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David Goggins Diet and Workout

David Goggins Diet and Workout

If you want to be fit like a Navy Seal, you have to train like one. That’s just one reason many look up to David Goggins. Not only does he hold rank in the Armed Forces, but he has made several remarkable athletic achievements and is a sensational motivational speaker. Goggins was even the focus of Jesse Itzler’s book Living with a Navy Seal. It follows that Goggins’ physique is well-sculpted, but there was a time when Goggins could hardly be considered military material. A real couch potato back then, he had a long way to go before he could realize his dream of enlisting.

On Facebook, Goggins revealed that he was at his heaviest when he first took to the goal of joining the Navy. Weighing in at 297 pounds, he had just two months to lose 106 pounds. His plan for accomplishing this lofty achievement was to eat little, drink a lot of water, and run 3 miles a day as a primer to a vigorous fitness routine. He failed the first day out, not making it more than a quarter mile. It was then that he began to learn what true dedication is all about. Instead of giving up at that point, he pushed through, despite many obstacles that included not only his being overweight, but having asthma, sickle cell trait, and even a congenital heart defect.

Goggins has yet to tell the full story of how he accomplished his goal and made it into the Navy, but his successful military and athletic career tells it all. Today, he holds the world record for doing the most pull-ups in 24 hours, having completed a grueling 4,025 in just 17 hours. In 2016, he won first place in the Infinitus 88k as well as the Music City Ultra 50k. In fact, as of the time of this writing Goggins has completed an impressive 52 races. And there’s no sign of him slowing down anytime soon.

David Goggins Diet

You might find the answer a bit surprising. Back in 2016, Goggins tweeted that every day before his run he eats steel cut oats and blueberries for breakfast. Interesting though it may be, and definately what most would consider healthy, this doesn’t give much insight into his actual diet plan. But as it turns out, Goggins is a vegan. Suddenly that breakfast begins to make sense; just grains and berries, no meat. This is in sharp contrast to the latest trends of high protein, paleo diets, though veganism has been growing in popularity.

Update 8/17/2018: Several comments have pointed out that Goggins is not a vegan.

Goggins has no lack of lean muscle and clearly isn’t missing out on protein. His physique has been described as a “sheet of titanium”. But it’s plant-based power that has been fueling his astonishing achievements in athleticism. While Goggins hasn’t gone as far as released a set eating routine that includes a schedule and portion sizes, we can be confident that most of his meals include some mix of whole grains, vegetables, and fruit. It’s likely that he gets his protein from beans and legumes, as does most vegans.However, Goggins wasn’t always a vegan, as he tells the story of how he went on a 1,500 calorie-a-day protein diet consisting of tuna, chicken and eggs to slim down for his Badwater race.

David Goggins Workout

Goggins hates working out. There have been several instances where he’s been found saying how much he doesn’t want to workout and how much he hates most of the physical activities that he does to stay in shape. The thing is, he does them anyway. It was reported that he said he hates swimming, running, and biking but does them all daily. His philosophy is basically to suck it all up and push forward regardless, no excuses.

A usual day in the life of David Goggins is like this: He wakes up at 3am and runs 10 to 15 miles. Then he takes a shower and heads to work, riding his bike the 25 miles it takes to get there. On his lunch break, he runs again. Then it’s going home time, another 25-mile bike ride. When he gets home, he lifts weights – his weightlifting routines take about 90 minutes. He gets to bed about 12am only to wake up three hours later and start again. Laziness is not an option.

Still, some may want to focus on what that late night weightlifting routine consists of. Goggin has said that he’s found core strength to be the key to endurance. He puts a lot of emphasis on performing core exercises in order to improve his cardio performance. And, while he doesn’t recommend heavy lifting, he does it on occasion. What he does recommend is training with weights at least a couple of times a week.

Why You Should Be More Like David Goggins

There are surely a precious few who will actually dare to rise to the athletic ranks of Goggins. They’d have to let go of their feelings of deservedness, accept that it sucks, and push themselves beyond their limits. Really, it doesn’t take running more than 16 races that are over 100 miles long to be like Goggins. What it does take is mindset, and that makes all the difference. A look into the life of David Goggins ought to inspire one to simply always do better than their previous best and never give in to comfort.

Goggins does amazing, impossible things and lives a remarkable life, but it is important to remember that he’s had to overcome a number of obstacles with his health to get where he is. Despite his asthma, sickle cell trait, and even heart defect, he has disciplined himself to be extraordinary, and all for the sake of benefiting others. The races he runs are for charity and his service in the military is to protect the country. Goggins looked beyond himself and the odds to become the “titanium” inspiration that we know today.

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  • I’ve heard Mr. Goggin state numerous times that he is NOT a vegan. These comments are readily available to anyone doing basic/preliminary research on the individual let alone a person who is writing a blog about him. In fact the only comments I’ve heard from Mr Goggin about his diet is that he is big into proteins and amino acids. Once he’s recoup lost calories from training through carbs he then goes to a very high protein diet. You can review on some of his Facebook Live chats as well as the recorded versions on Youtube/Advice for Life channel.

    • I just watched a video of him saying he has realized over the years he needs the sleep to recover and gets between 6 to 7 hrs of sleep per night. Sorry I don’t have the link from YouTube.

  • Interesting. An article about David Goggins’ diet, which actually tells nothing about his actual diet. Actually gets his diet completely wrong from all indicators. He’s far from a vegan. The only thing you know is he eats oatmeal and blueberries before running. Well done.