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Top 10 Health and Fitness Audiobooks

Top 10 Health and Fitness Audiobooks

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Gone are the days when we had to spend hours thumbing through a book. As we are becoming busier and busier, we spare very little time to entertain ourselves with hobbies as we used to do in the past. Enter audiobooks as a convenient way for us to get the information we crave in a more consumable manner. Today, we are bringing you our Top 10 Health and Fitness Audiobooks so you can easily continue your health journey.

Audiobooks are a convenient and affordable solution to access all the information you could ever want. You can listen to audiobooks anytime and anywhere, which makes it such a great option. We love Audible as our source of audiobooks – and they provide you with your first audiobook for free. So, try out any of the below recommendations for free.

Here are our top health and fitness audiobooks – let us know in the comments if you have any others that should make it to this list.

Own the Day, Own Your Life – Aubrey Marcus

Cover of Own The Day BookThis is one of the best books for owning your life. Aubrey Marcus brings actionable practices for working, eating, learning, playing, sleeping, walking, and even sex!

The 11 hours and 5 minutes long audiobook is a life-hack game plan that is informative and highly entertaining.

Here are some of the hack highlights from the book:

  • Start every day with sole water hydration.
  • Create a daily routine focused on structured deep breathing and cold water submersion
  • Intentional food choices, including reduced refined sugar
  • Daily supplementation routine, which includes essential nutrients and vitamins
  • Benefits of power naps when fatigue sets in

Pros of Own the Day, Own your Life

  • It provides a path on how to build a complete day
  • Guides you on your sleeping schedule
  • It provides a helpful overview of regularly eating healthy
  • Does a good job of explaining the importance of staying hydrated

Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins

Cover of Can't Hurt Me BookIf you have spent any time on our site you know that we are big fans of David Goggins. This is the book that brought David Goggins and his journey to the broader public. This audiobook focused on his journey to becoming one of the world’s fittest and healthiest humans. The author emphasizes the need for self-discipline, consistency, determination, and hard work. Caution, this book is “colorful” – so if you normally shy away from profanity be sure to get the clean version.

Let’s have a look at some of the high points from this book:

  • Life is always teaching if you are always willing to listen and learn
  • Create an accountability mirror for yourself
  • Write down everything that makes you uncomfortable and try to fix them all one by one
  • Try to stay in healthy and competitive environments
  • Set up goals for yourself and imagine yourself achieving it
  • Schedule your days
  • Keep a record of your failures and their reasons

Pros of Can’t Hurt Me

  • It teaches you determination and consistent hard work
  • The story narrates real-life events that are easier to grasp
  • It is not a bookish philosophy but a practical approach to life
  • It helps you to keep going under all circumstances
  • David Goggins provides personal narration in a podcast format throughout the book 

The Complete Guide to Fasting – Dr. Jason Fung

Cover of The Complete Guide to Fasting BookThe Complete Guide to Fasting has been reviewed on our site previously. As the name indicates, this book discusses all the mechanisms that are involved with fasting and how they help your body and soul.

It is a book by Jimmy Moore and Dr. Jason Fung, which is narrated by Jimmy Moore himself. Although many health and fitness audiobooks available this one is different. It really tackles the primary question of why there has been so much focus on what we eat and not enough on when we eat.

The majority of fitness books leave out an important element of fasting. However, The Complete Guide to Fasting is a book that tells us how fasting – when done right can have life-changing benefits.

The beauty of this book is that it doesn’t tell you to buy anything, rather it’s a program of elimination. Remove food from your diet at specific times.

Pros of The Complete Guide to Fasting

  • It describes intermittent fasting in an easy and understandable manner
  • Our body needs to cycle between periods of fasting and feasting for optimal health
  • Does a great job of addressing and debunking all the myths about fasting

Spark – John Ratey

Cover of Spark BookSpark will make another great addition to your health and fitness audiobook library. It is written by John J. Ratey and is narrated by Walter Dixon. Spark is 9 hours and 27 minutes long.

It is a fascinating book – both to read and hear that emphasizes the importance of exercise on brain activity. It shows the connection between the mind and body, proving that exercise is quite defensive against situations such as depression, aggression, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases.

Pros of Spark

  • Emphasizes the importance of exercising both for adults and children
  • Provides actionable examples of how to add exercise into your daily routine
  • Changes your perspective about exercise and brain activity
  • Demonstrates how exercise is our only real defense against chronic disease

The Longevity Paradox – Steven Gundry

Cover of The Longevity Paradox BookThe Longevity Paradox is a book about how to die young at a ripe old age. Contradicting, right? Well, don’t confuse yourself. The book covers various ways that will keep us hale and hearty as well as fit even in our ripe years.

