Types of Skateboards

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What Types of Skateboards are Available?

Since its origins of having wheels that were made of simple materials, the sport of skateboarding has made great progress. In its earliest form, there were just a few alternatives for the individuals who wanted to ride on concrete instead of waves. Over time arose various sorts of skateboards. However, every distinct type of skateboard has its own unique purpose. Listed below are some of the most popular types of skateboards that are specialized for every function.

Standard Street Boards

Modern street skateboards have evolved into their standard appearance over the last half century. During the start of street skating, board shapes differed greatly. Be that as it may, as skateboarding styles expanded and diverged away from each other, the appearances of the boards changed. Standard street skateboards are sometimes pricy but are also inexpensive from the high number of companies that manufacture them.

Most street boards are over two feet in length. The board widths normally are the same as the truck widths, with wheels that are somewhat more dense than other types of skateboards.



Present-day longboards began to be used when skateboarding was just beginning to be sponsored on a large scale during the 1990s. The primary models were the same in shape to surfboards and snowboards, yet as intrigue developed, the skateboard manufacturers took note and began to produce them in larger quantity.

Another type of longboard is the pintail. Pintail longboards are generally used in ordinary settings and can be made in lengths up to four feet. They are able to accelerate at a tremendous pace when going down hills and ramps.

Cruiser Boards

Types of Skateboards

Just as bikes have standardized versions geared for simple use, so do skateboards. Cruiser Boards are made for simple transportation. They are known for their prominent tails. Cruisers can also be different in form, with some being classified as the aforementioned longboard varieties. In dimensions, they are oftentimes produced to be about the same size as regular street boards.

Some people buy cruisers simply for their looks. But they also make great skateboards for beginners who are learning how to skate for the first time.

Square Tail Skateboards

Owing much to their originality, square tail skateboards are among the most beloved. These classic boards are often sold as collector’s items and can retail at large sums due to their age, especially if the skateboard is a vintage piece from the 1950s.

A square tail is standard in size, with widths ranging about eight inches in length. Turns will require more skill to finish as trucks are wider. Although not featured on all models, a nose is sometimes added to the iconic board design. The wheels are more delicate and soft compared to street boards.

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