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Zac Efron Diet and Workout – Tips and Tricks

Zac Efron Diet and Workout – Tips and Tricks

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Many have been following Zac Efron’s career since his time in the leading role in High School Musical. Now in his early 30s, this California native began his acting life at age 11. High School Musical was the turning point in his career, putting him on the pathway to success. An absolute heartthrob, his vigor has been compared to the likes of Gene Kelly. Efron went on to appear in several movies, but it the part he played in the movie Baywatch (2017) that drew many to gain interest in his remarkably buff physique.

His muscular appearance as he played the part of the rambunctious Matt Brody in Baywatch was far from coincidental. Brody is a former Olympic Gold swimmer in need of a revamp to his reputation. Efron needs a physique that could reflect that of an Olympic athlete and prepare for the part by taking on a challenging fitness and nutrition plan. Apparently his efforts paid off well, as even co-star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson commented on how insanely buff Efron became, calling him an “animal”. What did it take to build a body like that, and is it a feasible plan for the average joe? Check out what Efron did to get so hardcore:

Zac Efron Diet

Some assume that just because Efron is a hard gainer he doesn’t take nutrition very seriously, but that’s far from so. Instead, he’s been caught bringing his own bottle of a specially formulated health drink even to a place known for its proprietary juice concoction and ingredients such as activated charcoal and alkaline water. He was enjoying what his nutritionist had prescribed; a mix of mango, coconut water, lemongrass, almond milk, Epic protein, and virgin coconut oil.


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As for his meals, Efron keeps it clean, consuming a lot of fruits, vegetables, and protein (fat included). His 3000 to 4000 calorie-a-day diet often features a lot of oats and eggs, beef, chicken, fish, and a healthy dose of dairy. There’s no catching Efron in the act of eating junk food, as he consistently displays the self-discipline to avoid foods he deems unhealthy. Though Zac Efron’s diet does contain quite a bit of carbs, it’s only healthy carbs, avoiding foods like pasta, rice, bread, and sugar, though he does indulge on occasion, just for the sake of balance.


Is Efron being a good role model in what he eats? While vegans may find his diet horrific and consuming dairy remains controversial even among some omnivores, the basic principle behind the Zac Efron diet is healthy eating; no extreme self-denial and ridiculous limits on calories, but also no processed foods and junk. For many, eating like Zac Efron would be both a challenge and a major improvement. Many have transformed their lives for the better by following this same type of dieting plan. However, if you’re going to be consuming up to 4000 calories a day, it might be a good idea for you to also be extremely active.

Zac Efron’s Workout

Efron was able to achieve an impressive 5 percent body fat in just 12 weeks of training. The goals of his routine were to not only get him Olympian buff but to improve performance overall so that he could pull off some of those lifeguard moves that assisted him in perfectly filling the role. Exercising at the direction of personal trainer Patrick Murphy, Efron’s workout sessions consisted of 8 to 10 exercises and lasted about 45 minutes a day. Murphy put him on a three day split with a day of rest between each exercise session.

A week of workouts for Efron looks like this: The first day is back and biceps. Then comes legs day. The final day is shoulders, chest, and arms. Each day includes a few ab exercises. The moves are paired and done in supersets with a 1-minute rest in between. Then come the rest day and repeat. It took only 12 weeks of this cycle to get Efron the remarkable results that have so many raving.


Imagine having a six-pack like Efron’s; so ripped it looks like it was chiseled out of solid rock. He’s all lean muscle, sleek without the bulk. It gets attention even if you’re name isn’t Zac Efron. But is his fitness regime feasible for the average person? Many have already given the Zac Efron diet and exercise program a try. For example, BuzzFeed’s Christopher Hudspeth followed the regime for a full eight weeks and achieved some very nice results, going from a weight of 190 to 169 and reporting relief from pains he didn’t even know he had.

It is, however, worth noting that Hudspeth celebrated the end of his eight weeks by going on a 24-hour junk food splurge. Even still, the experience has left him more motivated than ever to get ripped like Efron. Hudspeth plans to repeat the program and be even more disciplined than he was while on it the first go-round.

Why You Should Be More Like Zac Efron

For some, one look at a photo of Efron says it all, leaving no need for further explanation. When he revealed his brand new physique, it shocked the world. Anyone stands to benefit from being as devoted to such a challenging diet and exercise program as Efron is. He simply doesn’t cheat. He gives each workout his best and goes out of his way to stick to his nutritional principles.

Still, those who would follow Zac Efron’s diet and exercise program might benefit from remembering that Zac’s progression was monitored carefully by his fitness coach and nutritionist, meaning it did take a bit of teamwork for him to get those famous results. It’s a fact that should not be used as an excuse for falling off track when you give this program a try, but as a point of enlightenment as you focus in on supporting yourself as you do your best. The more accurately you follow the program, the greater chance of your results being just like Zac Efron’s.

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