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My Favorite Amazon Finds for a Low-Carb Kitchen!

My Favorite Amazon Finds for a Low-Carb Kitchen!

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There are some products that just make life easier. This is a list of my favorite Amazon finds for a low-carb kitchen that made my life SO much easier. I spent a ton of time in the kitchen when I decided to go low-carb so having the right items at hand made a huge difference in my success. Check out my list and see if you find something you’ll love, too!

PowerLix Milk Frother

Ok, I want to start with this product because for the money I haven’t gotten more use out of anything in my kitchen. It’s much more than a milk frother.  This little workhorse has done it all. I used it to mix my son’s formula, keep gravy from settling at thanksgiving, I mix my electrolytes and collagen every day! It’s super easy to use, small, and effective. It’s amazing and if you only get one thing on this list, I recommend this! Get it HERE

Primal Kitchen Collagen

My sister turned me onto this brand. They offer different flavors but my favorite is hands down the coconut chocolate. It’s a little bit of coconut, a lot of chocolate. Every night I boil water in my teapot, add the hot water to a scoop of this collagen mix, mix with my milk frother, and then once it’s evenly mixed, I add a splash of heavy cream. I’m telling you, it’s a wonderful way to end the day and it’s SO good for you! Recently I’ve even been adding a shake of Himalayan sea salt and I’m loving that, too. With only two carbs per serving, it’s a great way to treat yourself without undoing all your hard work. Try it! Get it HERE

Ultima Hydrating Electrolyte Powder

It didn’t take me long to learn that if I didn’t get enough electrolytes, I’d feel crummy. So after every run and whenever I’m feeling kinda meh, I’m drinking these electrolytes. I mix mine with my little PowerLix Milk Frother and it works great.  I love the lemonade flavor but they come in several. Try it and let me know which flavor you love! Get it HERE

Swerve Sweetener Bakers Trio

I’ve tried a lot of sweeteners but this one is my favorite The trio is the one and done solution for all your sweetener needs. I’ve used the confectioners to make icing. The granular as an easy substitute for regular white sugar. I made an absolutely delicious pumpkin custard with the brown. Why hunt all over town for the three kinds? Just them all together and get cooking. It’s keto and low-carb friendly so it’s a go! Get it HERE

Anthony’s Premium Blanched Almond Flour

I’ve found that for many recipes, almond flour just tastes better than coconut flour. I love this brand and have used it from cookies to crackers. The grind is fine enough for most recipes but holds up to recipes for breading and baked goods alike. I’ve also found this brand to be consistent and well priced. Get it HERE

Lodge Enamel Cast Iron Casserole Dish with Lid

Love non-stick but tired of the finish not standing up to the test of time? I was. So I switched to enamel cast iron. You get the benefits of non-stick with all the additional benefits of a pan that heats evenly, can go in the oven, and cleans up well. I know it’s heavy but I found it’s a great trade-off for all the benefits. You can do almost anything in this pan.

It stands up to high heat and the heavy lid ensures that it holds heat as well. And the price is on point. With all the cooking you’ll likely be doing to ensure a healthy, low-carb diet, you need dependably cookware you’ll love. This fit’s the bill. Added bonus, it’s SO pretty on my stovetop! And it comes in several colors so find the one for you. Get it HERE

SUSTEAS Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle with Cool Toch Ergonomic Handle,1 Free Silicone Pinch Mitt Included

I drink A LOT of tea and collagen. After burned fingers and wet boil over messes, I’ve decided that I’m not using my microwave to heat water anymore. My teapot is a staple in my kitchen. It gets daily use and I love it. This one is a good balance of price and function. Get it HERE

Evolution Salt Gourmet Pink Himalayan Fine Grind, 5 lb

I use this for all of my cooking, so it only made sense to buy in bulk. I also add it to my tea and collagen. Anywhere I use salt I use this. It also looks so pretty as a little jar of pink grains on my counter. I’ve loved this brand. It’s a great price and lasts! Get it HERE

Palmini Low Carb Pasta

Big fan of these! Anyone looking for a low carb noodle option, these are a popular choice. They’re easy to cook and tasty. They do have a slight veggie flavor but if that really bothers you the flavor can be diminished with thorough rinsing before eating. I love mine with cream sauce and lots of cheese. YUM! Get it HERE

Introducing Echo Show 8 – HD 8″ smart display with Alexa

This was a Christmas present to me from my husband this year and it’s been a welcome addition to my kitchen. From playing music or news while I cook to being an intercom in the house with the other Alexa devices so I don’t have to leave the kitchen to call everyone to dinner. I love this thing. The large screen makes it easy to look for and follow recipes. I can have video chats with my tribe folks when I have a question about a recipe they shared with me or show them my latest low-carb food. Again, I love this thing. Get it HERE


I hope you find something you love on my list! Sharing is caring so if there are finds on Amazon that made your low-carb or Keto journey better and more enjoyable, comment on this article and let me know.

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