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Ryan Reynolds Diet and Workout

Ryan Reynolds Diet and Workout

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Ryan Reynolds is an absolute heartthrob and the star of several popular movies. His work has served to further the fame of the well-known characters he plays as well as enhance his own renown. The great success he’s had in his many roles is many thanks to his lean, well-built physique as much as to his acting skills. For many, it’s the opportunity to drool over Reynolds’ good looks that draws them into the theater. Deadpool and Deadpool 2 are two films in which Reynolds not only starred but served as screenwriter and produced. These definitely gave fans a good glance at that hot bod.

Though Ryan Reynolds isn’t one of those rags-to-riches stars who have some sort of alluring childhood story, he’s loved by his fans both on and off the screen. And apparently, he loves them back, even taking the time to respond to them on Twitter using his signature jokester style. Rarely is he found being straight serious, but he clearly knows how to put in the hard work success takes – his desperately ripped six-pack can stand alone as evidence of his ethics.

Indeed, Reynolds’ success on the silver screen may be difficult to emulate, as Deadpool 2 grossed an impressive $125 million its opening weekend, outdoing Avengers: Infinity War, but his success in fitness is open to anyone who dares try. They can get busy building a better body and may succeed in getting ripped like Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds Diet

Reynolds has always appeared fit, even back in Van Wilder, which was his first serious movie appearance. His physique was nevertheless nothing back then compared to what it became by the time of Blade Trinity. He took his toned body to a whole new level, especially for that role. It follows that adapting to a healthy eating pattern for his various transformations was not a big deal. Reynolds did work with a series of professional trainers and nutritionists to prepare for his big roles. Nutritionists went as far as to cook his meals for him.  But he clearly mastered the right eating habits before his fame and his muscles grew so tough.

There is no special school of dieting to which Reynolds adheres. He’s not a vegan, he doesn’t avoid carbs, and he doesn’t overload on protein. The two main things he does are avoid junk and limit unhealthy fats. Though each new big film he stars in seems to be accompanied by a brand new “Ryan Reynolds diet” an examination of each reveals some trends. It can be summarized into eating frequently with controlled portion sizes and being strategic with the carbs.

Reynolds doesn’t eat after 8 pm. He consumes carbs only when he’s in post-workout mode. The meats in his diet are chicken breast, lean steak, and plenty of tuna. He also eats eggs and drinks protein shakes. A typical breakfast for him is oatmeal with applesauce, two eggs, and a spoonful of almond butter. He eats every 2 to 3 hours. Having a protein bar as a mid-morning snack, then chicken and a salad or a tuna wrap for lunch. Then there’s dinner, which is brown rice, steamed vegetables, broiled chicken, sometimes fish, and a salad. Reynolds eats a total of six meals a day, with three of those meals being protein shakes or bars. It’s a very popular eating pattern, and, apparently, quite effective.

The key is that the Ryan Reynold food choices are sensible and fundamentally healthy. 

The Workout

Eating right can go a long way in helping a person stay lean and healthy.  But you don’t get the type of washboard abs Reynolds has without putting in some workout time. As it turns out, Reynolds is a big fan of deadlifts and squats, believing these to be the source of serious gains. But it was the classic sit-up that he used to carve out his Blade Trinity six-pack, doing 500 to 1000 as a daily warm-up that he considered “meditative”. And after that so-called relaxing warm-up that most would consider a full session in itself, he’d get to the heavy lifting, focusing on a specific body part each day.

Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern workout was quite a bit different than his Blade Trinity preparation program. His workouts varied completely from day to day, never doing the same workout twice. Instead, he and his trainer would take a look at what physically demanding thing he would be called to do for the movie that day and base the day’s workout on that. He worked out seven days a week, not a single rest day. Each session lasted 90 minutes. On days he was exhausted, he simply lightened up by doing yoga or pilates instead of lifting. His goal was not only to pack on muscle but improve functionality and performance.

Why You Should Be More Like Ryan Reynolds

Somewhere early on in Reynolds’ life, he discovered fitness and stuck with it. Throughout the years and many major roles, his workout and diet programs have changed dramatically, but what has stayed constant is his devotion to being fit. For him, there’s really no such thing as “the usual” – he does it all. Reynolds sets a variety of goals and incorporates a variety of fitness approaches to create successive remarkable transformations in his already fit physique.

At times he works out like a true bodybuilder, going for his max, setting a rhythm with his reps and sets. At other times, it’s about the athlete within, training for mobility, flexibility, and general ability. Perhaps the only constants are his go-to favorite moves as a warm-up. These are normally high rep movements to get himself going. This is a practice that he considers mediation and that others see as intimidating – and maybe a bit overboard.

Doing 1000 sit-ups a day as just a prelude to your workout routine might not be the thing to try. However, one thing anyone would do well to learn from a peek into the life of Ryan Reynolds is that unconditional devotion to fitness does pay off. In fact, judging by Reynolds’ success, it pays off very well.

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