Eat. Move. Hack. A Different Kind of Personal Health Blog

The world comes at you fast sometimes, even if you’re being forced to completely slow down. That’s what’s happened to the entire human race so far in 2020. We zoomed into the 3rd decade of the 21st Century, only to be told that we need to take a collective “time-out” because of a worldwide pandemic. This is like nothing any of us who are younger than 100 years old have ever seen before, but it’s something that we’ve all had to adjust to in one way or another. It’s also been a time when our health and our fitness has changed radically, as we were no longer going to gyms or to studios to visit personal trainers. We’ve had to fend for ourselves in a lot of new ways.

So how do you do that? Is health blogging something you have done, or do you follow what you feel are the best health blogs? Have health news blogs always been your thing to some degree? Even if that’s the case, you may have noticed a big change in those blogs as well, as everyone has had to adapt on the fly.

While the whole concept and reality of a pandemic is something new to the vast majority of us, the idea that things change unexpectedly most certainly is not. A personal health blog that’s like most of the others can be of help if you’re always following the same routine, always going to the same place to exercise and shop for food and always going to be living in the same area with the same climate.

That’s not how it works. When this pandemic is over, we’re still going to be moving and shaking and changing, and you need a personal health blog that understands this. Maybe you’ll find a new job; maybe you’ll get married and start a family; maybe you’ll retire or maybe you’ll decide it’s time to change your eating habits and lose weight.

Regardless, change is the one constant in life, and a personal health blog needs to take that into account. That’s exactly what we do here at Eat. Move. Hack. Our entire message is built upon the foundation that life comes at you fast, so you need to be able to adjust when you may least expect it.

What you’ll see here is health blogging from experts along with other ideas that are realistic with regards to everyday life. You’ll see what you see in other health news blogs, except that we’re not going to bog you down with a lot of studies and obscure ideas that won’t work for the modern person who’s trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

In short, what you’re going to see is one of the best health blogs online. That’s because we start with what it’s like to actually live in the modern world and work backwards from there as opposed to putting our material out there and expecting our readers to adjust to us. You have too much to do as it is, and the last thing you need is a personal health blog stressing you out because it makes you feel inadequate.

You’re going to feel good if you follow us, and that’s going to happen in more ways than one. Come back a few times and see for yourself – we’re pretty sure that before too long, you’ll see us as more than a personal health blog – you’ll see us as a resource.