to stop.

If the wheels take a long time to stop, the bearings are in great condition. Bearing durability is measured from scales of one to nine. Most skateboarders use bearings that are rated between three to five. This range provides just the right mix of strength and longevity.

Noses And Tails

While the skateboard tails and noses are not judged by themselves, there are easy ways to compare them. The nose is ordinarily more extensive than the tail while the tail has a sharp edge. The wide nose encourages skateboarders to perform flips better while making it simple to manage the skateboard toward any predicted path.

Skateboard Size Listings

Micro Skateboards

• Deck width 6.5 to 6.75 inches

• Deck length 27.2 to 27.6 inches

• Best for children under six years old

Standard Children’s Skateboards

• Deck width: 7.0 inches

• Deck length of 28 inches

• Commonly referred to as Mini Decks. Best for children between 6 to 8 years old

Skateboards Of Average Size

• Deck length of 29 inches

• Deck width: 7.3 inches or more

• Good for skaters nine to twelve years of age between four to five feet in height with shoe sizes averaging 7 to 8

• Skateboards with a deck width of 7.5 inches or more and a normal deck length of 29 inches or higher are for skaters over 13 years old. They will generally be taller than five feet and have a size nine shoe or higher.

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