Anna Wintour Diet and Workout

Anna Wintour Diet and Workout

Those having passion for high-end fashion are likely destined to encounter the name Anna Wintour. This is the lady upon whom the movie The Devil Wears Prada was based. Meryl Streep starred as “The Dragon Lady”, Miranda Priestly, editor-in-chief of the fashion world’s top magazine. Wintour is the real-life Priestly. Since 1988 she’s been Vogue’s editor-in-chief. She became artistic director for the magazine’s publisher, Condé Nast in 2013. Her signature style of wearing a pageboy haircut is a look she’s kept since she was just 14. Anna Wintour is famous for icy personality, privileged life, and sharp decisiveness in running magazines.

Wintour has a very impressive lineage. She’s the daughter of Charles Wintour, who was editor to the Evening Standard. Her Stepmother is Audrey Slaughter, founder of publications Honey and Petticoat as well as a magazine editor. Lady Elizabeth Foster, a novelist from the 18th Century, is her great-great-great-grandmother. Born into great wealth, Wintour dropped out of finishing school to join the London club scene of the 1960s, where a fashion revolution was taking place (1). And of course, being thin has remained an obsession particularly in the fashion industry.

Wintour watches her weight, knowing well the role body size can play in high-end fashion, but she does not advocate the unhealthy lifestyle stereotypical of models. She bans the use of models known to be suffering from eating disorders (2). She also encourages those who are overweight to slim down, to the extent of telling Oprah to lose some pounds and carrying out a weight loss intervention for Vogue’s editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley when she noticed him plumping up (3,4). Wintour’s own weight management is built in to her busy lifestyle.

Anna Wintour Diet

The 5-foot-7, 141-pound Anna Wintour maintains her slender size 8 figure by staying on a high protein diet. She loves to eat meat, meat, and more meat with no carbs whatsoever. Her breakfast is salmon and eggs. For lunch, she has a steak and salad or a hamburger without the bun. The meal usually gets delivered to her from the Royalton Hotel’s kitchen (5). Wintour doesn’t have time in her busy schedule to struggle with weight gain, so she makes no time for what would cause her to gain. For her, that means only lean meat, no fat, no carbohydrates, and no junk.

Anna Wintour Workouts

Wintour is notorious for telling even top celebrities that they must lose weight if they ever want to be in Vogue. Not only did she force Oprah to drop twenty pounds to make the cover, even after Oprah had went through a dramatic weight loss transformation on her own, but Katy Perry also had to slim down (6). It follows that Wintour would have the personal discipline of dieting and exercise. It’s no secret that Wintour strongly dislikes people who are fat. Every morning, therefore, Wintour rises at about 5:30 am to do an hour-long session of tennis before heading to get her hair and makeup done for the day. Tennis gives her the full-body workout she needs to stay thin, but the sport is more than a method of fitness to her. Wintour happens to be an avid tennis fan who has much to say in critique of professional tennis players such as Roger Federer – she admires his backhand (7). And, despite her icy exterior, Wintour is never found happier than when at Wimbledon (8).

Why You Should Be More Like Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour at the Chanel Cruise 2018 runway show. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Anna Wintour’s daily routine is well-known, in part, because she’s established her own way of doing things and sticks to what she knows works. She’s devoted to her routine and doesn’t deviate from it. In keeping with this, she sets high expectations for those she employs, and their job is to make sure her routine continues to run smoothly. For a lot of people, it’s this discipline of being consistent that has more influence in their weight loss success than the diet and workout regimen they aim to follow.

Wintour has yet to reveal what prompted her to choose a high-protein diet other than her love of eating meat. In fact, PETA activists deplore her for her treatment of animals because of use of animal products; she not only eats meat but still wears fur. In the health and fitness world, a high-protein diet is well-known to cause weight loss. There are a lot of popular diets built upon this principle, including the ketogenic diet and the caveman diet. The idea behind these diets is to train the body to use fat as fuel instead of carbs (9). Anna Wintour’s diet, two meals of meat and one salad a day, steers her clear of any risk of weight gain.

As for her fitness, Wintour’s physique is not only slender but strong. Her toned biceps can seen whenever she puts on short-sleeved couture, usually Chanel. It’s her love of tennis that keeps her fit and her daily practice is a great method of stress reduction. Indeed, the health benefits of tennis are many. It works the entire body. Swinging the racket does wonders for toning the upper body. As an exercise, it’s both aerobic and anaerobic. The average player with a capable opponent can burn as much as 400 to 600 calories an hour (10). Plus, playing tennis improves brain power, aiding memory, learning ability, and tactical thinking, all of which are ideal for someone in Wintour’s position,

Though Wintour’s iciness is legendary, a lot of people respect, love, and admire her. They take her opinion to heart, even when she’s telling them they need to lose weight. The fact is that Vogue magazine would not be what it is without her. It sets the standards in high-end fashion. Wintour works hard to make sure it appeals to her chosen target audience: professional women who know what they want and have their own money. As Wintour is one woman who definitely knows what she wants and gets it, many look up to her, wanting to know her secret to success, even when it comes to maintaining her fashionably slim appearance.



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