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Amanda Cerny Diet and Workout

Amanda Cerny Diet and Workout

Amanda Cerny is known for her hilarious comedy videos, earning her massive popularity on Instagram, Vine, and Youtube. She has over 19 million followers and has used her renown to help build up her multimillion-dollar business. But when some people look at Cerny the first thought that comes to their mind isn’t how she learned to be so cleverly funny or where she got the smarts to build such a successful business from the ground up. What they really want to know is how she manages to keep up such an alluring physique. They want the Amanda Cerny diet.

amanda cerny diet

Those who are looking to model themselves after Cerny in order to achieve a fit body like hers had better watch out. What Amanda Cerny does to stay healthy and strong does seem to be effective for her, but many will find the pace she goes at it to be quite a bit more than challenging. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t live life like her.

Amanda Cerny Diet

As it turns out, Cerny is a devout vegan. For her, paleo is a no-go and The South Beach diet needs to take the next exit. It’s all plants all the way. Cerny is a perfect example proving naysayers wrong when they claim veganism makes a person an underdog. It’s clear that Cerny has no lack of energy or strength. Her ripped abs are to be craved and her high level of productivity can transform lives for the better. She’s loving her plant-powered lifestyle.

Every morning Amanda Cerny starts the day with a healthy serving of fruit. Then, she eats vegetables for the remainder of the day, getting her protein from beans, nuts, and other sources of plant protein. In fact, she maintains her great health without the use of any sort of supplement. It’s only whole foods for her. But Cerny is very cautious in maintaining her health. She goes the extra step of getting a blood test done every four months just to check that her nutritional levels are on point. Famously, she established five rules for eating a banana, which she explains in one of her videos. For example, one rule is that you never maintain eye contact while eating a banana.

Is it a good idea to follow the example Cerny sets by becoming a vegan? Is veganism really healthy? Though this eating philosophy has its opponents, and though you should always check with your doctor, there’s a lot of evidence that going vegan can be a very good idea. After all, an impressive 3.7 million adults in the U.S are vegans and 4.3 million are vegetarian. Moreover, being vegan has shown to provide greater protection from cancer than begin vegetarian. It’s common for vegans to have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and be thinner, but they can also suffer from nutritional deficiencies. That would explain Cerny’s extra precaution of getting routine blood tests. If you are going to go vegan, be sure to do your research and get your nutrition right.

Veganism may go a long way in helping a person slim down and become healthier. Even Cerny, however, knows that dieting alone usually isn’t enough. That’s why she also follows a fitness routine.

Amanda Cerny Workout

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There are a lot of people who consider Cerny one of the sexiest people in the universe. Her good looks aren’t all due to her good luck. She puts a lot of work into it, and a lot of that comes in the form of working out regularly. In fact, Cerny exercises a lot. She does boxing and workout with weights. She spends a lot of time outdoors as part of her routine, maintaining creative mind and attractive body by enjoying nature both inside and out. Cerny is a master of yoga who loves sports. She’s even invented a game called mountain blowing.

Amanda Cerny’s fitness routine is very vigorous. In addition to all of her other physical activities, she does cardio every single day, whether it’s running five miles or pumping it out on a stairs machine. It follows that she burns a lot of calories. Her amazing exercise habits when combined with her vegan diet gives her that sexy, well-toned body that so many envy and admire. But leading this level of an active lifestyle would be a big leap for many of the people that want to be like her. Those who would follow in her footsteps would do well to ease in gradually, especially if they’re not accustomed to exercise.

Doing cardio every day can sound a bit overboard. Is Cerny taking fitness to an extreme, or is she simply living a healthy, active lifestyle? Actually, there’s no consensus on the matter. While some are quick to list the benefits of doing cardio seven days a week, others argue that this can undermine your goals. Daily cardio works for Cerny, as her outstanding body bears witness. If you can find the time you might discover that it can work well for you too. To each their own.

Why You Should Be More Like Amanda Cerny

Who can argue that Amanda Cerny’s veganism and hard-core devotion to exercise isn’t at least in part responsible for her great looks? It most likely contributes to her creativity, which has allowed her to become so popular and successful. A lot of people find it near impossible to be even half as disciplined as she is but accepting her as a health and fitness role model can go a long way in helping a person develop motivation. While it may not be easy to dive right in and carry out Cerny’s chosen diet and fitness plan to perfection, making small changes a bit at a time can be the transition into a leaner, more active life.

Cerny makes a great role model for good health. Though the programs she follows might not be for everyone, it can benefit anyone to be more like her when it comes to making the commitment to living a life of the best possible health.

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  • Of course it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to reach those level where Amanda is right now. I keep following her on YT and Instagram.