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Vinnie Tortorich Diet and Workout

Vinnie Tortorich Diet and Workout

What inspires a person to make the leap into a life of fitness? What causes the fit to want to take their sculpted physiques to a new level of lean? For some, it’s the work of Vinnie Tortorich. This author, model, podcast host, and, perhaps most importantly, celebrity trainer has been the brains behind some of the most amazing physical transformations on planet Earth. He helps PlayBoy playmates get ready for their centerfolds and he’s trained a lot of well-known celebrities such as Bill Engvall, Margaret Cho, and Howie Mandel. In fact, Tortorich has become quite a celebrity in his own right. His fame is much thanks to his unique diet and fitness insights that he shares through his podcast and on social media.

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Vinnie Tortorich has been a fitness enthusiast for most of his life, embarking on this path at the tender age of eight when he first set foot in a gym. For him, it was love of muscle and performance from there on out. In high school he was a star athlete. His football scholarship got him through Tulane University. Tortorich has competed in numerous cycling marathons, more than he can remember. And he’s completed the 508 mile Furnace Creek ultramarathon bicycle race multiple times. Even leukemia couldn’t stop Tortorich, he continued to train for his cycling marathons straight through until his cancer went into remission. Then he raised funds for the patients that were less fortunate than him.

Vinnie Tortorich Diet

Tortorich’s diet serves as evidence of his dedication to health and fitness perhaps more than most because he doesn’t follow the fads or the crowd. He doesn’t follow anyone’s eating program but his own. He made is own approach to nutrition, a program he affectionately calls NSNG – and it’s a hashtag he uses most often. NSNG stands for No Sugar, No Grains, which basically summarizes what the plan is all about. What’s left? Why, vegetables and meat of course. The inspiration for this program came from advice his doctor gave him on how to keep cancer from coming back.

As Tortorich reports in his Intro to NSNG course, the doctor told him to take vitamin B supplements and cut back on his sugar intake. At first, he was concerned about this advice because, as an athlete, he understood carbs to be key to performance. He was worried about the lack of energy that might result. But since cancer prevention was more important to him than his cycling career, he followed the doctor’s advice. Tortorich didn’t just cut back his sugar intake, he took it to the extreme and cut carbs completely out of his diet. He just couldn’t get past the thought that every carbohydrate he ate was feeding his cancer. It forever changed his appetite.

To really understand what Vinnie Tortorich’s NSNG diet is all about, we have to dive into the details. It’s easy to assume the acronym means no dessert-type sugars, such as sodas, cakes, and candy, but it goes deeper than that. When Tortorich says no sugar, he means none at all, including no fruit. He claims that the healthiness of eating fruit is one of the big nutritional myths. He labels several other eating conventions as myths, including that saturated fats are bad and veganism is the best way to lose weight. He calls these big fat lies.

Vinnie Tortorich Workout

As a celebrity trainer, Tortorich is well-versed on a lot of ways to workout. While he doesn’t reveal what his day-to-day exercise schedule is like, he gives tons of advice in his podcasts and that advice touches on a number of important points. For example, when working out at the gym, Tortorich recommendeds going after the big muscles first. For example, he advises to work the bench press and shoulder press before moving on to triceps, and that doing lat pulls and rows hits the biceps as well as the back. And as for aerobics, Tortorich says it can be used as a warm-up or done as a cardio session after weight training, sidestepping the debate on whether to do cardio first.

Tortorich did give a few basic workout routines for his fans to follow, for legs, he recommends sticking to compound movements like weighted squats and lunges. Do 3 to 5 sets of 6 to 8 reps each, but on the first set do 12 reps with just the bar. This should be done once a week and working the upper body should come twice a week. For working the upper body, do chest and triceps one day and back and biceps the other. The chest and triceps workout is all about pull while back and biceps is push. Choose three exercises accordingly and do 3 to 5 sets of 6 to 8 reps with 12 to 15 reps on the first set.

Why You Should Be More Like Vinnie Tortorich

Vinnie Tortorich is dedicated to his health and fitness. He also works hard to educate and inspire others to reach their physical and mental best. He didn’t even let his life-threatening illness get him down. When he found out what it took to keep his cancer under control, he took action that went even against his own understanding. He went against conventional wisdom and found what works, dispelling myths that even top health experts hold dear.

Though whether or not a no sugar, no grain diet is best will continue to be a matter of deep debate, it seems to be working well for Tortorich and his loyal followers. They’re loving the freedom to eat eggs and bacon without guilt while still shedding the pounds and experiencing vibrant health. Indeed, though Tortorich was first concerned that cutting out carbs would kill his athletic energy and performance, he found that he was faster, more ripped, and more full of energy than ever before. Combine this with his exercise insights and the transformation that have occurred under his teaching are amazing. To Tortorich, NSNG is the best lifestyle one could have, though he recommends always listening to your doctor’s advice.

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