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Top Health and Wellness Instagram Accounts to Follow

Top Health and Wellness Instagram Accounts to Follow

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Top Health and Wellness Accounts to Follow When You Are Hooked on Instagram 

The adage that a picture speaks a thousand words has never been truer in the case of Instagram. Even though Instagram has become a huge hit with users and businesses from every sector, there is perhaps nothing with greater appeal than accounts dealing with healthy living.

Today users have the opportunity of choosing from hundreds of thousands of carefully curated health and fitness accounts on Instagram. These range from gyms and fitness trainers to wellness experts, nutritionists, dietitians, yoga trainers, doctors, psychiatrists, and much more devoted to making people lead healthier lives effortlessly.

Here is a list of some of the most popular wellness influencers on Instagram that you can follow for inspiration to achieve your wellness goals:

JSHealth – Jessica Sepel

Jessica Sepel is a very popular Instagram influencer on nutrition and healthy cooking with more than 240,000 followers rooting for her. Jessica is not only the creator of numerous recipes with a firm focus on healthy living but also the brain behind an online program that is designed to transform your life over eight weeks by helping you to find independence with food, weight management, and body.

You will find her posts not only presenting attractive recipes on health food but also deeply insightful conversations about her relationship with food and health as well as recipes that have changed the way she lives her life. Following Jessica on Instagram is a great experience not only for connoisseurs of perfectly-plated healthy food but also detailed recipes that can give you fresh motivation on living healthily.

Purely Twins – Lori & Michelle

If you are interested in following an Instagram account that is multi-dimensional in its approach to health and fitness, following the twins, Lori and Michelle can be very satisfying. The sisters offer expert tips on exercising smarter, eating better, and more mindfully as well as developing a positive framework for body and mind development so that you emerge stronger from the inside as well as the outside.

Lori & Michelle focus on providing tips on the development of a well-rounded lifestyle based on holistic principles that take into account mental and spiritual health in addition to physical fitness. You can also visit their website that is dedicated to workout routines that you can perform at home, lifestyle advice, tips on taking care of your skin as well as hundreds of recipes all focused on healthy eating.

ArielleSays – Arielle

Followed by nothing less than 185,000 followers on Instagram, Arielle shot into the limelight with her post on Buzzfeed that went viral where she urged readers to forget about focusing on a salads-only diet for losing weight.

You will find more of the same sensible advice on healthy eating on her Instagram account. You can also find out how without undergoing a crash diet, Arielle successfully shed 85 pounds body weight. Another highlight of her Instagram account is the lovely pictures of scenic places and superbly plated colorful and delicious food that are guaranteed to make you slaver.

You too can set up an Instagram account to share your ideas on healthy living. To make a good start, you can buy Instagram followers and likes while you focus on genuinely posting helpful content that your followers will find interesting. However, one of the secrets to achieving success is to develop a unique and identifiable style, according to HuffPost.

MeowMeix – Amanda Meixner

If you are always at a loss for ideas for meal preparation, then following Amanda Meixner, a celebrated nutrition expert and blogger will work wonders. You will find an amazing assortment of tasty recipes as well as tips and tricks on preparing meals that will have you wondering how you had managed without her so far.

Users rave about her advice on food to eat for losing weight, healthy substitutes for sinful food, and meal plans that are customized to fit your needs. What’s more, you will delight in her posts on preparing innovative snack options that will not have you feeling guilty all the time.

OhSheGlows – Angela Liddon

If you are vegan, you would have often despaired at the lack of resources on healthy eating available online. Angela Liddon’s Instagram account is like a breath of fresh air with dozens of recipes of healthy yet delicious meal options that most home cooks can whip up without any hassle.

Angela’s credentials are extremely impressive; apart from being a prolific blogger of repute, she has also authored several cookbooks and also been nominated for a CA WEBBY award for excellence on the internet.

The Body Coach – Joe Wicks

The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, shares his wellbeing and wellness counsel, alongside videos of his courageous life. Wicks motivate his 2.8 million followers to carry on with their best life by dealing with their bodies as well as messing around with exercises like skydiving.

Probably the best component of Wicks account is his formula videos, where he strolls his followers through how to make flavorful and solid dinners like date and pecan oat biscuits or veggie satay curry. As per the comments, his plans are a tremendous hit with a wide range of individuals.

The account’s byline says that Wicks is “determined to motivate one new person consistently to exercise and cook a sound dinner,” and he’s unquestionably achieving that objective.

Sara Clark Yoga – Sara Clark

Sara Clark is a yoga instructor from New York City that runs an Instagram account that is about care. In contrast to a portion of the others on this rundown, she concentrates less on bad-to-the-bone exercises and more on making a relaxed and healthy brain and body. Clark posts for the most part inspiring useful tidbits. For instance, in one post she expressed, “Please don’t ever let your loneliness drive you back to toxic people.” The statements are intended to propel you towards a quiet and sound disposition.

There are additional photos of Clark living a sound, yoga way of life that will inspire you to pull out your yoga matt and state “Omm.”

Instagram is brimming with moving wellbeing accounts. Don’t be hesitant to explore until you discover an individual that you interface with most. In any case, recollect that each individual that posts on Instagram is just transferring the best pieces of their life. Don’t compare yourself, or permit the ideal pictures to debilitate you. We as a whole battle in various manners, however with healthy thoughts, you can utilize these accounts to energize positive changes throughout your life. Don’t stop for a second to contact wellbeing and health specialists to get some additional assistance if necessary. Cheerful Instagram surfing!


Good health is a major preoccupation for most of us and looking after our physical and mental health has become even more important as we lead very stressful but largely sedentary lives. It can be a difficult task to follow a healthy lifestyle but given the time we spend on our smartphones accessing the internet for various reasons, it can be a very good idea to follow some of the high-rated health and fitness influencers on Instagram.

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