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Adele’s Weight Loss And The Sirtfood Diet

Adele’s Weight Loss And The Sirtfood Diet

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You know Adele for her beautiful lyrics and soulful voice, but do you know Adele has been working for months on a personal health transformation? This journey has thrust Adele into the media spotlight. One of the results of her transformation has been some striking changes to her physique. People are eager to learn how Adele achieved her goals. Let’s find how Adele managed to use the Sirtfood Diet to help her accomplish her goals!

The Personal Journey of Adele

Adele, following the birth of her child – Angelo, embraced a change to her lifestyle. This included a regimented exercise routine as well as healthier food choices. Like most people, Adele was not naturally inclined to rigorous exercise routines nor dieting. However, she embraced the challenge and the results speak for themselves. 

  • Adele Focuses On Being Happy And Healthy


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As Adele’s former London-based personal trainer, it’s disheartening to read negative commentary and fat-phobic accusations questioning the genuineness of her amazing weight loss. In my personal experience of working with her through many highs and lows, she always marched to the beat of her own drum on her own terms. She never undermined her God-given talent in any way. She let her incredible voice do the talking, or should I say singing! She never once pretended to be something that she wasn’t. What you saw was what you got. And we all LOVED it! When Adele and I started our journey together, it was never about getting super skinny. It was about getting her healthy. Especially post pregnancy and post surgery. When 25 dropped and the tour announced, we had to get ready for a 13 month gruelling schedule. In that time, she warmed to training and made better food choices. As a result, she lost considerable weight and people took notice. Her body transformation was splashed across every media outlet. The attention it generated was mind-blowing. Since she moved to LA, it’s been well documented that she underwent some tough personal changes. It’s only natural that with change comes a new sense of self and wanting to be your best possible version. She embraced better eating habits and committed to her fitness and “is sweating”! I could not be prouder or happier for her! This metamorphosis is not for album sales, publicity or to be a role model. She is doing it for herself and for Angelo. My hope is that people appreciate the hard work that Adele has done to improve herself for the benefit to her and her family only. She did not lose the weight to make others feel bad about themselves. This personal transformation has nothing to do with me or you. It’s about Adele and how she wants to live her life. She has not changed from the Adele we grew up with and have loved. There is just a little less of her to go around. #adele #fabulous #strong #songbird #transformation #powerful #voice #love #rumorhasit #pt

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Self-Motivated Pursuit of Health

Adele pursued this transformation because she wanted to find her best possible self. Her former trainer, Pete Geracimo, has made it clear that she was not on a journey of extreme weight loss. Rather, she was on a journey of personal identification and reward.

That’s the reason she feels more beautiful, healthy, and confident after this transformation. Weight loss is a benefit of the broader personal health changes.

Adele has now planned to release new music, thus she is very excited and feeling happy regarding her future.

When Adele celebrated her 31st birthday she announced she was going through a big period of growth. According to her, she has changed herself drastically in the last few years and she is continuously working to positively change herself.

  • Adele Followed The Sirtfood Diet

As per reports, Adele has been following a strict Sirtfood Diet. Adele’s dramatic body change has brought this diet to the forefront as people are wondering whether this diet is right for them.   

An Overview of Sirtfood Diet

The world now seems to be interested in this diet and its seeming effectiveness.

This diet is based on The Sirtfood Diet written by Glen Matten and Aidan Goggins. This diet encourages people to eat “sirtfoods”, which essentially is a group of nutrient-rich food.

Cover of the Sirt Food Diet Book

The authors of this diet claim that there are specific foods that aid in the activation of sirtuins, which is a kind of protein found in plants and that helps regulate cellular health. This protein provides protection against the inflammation of cells, improves aging, revs up your metabolism, and activates your weight regulation gene pathways.

As per the research published in 2018 in the journal Circulation Research, sirtuins play an important role in the prevention of age-related decline.

Another study from Frontiers in Endocrinology in 2018 concluded that sirtuins aids in protecting your body from chronic inflammation and insulin resistance. Both of these claims are powerful and exciting for those looking to make meaningful changes to their health.

  • What are sirtfoods?

Mattern and Googins have listed the top 20 sirtfoods that promote overall wellbeing and longevity. Here is the list of the foods included in the Sirtfood Diet:

  1. Arugula
  2. Buckwheat
  3. Celery
  4. Chilis
  5. Capers
  6. Cocoa
  7. Coffee
  8. Extra Virgin Olive oil
  9. Strawberries
  10. Walnuts
  11. Turmeric
  12. Green Tea (Matcha)
  13. Kale
  14. Parsley
  15. Red Endive
  16. Red Onions
  17. Red Wine (if you want to forego red wine entirely or limit consumption then a resveratrol supplement will help obtain the same amazing benefits)
  18. Soy
  19. Medjool Dates
  20. Garlic

Sirtfood Diet Plan

Now that you know what comprises the “core” foods of the diet, it is time to learn how you can implement them into your life. The diet comprises two phases and lasts only for 3 weeks. Here is what the two phases of this diet include.

