Skateboard Wall Mount

skateboard wall mount

Skateboard Wall Mount Details

Skateboards are very durable in strength since they are in constant contact with either the pavement or the user’s feet. This places great emphasis on the boards being made from high quality materials that will not break easily. Most skateboards companies have done a great job at producing boards that have lasted years (or decades) after they were originally purchased. However, some events can speed up the eventual wear and tear that will take place on any man made product, skateboards included. Most of this can be avoided from the rider performing preventive maintenance on their skateboards. Other factors are to blame as well such as the weather and improper skateboard storage.

Skateboard wall mounts, also called wall racks, allow the rider to safely and easily keep their skateboards in a clean and dry state that will prevent them from taking on gradual damage. Most skateboard wall racks are designed to accommodate longboards and snowboards as well. Some of them have simple designs that can only hang one board at a time while others can easily hang three or more, depending on the number of racks purchased. Skateboard wall mounts also double as a way to avoid injuries from stepping onto boards that are placed on the floor. Since this is extremely dangerous, wall mounts are highly recommended for people who own even one skateboard, regardless of whether or not the board is used. They also make great display pieces for living rooms, bedrooms, and garages.

For collectors, wall racks provide an appealing look to their boards that can be further protected since the only thing that comes into contact with the board itself is the rack. Most racks require the user to perform some basic installation. It is usually easy and utilizes anchors or studs that are placed into the wall for it to hold as expected. Models are typically fastened to the wall horizontally but some manufacturers allow for other angles of installation.

Why Skateboard Storage Is Necessary

For skateboarders who live in regions where the temperature changes with each season, riding may decrease as the weather gets colder. Factoring in location, skateboarding could be impossible to do during the winter months of the year. Storing skateboards properly during this time will ensure that the owner will be able to pick up riding again as soon as temperatures rise and the snow melts.

Additionally, winter is synonymous with cold and icy conditions. This type of environment can destroy skateboards that are left outside with the elements. When skateboards are stored properly during this time, they retain their look and durability and prevent users from having to purchase more boards or board materials. Leaving a board outside for even one night during heavy snow and ice conditions can cause rust or other types of corrosion to happen.

Best Skateboard Wall Mounts

Sk8ology Skateboard And Deck Display Wall Mount

Skateboard Wall Mount

Sk8ology Displays originated the “floating” look of wall mounts for skateboards. It is highly durable and is made from a combination of stainless steel and polycarbonate materials. When installing, the user will not have to worry for drilling multiple holes in the wall for every skateboard they wish to hang up. Installation can be either locked or unlocked. Some may need to purchase additional mounts if the display is to be hung in a horizontal fashion. Needless to say, Sk8ology is a good choice for its simplicity of use and fast installation time.

Product Features:

• Mount is completely invisible once the boards are placed on the wall mount itself

• Skateboards, both assembled and un-assembled, can be placed on the wall mount

• Simple instructions for mounting

YYST Skateboard Wall Hanger Wall Storage Clip And Wall Mount

Skateboard Wall Mount

YYST Skateboard Wall Hanger and Mount is another easy to install rack that is made completely of metal and does not require a stud mount for it to be hung. A simple sheet rock anchor is good for those who wish to avoid studs altogether. The pegs are long enough for any user to easily place one of the hooks through the board, making the skateboard face outwards if wanted. It can also be used to store longboards as well, a great advantage since these typically weight higher than average skateboards.

Product Features:

• Made of solid metal and will hold the skateboards easy with no swaying or staggering

• Convenient for hanging boards vertically with no concerns of having it fall off the rack

• Strong surface protection prevents the braces from getting damaged while they are in position

• Adjustable branches can brace the boards or expand out from the wall

• Cuts room clutter by allowing the user to hang numerous other items on the rack if they choose to do so (10 pounds is the recommended weight average)

StoreYourBoard Skateboard Rack

Skateboard Wall Mount

StoreYourBoard’s Skateboard Rack, also known as the Trifecta Rack, is made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. It is a strong plastic that is easy to recycle yet does not corrode. It is also resistant to heat and cold. There are three rungs on the rack itself that measure about six inches in length. Longboards can also be stored easily with this mount. The rack is angled at a slight decline so that the boards will mount on the wall using gravity for it to stay in place. The product also comes with four drywall anchors for those who may want to avoid studs. Boards can be placed facing upwards or in a downwards position with the wheels up.

Product Features:

• Design is lightweight and adaptable to many wall types

• Can easily hold up to three skateboards

• Ripsticks, scooters, razors, and other smaller accessories can also be hung if needed

• Strong enough to hold winter and watersports gear such as snowboards, skis, and water skis

How to Install

1. Choose the best location for the deck. Places in direct sunlight should be avoided as it can fade the colors in the boards, particularly those that are seldomly used.

2. Take a ruler or measuring instrument of any kind and calculate the height of the deck. Much like a television set that is mounted on the wall, it is best hung at eye level. 57 inches is the average. Mark off the position of the measurements with a pencil that will erase easily. Tape can be used if preferred. Furthermore, a larger drill bit could be needed in order for the mount to hang as expected. A 7/32 drill bit is best under these conditions.

3. Use a wall stud and make a hole for the wall mount anchor. If unavailable, use a powder drill. Caution: if using a drill, be careful to not penetrate any electrical wires.

4. Place the wall mount anchor into the hole. Make sure it is firm and braces the wall tightly.

5. Users can hang the board by using the locked and unlocked methods. The locked approach involves removing the nuts from the deck and sliding the board on the rods while using the adjustment nuts to move the mount away from the wall slightly. Use the nuts to lock the shafts into place. For the unlocked method, the larger portion of the nuts should be facing the opposite side of the board.

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