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Jason Momoa Workout and Diet

When fans get a good look at Jason Momoa they hardly think of him as someone who, up until 2010, had never lifted weights before. In fact, after seeing his buff bod in Stargate, Game of Thrones, and the role that made him Conan The Barbarian, you get the feeling that there’s been some serious […]

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Jason Momoa Workout and Diet

When fans get a good look at Jason Momoa they hardly think of him as someone who, up until 2010, had never lifted weights before.

Now, one of the most common questions asked is – where can I find the Jason Momoa workout? Well, good news. We have the Jason Momoa workout routine right here for you. You too can get the Jason Momoa diet plan which will help you get the Jason Momoa body

After seeing his buff bod in Stargate, Game of Thrones, and the role that made him Conan The Barbarian, you get the feeling that there’s been some serious working out going on in his life. Momoa hit the gym hard – yet again to prepare for his starring role in the Justice League movie “Aquaman”.

The Aquaman star emerged in what looked to be the best shape of his life. Now everyone wants to learn the routine behind Momoa’s 19-inch biceps and 50-inch chest in the hopes that they too can get those results.

Body Shaming Even Hits Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa Shirtless Next to Pool

In July of 2019 body shamers even came after Jason Momoa.

During a trip to Venice, a poolside shirtless photo of Jason Momoa led to silly body shaming. The haters were attacking Momoa for his “dad bod” and the need for him to get back in the gym.

I guess Being a celebrity comes with an unfair amount of public criticism. The shamers seem rather silly in their critique of Momoa (although there is never a proper place for body shaming). Even a cursory look at the picture shows the physique and heavyweight strength is still present.

The body that made him famous as Khal Drogo and Aquaman is still very obvious.

His 2020 Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl ad showed that he is comfortable in his body. This hilarious commercial makes it clear that home is where he can be himself. Home is where he can be comfortable with who he truly is. No haters allowed. Bonus, his wife, Lisa Bonet, makes a hilarious appearance at the end.

Jason Momoa Personal Facts

There isn’t a lot to know about Jason Momoa’s early life. He was born in Hawaii and raised in Iowa. His mother is a photographer and his father a painter.

In college, Momoa majored in marine biology for a while before changing his major to wildlife biology. Instead of completing the program, he moved from Colorado, where he was studying, back to Hawaii to reconnect with his father.

Unlike many of the fabulous fit, Momoa doesn’t have a sports background or a strong history of fitness. He simply prepared for his roles using both the professional guidance of his personal trainer and his own love of great outdoors. Often using surfing, swimming, and other “non-gym” fitness routines several times a week to help stay in great shape.

Jason Momoa is 6’4″ tall and he weighs approximately 214 pounds. His birthday is on August 1, 1979. 

Also, his wife, better known to most of us as Lisa Bonet, recently changed her name to Lilakoi Moon, The couple has a son and a daughter.

Jason Momoa Workout

To get in Aquaman shape, Momoa worked with trainer Mark Twight, who is known for using isolation exercises and whole-body movements when putting together a routine. He developed two Aquaman workouts for Momoa; one for the upper body and one for the lower body. These workouts are designed to get the maximum results in short sessions. They had to fit into Momoa’s very busy life, including his preference to go indoor rock climbing 2 to 3 days a week (1).

Upper Body

Momoa’s upper body workout is comprised of five simple-but-challenging moves that fit in with Twight’s signature style. The moves are the bench press triset, push-ups, standing dumbbell presses, the incline bench press, and cable crossovers.

After five rounds of the bench press triset, Momoa would perform six reps of the incline bench press at 70 percent of his one-rep max. Then he’d do 12 reps of the standing dumbbell press at a heavy enough weight to be challenged by the eighth rep. After that comes a simple 24 pushups before going to the final move, the cable crossovers. The crossovers were performed in a 6-12-18 drop set.

Lower Body

Momoa’s lower body workout was like no other. He performed a sequence of carefully prescribed moves without stopping until the round was done. He’d rest about 2 to 3 minutes between rounds for a total of five rounds.

This approach is used twice in the routine with a drop set of seated quad extensions in between each five-round group of exercises. It’s a workout called the Leg-Aqua Plan in honor of the role Momoa was preparing for.

For the first five rounds, Momoa did a 20-meter sled push and a 20-meter sled pull. The sled was loaded with two 45-pound plates. After each set, another plate would be added to the sled. Once he completed the five rounds, then came the drop set, with reps of 6, 12, and 18.

Starting with the weight he’d find challenging for the set of 6 reps, the weight would be reduced after each set. After this comes the second set of five rounds, which is a superset of lunges and split squats. Momoa would do his lunges while holding either 50- or 40-pound dumbbells. The split squats were done in sets of 10 reps for each leg.

Jason Momoa Diet

It’s no secret that Momoa is an avid beer drinker, especially when it comes to a nice cold Guinness. Even when training for his various roles he would indulge in plenty of his favorite beer, though he confesses that he had to cut back a bit when training for Aquaman (2).

Momoa, however, has always been into healthy living. He may have cut back on the carbs and calories a bit while training, but his diet wasn’t much different from what he normally eats; a clean diet of lean meat and vegetables.

Training six days a week, Momoa would take a day off and that sometimes also meant a treat of a little more beer and a slice of pizza or two. Momoa says that when he’s craving an extra Guinness he’ll cut back a bit on his calories for the day so he can have it in the evening (3).

Why You Should Be More Like Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa can serve as an example that proves it’s not necessary to have a background rich in sports and fitness to get in superhero shape – that’s one more to erase off the excuses list. When it became clear that he’d have to take to not only lifting weights but a series of tough routines to get in prime condition for his various roles, Momoa got busy.

Now for each of his movies, there’s a unique Jason Momoa workout that shows how he earned his star-quality physique. Still, Momoa did have a few physically demanding activities that he loves to do. These were incorporated into his routines and workout schedules.

Another important takeaway is that it is possible to fit fitness into the busiest of lifestyles. In working with his personal trainers, Momoa made it known that he wasn’t going to give up time with his family or his favorite pastimes. Instead, the routines were designed especially for his busty schedule.

They were made tough enough to get the kind of results he needed within the number of weeks he had to prepare and yet brief enough to cause only minimal interruption to his daily schedule. It proves wrong those who think getting bodybuilder buff means having to spend hours upon hours at the gym.

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