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Terry Crews Diet and Workout – Tips and Tricks

Terry Crews Diet and Workout - Tips and Tricks

Terry Crews is a very popular actor and comedian who has played roles in successful films such as Friday After Next, Norbit, The Expendables, and, most recently, Deadpool 2. There’s no doubt that his remarkably buff physique has made a major contribution to his acting career, often being that extra something that just makes Crews so perfect for the part. But as one could guess, the motivation behind his fitness isn’t his dream of winning an Emmy or Golden Globe. Crews’ love of muscle started long before he entered stardom, being rooted in his favorite sport, football, and his time in the NFL.

Terry Alan Crews, born in Michigan in 1968, was raised in strict Christian household by his mother and abusive father, who was an alcoholic. It’s evident that Crews poured any frustration he may have felt from his home life into his many healthy outlets, as he was awarded several scholarships upon graduating high school, including two art scholarships and one full-ride football scholarship for WMU. As the new WMU Broncos’ defensive end, he won the Mid-American Championship in 1988. Crews when on to be drafted into the NFL in 1991, playing for the LA Rams. He led a full career in the NFL, retiring six years later in 1997.

Crews may no longer be an active professional football player, but he’s not one to leave his life of fitness behind him. Though he retired from the NFL he didn’t retire from taking care of himself like an elite athlete. The same amazing muscle that led to and supported his rewarding athletic career now aids him in acting, adding depth to his characters as well as to the devotion of his fans. Many want to be like him and achieve the same level of fitness, but they’ll first need to know his secrets. Then they can try to stick with training and eating like Crews.

Terry Crews Diet

Terry Crews Diet

One of the biggest things about Terry Crews’ diet isn’t what he eats but what he doesn’t eat – or rather, when he doesn’t eat. He follows rules about what time to eat. Though this hasn’t been his eating habit for most of his life, Terry Crews is dedicated to intermittent fasting. He’s been doing this for the past five years.This is the type of fasting where a person refrains from eating for a certain number of hours each day. It’s not an extreme dieting program, but instead a lifestyle geared toward creating optimal health.

Crews says that it renews and strengthens cells through a process called autophagy. He reports feeling and looking better, claiming that intermittent fasting made all the difference. The term autophagy comes from a greek word that means to self-devour. It’s a normal natural mechanism for cells that basically causes cleansing. When placed under stress, the cells remove and recycle their own toxins and dysfunctional parts. Fasting is a way to give the body’s cells that much needed stress.

Crews’ routine is to eat only between 2pm and 10pm each day, giving him an eight-hour window to get in all of his nutrients. This goes against traditional teachings that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but Crews hardly runs on empty in the mornings. During his fasting times he drinks amino acid supplements, coffee, and keeps himself hydrated with water. He also finds that a spoonful of coconut oil helps stave off the cravings, making it easier for him to stick to his fasting habit.


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Just arrived in beautiful Calgary in Alberta Canada! Fasted a little longer than usual today so I’m having a cheat day like my boy @therock! Tomorrow I’m the keynote speaker at their 8th Annual YWHISPER Gala, to assist the @ywcalgary as they elevate the voices of vulnerable women and families. My purpose defined! Tonight’s meal -Garden salad with pine nuts and prosciutto then over to the grilled Angus burger with mushrooms, cheddar, bacon and fried egg and Parmesan fries— some Pellegríno to wash it down and for dessert, whipped fruit cheesecake in a jar! The film I’ve selected is one I’ve watched before: #808Movie. 808 is a incredible doc about the #Roland #TR-808 drum machine. Every genre of music from 1980 to now owes so much to this little marvel! A great history with amazing interviews. Missing Rebecca but comforting myself with these fries! I’m eating them all! ????????

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When it’s time to eat, eat he does. But Crews still keeps it healthy, eating plenty of lean protein and vegetables. Allowing himself to splurge by indulging in a few treats now and then, he really doesn’t have any strict rules for dieting other than his intermittent fasting protocols. Crews does carefully plan his meals in advance, preparing them for a week at a time.

The Workouts

Crews is notorious not only for his impeccable pecs but the tough workouts that help him maintain them. Unlike some of the other extremely fit celebrities, he doesn’t always aim go at it seven days a week, just five. Each of those days features a combination of aerobics, stretching, and weightlifting. He kicks off each session with 30 minutes of cardio followed by his stretch routine before getting to the heavy lifting. He calls the supersets he performs “The 24s” and for good reason, as each day he does six reps of four moves, lifting 135 pounds. The really intriguing part about this is that it’s his just his warm up.

The real work sets in at the second part of his routine, which varies depending on the day and the body part. For example, if it’s day one, which is shoulders day, then he’ll do Arnold presses, shoulder flys, military presses and shrugs, three sets of ten reps each (4). Crews is a clear example that there’s no substitute for good, old-fashioned hard work.

Why You Should Be More Like Terry Crews

Though Crews had a somewhat rough start in life, he didn’t let that hold him back. He didn’t hold on to the pains of his past and use them to excuse his present. He channeled the energy instead and went on to become a major success in many ways, starting with a successful athletic career and going straight through to his life as a successful actor. His impressive fitness level has a lot to do with his great achievements, it being a major achievement as well. At 6 foot 3, 245 pounds, and 50 years old, Crews is a formidable figure that puts even some of the buffest bodybuilders to shame.

Terry Crews has found intermittent fasting and it has done his health a lot of good. While this is not the eating routine that allowed him to build such an amazing physique in the first place, it has taken his fitness to a whole new level. He looks young and is very strong despite his age. Though fasting of any type comes with a risk of creating a nutritional deficiency, Crews sidesteps this by consuming a mix of water, amino acids, and vitamins during his fasting period. He supports his dedication to fitness by being informed and making smart choices about his health, a move recommended for anyone looking to be fit and healthy while buff, just like Terry Crews.

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