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Jason Statham Workout and Diet

Jason Statham Workout and Diet

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Many people recognize Jason Statham as an actor, having first seen him star in one of his top films, such as Transporter or Collateral. They admire his looks, how well he fit into his roles, and, of course, his chiseled physique. What many don’t know is that Statham has a very athletic background. He grew up with Vinnie Jones, who is a football player as well as an actor. Statham was introduced to football by Jones. Statham is also an avid diver, spending more than 12 years on Britain’s National Swimming Squad. Statham had his well-built physique long before he became an actor and his love of fitness has much to do with his love of sports.

Growing up, Statham had a dancer for a mother and a street seller for a father. No stranger to hard times, he worked many jobs in his youth. He became a street seller like his dad in order to make ends meet, but he was also a model, even doing shoots for Tommy Hilfiger and the French Connection. It was through his work with the French Connection that Statham was able to get into acting. This work was also the bridge that brought him to contact with Guy Ritchie.

Ritchie found Statham perfect for the role of the black market seller “Bacon” in the movie Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Ritchie was attracted to his looks as well as his past as a street seller. From there, Statham continued to get parts in movies and slowly he rose to Hollywood prominence. His great body combined with the fact that he does his own stunts has earned Statham many fans. Now those legions of fans want to know what he does to stay in such excellent condition.

Jason Statham – Workout

Truthfully, according to Statham, he doesn’t have a set workout. His training regime is ever-changing and evolving. It adapts at times to compensate for the wear and tear his ever-changing lifestyle demands. He is very conscious of the negative effects of over-training. He may, for example, have times when he doesn’t get enough sleep or the right nutrition because his schedule tends to change up quite a bit. He trains according to whatever is going on in his life at the moment. On top of that, Statham’s fitness philosophy is to never do the same workout twice (1). He believes that constant variety is one of the big and untapped secrets for maximizing results.

When asked about his workouts, Statham called them murder, nightmare, and priceless (1). Indeed, his routines are not for the novice. To get an understanding of what Statham’s workouts are all about since they vary so much, one can take a look at what he did during one of his weeks. It’s a simple matter since Statham always takes detailed notes and has no issue in sharing his fitness secrets with his fans.

JS Deadlift Workout

Day 1 is all about the deadlift (2). Statham starts with 10 minutes on a rowing machine followed by a three-move warm-up. He does a pyramid circuit using push-ups, ring pull-ups, and squats. Then comes the one-move workout – the deadlift. He does nine sets of this one exercise, using various reps and weight per set. For example, the first set is 10 reps with 135 pounds. Then it’s 5 reps at 185 pounds, 3 reps at 235 pounds, 1 rep at 325, 1 rep at 340, 1 rep at 350, 1 rep at 360, and, finally, 1 rep at 365 pounds. This is followed by an unconventional cooldown: 10 minutes on a trampoline. He feels like the trampoline helps decompress after such a strong set of deadlifts (and it is more fun than other methods of cooldown).

The second day of his routine starts off as the first with 10 minutes on the rowing machine. But then Statham makes this day all about a functional circuit. After the rowing, the second part of his warmup is a static hold circuit where he does the ring dip hold, kettlebell farmer hold, L-sit on Parallettes, and the bodyweight squat hold. He does each hold for 30 seconds, allowing himself only 10 seconds to change to the next move.

The functional circuit workout Statham does for this day was designed by Dan John, a strength coach. It’s called The Big Five 55 Workout. It’s a 5-move circuit that’s repeated 10 times for a total of 55 reps for each exercise. The reps are decreased by 1 in each round and he starts with 10 reps, so it’s 10 reps for the first go-round and 9 reps for the second until he works his way down through all 10 rounds. The moves he does are the front squat, pull-ups, decline parallette push-ups, power cleans, and hanging knees to elbows.

Jason Statham – Diet

It’s clear that Statham doesn’t eat a lot of junk food, but he has confessed to the occasional gorge on chocolates. And, though he does eat a lot of protein, he keeps his fat consumption to a minimum. That means only lean beef if any, and lots of chicken, poached eggs, and fish. Unlike many, Statham doesn’t go for breaking up his meals into several to be eaten throughout the day. Instead, he usually eats the standard three meals and may have a high-protein snack such as peanut butter or a protein bar in between.

For breakfast, Statham eats hot cereal. It’s usually oatmeal but he goes with porridge if he’s in an especially cold climate. Along with his cereal, he’ll have poached eggs and fresh fruit. His lunch is either miso soup or brown rice and vegetables. Then for dinner, Statham enjoys meat with steamed veggies or a salad. He’s a believer in not eating after 7 pm.

Why You Should Be More Like Jason Statham

Though he enjoyed a lucrative career as a model, thanks much to his rock-hard physique, Statham’s love of fitness is more for his love of sports than for vanity. He knows it’s important to stay healthy and his workouts support his lifestyle.  By constantly changing his exercise routine he ensures that his fitness levels continue to evolve. While Statham may enjoy the occasional binge on chocolate, he keeps his eating clean to support his active lifestyle. As it’s ever-changing, Statham’s workout regimen may be hard to keep up with, but he’s living proof that his approach gets amazing results.

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