  • First Phase

Phase one lasts for 1 week. This phase is in the form of a juice cleanse. After this phase, you may be able to lose around 7 pounds. The main purpose of this phase is to kick-start your weight loss journey.

Girl Holding Green Juice with Straw in Mason Jar

The first phase is broken down into two subparts. Days 1-3 will be the most intense of the entire program. It is during these days that you will restrict calories to 1,000 per day – consisting of 3 sirtfood green juices (described below) as well as 1 main meal.

Days 4-7 your caloric intake will increase to 1,500 calories consisting of 2 Sirtfood green juices as well as 2 main meals.

The calorie intake must be limited to 1000 calories. During the day, you are allowed to have one meal and drink green juices. You can select to make different recipes provided by the authors as your main meal, as all of them include sirtfoods. 

For your meals, you will want to be looking to maximize your intake with sirtfood-rich choices. The great part about this diet is that the sirtfood rich choices are delicious, especially in creative combinations. Here is the bestselling sirtfood cookbook on Amazon if you are looking for great recipes to get you started.

Sirtfood Green Juice Ingredients:

  • 2 large handfuls of kale
  • Large handful of arugula
  • A very small handful of flat-leaf parsley
  • 2 to 3 stalks of celery
  • 1/2 medium green apple
  • 1/2 to 1″ piece of fresh ginger
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 1/2 level teaspoon of matcha powder

These ingredients should be “juiced” through a juicing machine so that you are extracting the nutrients.

  • Second Phase

The second phase is the maintenance phase which lasts for 14 days. During this stage, you will steadily see weight loss results.

You do not have to follow any calorie limitations during this stage. Rather, you can have one Sirtfood green juice a day and three meals full of sirtfoods. If you remain hungry you can also have 1 or 2 Sirtfood bite-sized snacks. 

Dates Stuffed With Walnuts

The only “rule of thumb” for this phase is to shoot for your juice first thing in the morning, about 30 minutes before your breakfast or mid-morning. The second rule is to strive to eat your dinner by 7 pm at the latest.

What to do When Your Diet Completes?

If you want to lose more weight, then you can repeat both phases for more weight reduction. The authors of the diet encourage users to continue their diet after they are done with both the phases through the incorporation of sirtfoods on a daily basis into their meals.

The great thing about this “diet” is that it doesn’t really have to be a diet. It can be a lifestyle change that simply involves making different food choices. 

After you have finished phases 1 and 2, there is no reason why you would not be able to simply remain on the “phase 2 maintenance” routine for the rest of your life. You will be enjoying all of the benefits of the sirtfood and maintaining a healthy body weight as well.

Broad Notes on Sirtfood Diet

It is important to recognize that there is little to no room for the substitution of food in this diet. This diet is based on consuming certain foods and excluding others. 

Moreover, you will most likely only lose weight if you are successful in maintaining a low caloric intake. It is possible that any weight you lost in the first phase is likely to be gained back after you are done with the diet if you allow your calorie levels to increase greatly. Therefore, weight maintenance is very necessary for long-term success.

Benefits Of Starting A Sirtfood Diet

If you have decided to start the sirtfood diet, here is a quick list of some of the benefits it provides.

  • This diet helps in the activation of sirtuin in your body. Sirtuin is a protein that secures your cells from developing illnesses and dying. Not only this, but it also regulates your metabolism
  • The best thing about this diet is that you can enjoy a variety of foods. You can even have a moderate amount of wine and dark chocolate on a regular basis.
  • This diet is designed to keep you healthy and while slowing the aging process
  • All the foods in this diet are generally nutritious and healthy, for example, green tea, walnuts, blueberries, and buckwheat.

Potential Disadvantages of Sirtfood Diet

  • Since you have to restrict your calorie intake to 1000 calories during the first phase, thus it is obvious that you will lose weight.
  • Limiting your calorie intake drastically can be difficult for your body as it makes you feel exhausted and lethargic.
  • There is not sufficient evidence that this diet helps in accelerating your metabolism (nor that accelerating your metabolism is the ultimate goal).
  • You are only allowed to take foods that are available in the sirtfood list, for example, walnuts, green tea, soy, and green juices, whether you like or not, you do not have any other choice.
  • The long-term results of this diet are questionable. After passing a few weeks following this diet, there’s no eating strategy to follow except that you add more Sirtfoods in every meal. This sometimes even leads to overeating, making you gain weight again.
  • This diet may not include enough amounts of protein. Protein is necessary to keep your body healthy, therefore following this diet may lead to muscle loss and protein deficiencies. 


The bottom line is you need to be very realistic if you do want to try the Sirtfood Diet. Moreover, make sure to consult your doctor or dietician before you decide to drastically decrease your calorie intake and start taking lots of green juice in the name of weight loss.

Besides following the sirtfood diet, you also need to work on your entire lifestyle. You must sleep on time, drink plenty of water, and exercise regularly. You have to be consistent throughout your weight loss journey, as consistency is the key to weight loss. 

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