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Alexis Ren Diet and Workout

Alexis Ren Diet and Workout

Alexis Ren is a popular Internet celebrity who grew a big following simply by having her pictures on Instagram. Now in her early 20s, fame started pouring into her life at the tender age of 15 when a photo of her in a bikini was posted this popular photo sharing social platform. She has since then expanded her online presence to have millions of followers on Twitter and Youtube.

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Ren’s Instagram follower count is an impressive 12.4 million and growing. She was on the cover of Maxim’s August 2017 issue, Maxim’s Mexico version in March 2018, and has had the honor of being named a 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie. With her seemingly impossible measurements of 34-22-34, it’s no wonder Ren’s sexy looks have earned her a celebrity status.

But how does Alexis Ren manage to maintain her remarkable physique? Her slender, well-toned body is eye-catching enough for even top models to envy. You may be relieved to know that the achievement isn’t a result of genetics alone. But, as you probably were imagining, Ren’s diet is extremely strict and following her fitness routine can demand a considerable amount of self-discipline.

Alexis Ren Diet

It’s a lot simpler to describe Alexis Ren’s diet by what she doesn’t eat. She doesn’t eat bread and she doesn’t consume alcohol. For her, these two are the top biggest no-nos. And of course, Ren eats a lot of vegetables. Two of her favorite foods are veggie burgers and banana ice cream. Surprised? Don’t think her love of a good veggie burger breaks her own rule of not eating bread, as she uses lettuce as a bun and tops it with a bit of avocado. And as for her love of banana ice cream, her recipe for it is basically bananas blended with almond milk.

There are several other no-nos on Ren’s list of dieting rules. Some of them are quite fascinating indeed. For example, there’s no eating fruit after lunch. That likely has to do with late night carb control. In fact, she doesn’t eat anything after 7 pm. Also, no red meat, no fast food, and no gluten. While her diet does allow for some sugar consumption, that’s kept to a bare minimum.

Having gotten all of the don’ts out of the way, take a look at some of the dos. Ren eats a lot of fruit, just not after lunch. The top fruits she consumes are pineapples, mangos, papayas, watermelon, and strawberries. Of course, she eats salad. She also eats kale chips, trail mix, and vegan protein powder.

In reality, Ren’s diet isn’t all that remarkable. It’s not the high protein diet that has so many raving, but she does get her share of protein. The only meat she has black flagged is red meat after all. Meaning those who love chicken, fish, and eggs can still follow this plan. Ren tries to make sure her foods are organic when she can, so the basic principle of her diet is just healthy, clean eating – who could argue against that?

Alexis Ren’s Workout Routine

Eating like Ren can go a long way in helping a person improve their health and appearance, but her body maintenance rituals don’t stop there. Alexis Ren happens to exercise a lot. It’s not rare for her to exercise seven days a week, but she makes certain she gets in workout five days a week minimum. And there is a variety of exercise types she enjoys doing, including hot yoga, Pilates, running or jogging, boxing and self defense workouts, and hiking.

Ren is one of those who prefers working out in the morning, doing her exercise either at 6 am before her breakfast or afterwards at 10 am. Her exercise sessions last around one to two hours. Those who want to get a taste of what her devotion to fitness is all about should try the 10-minute ab routine Ren posted on YouTube. Ren says she does this every single morning, and fans who’ve tried it love the results. Recently, Alexis Ren has also posted her Ten-Minute Beach Butt Routine on YouTube – it took less than a day for the video to get well over 160,000 views.

Of course, those short videos barely give fans insight into what Ren’s workout regimen is really like. Getting up and heading to the gym after that 10-minute ab blast, her around two-hour workouts feature both weight training and cardio. After this she usually fits in yoga or Pilates class. Ren is a classically trained ballerina who practiced for 10 years before her modeling career took off. This background gives her the balance, posture, and core power she needs to get the most out of each and every workout.

Why You Should Be More Like Alexis Ren

Alexis Ren did confess to suffering from an eating disorder in her past. Through recovery she made the commitment to eat healthy and that has clearly stuck with her. While some may find her strict dieting rules a bit too strict, particularly the one about not eating fruit after lunch, anyone stands to benefit from giving up unhealthy fast food and focusing on eating whole, organic foods instead. Ren doesn’t necessarily consume enough protein for her diet to be considered high protein, but it is low carb. Her habits might not be for bodybuilders looking to pack on mass, but that’s just another reason why it works well for her.

When it comes to fitness, even a lot of fit people might find keeping up with Ren’s devotion challenging. She goes at it seven days a week. She works out for several hours every single day, though she cuts it back to only five days when her schedule won’t permit more. Her fitness life features a lot of variety, and that’s a good thing not only because it creates a toned, balanced physique but also because it helps prevent injury.

For many, it would take a total life transformation to adhere to the strict, demanding diet and exercise plan that has helped Alexis Ren earn and maintain her stardom, but it can transform a person’s life, giving back for what it takes.

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