Terry Crews Diet and Workout – Tips and Tricks

Terry Crews Diet and Workout - Tips and Tricks

Terry Crews has an impressive resume. His start in celebrity was 6 years in the NFL, where his athleticism and physique were a necessity for his job. When he moved into acting as a beloved comedian, he didn’t let the job change his approach to fitness. He’s the big guy with a bigger heart who gets a laugh every time. Off script, he’s also outspoken about the toxicity of masculinity and open about working on himself to be a better husband, father, and family man. Crews shows men, young and old, that there is a healthier way to be a male role-model. Can you tell I’m a fan?

So there are few people we’d love more to showcase than the talented, kind, and devoted Terry Crews. And while not everyone is destine to look like Terry (he’s just amazing!), his diet and fitness program has something everyone can learn from.

Terry Crews Diet

Crews diet foundation starts with something we talk about a lot, intermittent fasting. He subscribes to strict rules about when he eats, and he’s been doing it for several years. For Crews, it’s part of his lifestyle now. You’ll see him talk about his fasts on his social media, mostly when he’s breaking a fast. Anyone who does IF knows how exciting breaking a long fast can be!


Crews has studied the cell renewal benefits (a process called autophagy.) The natural and long studied process comes from a Greek word that means to self-devour. It’s a great way to get your body to “clean house” of toxins and stress, with the added benefit of weight management.

Crews eats between 2 and 10 pm each day which is a popular 8 hour eating, 16 hour fasting approach. And while he doesn’t eat breakfast, Crews makes sure to get pleanty of coffee and amino acid supplements while he fasts, even eating a spoonful of coconut oil when he’s really craving something during a fast.








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Just arrived in beautiful Calgary in Alberta Canada! Fasted a little longer than usual today so I’m having a cheat day like my boy @therock! Tomorrow I’m the keynote speaker at their 8th Annual YWHISPER Gala, to assist the @ywcalgary as they elevate the voices of vulnerable women and families. My purpose defined! Tonight’s meal -Garden salad with pine nuts and prosciutto then over to the grilled Angus burger with mushrooms, cheddar, bacon and fried egg and Parmesan fries— some Pellegríno to wash it down and for dessert, whipped fruit cheesecake in a jar! The film I’ve selected is one I’ve watched before: #808Movie. 808 is a incredible doc about the #Roland #TR-808 drum machine. Every genre of music from 1980 to now owes so much to this little marvel! A great history with amazing interviews. Missing Rebecca but comforting myself with these fries! I’m eating them all! ????????


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Crews makes the most of his eating window, eating lots of lean protein and veggies. He balances healthy choices with the occasional treat. He also relies on weekly planning, prepping his meals for the week ahead of time.

The Workouts

Crews can’t stay as fit as he does by diet alone. He puts the work in workout. His 5 days a week schedule feature aerobics, stretching, and weightlifting. He does 30 minutes of cardio and then stretching to start each workout. “The 24s” are what he calls his supersets. They include six reps of four moves, lifting 135 pounds. That’s his warm-up!

So after his warm-up, Crews starts his real workout. He breaks his workouts into parts of the body. For example, shoulders day includes Arnold presses, shoulder flyes, military presses, and shrugs. He’ll complete three sets of ten reps each (4). You can’t cheat and get that body!

Why You Should Be More Like Terry Crews

There are so many of Crews’ traits that any of us would improve by emulating. From his fasting routine, to his workouts, and finally his love of family and balance, Crews really represents owning making yourself better inside and out.

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