Written and narrated by Steven R. Gundry and just over 9 hours. This book will give you the tools to stay active, happy, and relaxed throughout all stages of life, with the goal of feeling young into ripe old age.

The Longevity Paradox contains useful experiences and examples of everyday people who suffer from old age diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart attacks, joint pains, brain fog, and others, and how they improved through pivoting their life to Gundry’s philosophy. 

Pros of The Longevity Paradox

  • It does a great job of explaining how certain foods interact with our bodies (both in a positive and negative way)
  • The program provides a path to “get us ready” for inevitable old age 
  • It narrates the real-life experiences of the people
  • Gives remedies to keep our older family members happy and active
  • The book describes a certain way to cope up with the diseases
  • It provides easy and actionable changes that anyone can make to their diet and routine

Boundless – Ben Greenfield

Cover of Boundless BookBoundless is another amazing health and fitness audiobook. It discusses different concepts and ideas that help the fight against aging and stay young longer. The book is a rather long one, which takes just over 41 hours to finish in audio form. It is written by Ben Greenfield and narrated by James Newcomb.

The book covers a lot of topics, including enhancing your mental capabilities and cognition. It particularly focuses on your IQ, how you look good and powerful, and how to heal yourself naturally without having to go to a professional.

Pros of Boundless

  • Teaches you to reduce stress
  • Focuses reader on the development of a good and sustainable diet to keep your brain and body active
  • It provides exercises that can be used to enhance your mental abilities
  • Guide to optimize your sleep
  • It helps you recognize your powerful emotions and make use of them rather than allowing them to control you
  • It gives you an opportunity to effectively schedule your daily routines

Bigger Leaner Stronger – Mike Matthews

Cover of Bigger Leaner Stronger BookBigger Leaner Stronger is a book by Michael Matthews which runs up to 16 hours. This entertaining book discusses the different ways you can chase the bigger, leaner, and stronger body you have always wanted. It’s one of the few books where you can get a great idea of what you are getting from the title.

The book is the key to learn how to be bigger, stronger, yet leaner without having perfect genes. You won’t need to take crazy supplements or take part in extreme dieting. It’s pretty amazing that you don’t even need to waste a long evening in the gym!

Pros of the Bigger Leaner Stronger

  • It finds a way to get yourself a good figure without using dangerous supplement stacks or heavy exercises
  • Explains certain ways to burn the stubborn fat easily and get a lean body
  • It clears all the misunderstandings and nutrition, health, and fitness

Dr. Sebi 2020 Complete Guide – Mark Hamilton

Cover of Dr. Sebi 2020 Complete Guide BookAgain, if you have spent time on our site you know we are big fans of Dr. Sebi.

This book brings the teachings of Dr. Sebi to the reader in an effective way. His knowledge and services to medicine have been quite famous, particularly in the areas of weight loss, prevention of cancer, quitting smoking, diabetes, HIV, STDs, Lupus, Asthma, and other fatal diseases.

Dr. Sebi 2020 by Mark Hamilton is narrated by Joe Wosik and is a 5-hour long audiobook. 

The book shows some of the nutritional and food guidelines of the late Dr. Sebi. It shows how he emphasized, varieties of vegetables, fruits, natural and herbal teas, grains, nuts, oils, and certain seasonings in your food. 

Pros of Dr. Sebi 2020 Complete Guide

  • The books discuss all the food habits and requirements in details
  • Emphasizes the importance of water
  • Discusses when Dr. Sebi recommended the use of medicine
  • Provides great detail into Dr. Sebi’s diet routine

Super Human – Dave Asprey

Cover of Super Human BookSuper Human is a book by Dave Asprey – the founder and creator of Bulletproof Coffee, which has gained international recognition. This book is just over 8 hours and is entertaining the entire time. 

In the book, Asprey discusses how to make changes at cellular levels that can help us enhance our ways of living – or maybe increase our lifespan for a few years. He makes use of simple interventions like sleep, eating, light, exercise, etc., to increase your body’s ability to supercharge and heal.

Pros of the Super Human

  • It is a concise book that doesn’t waste time on fluff
  • Provides simple interventions to enhance our personal abilities
  • Keep the listener entertained through its simple language and methods of explanations
  • This is a complete health and fitness audiobook that can get the listener on an easy path to better health

Genius Foods – Max Lugavere

Cover of Genius FoodsAlthough we have this at the bottom of our list, that should not be any indication about how we feel about this book. This is one of the best books. It aims to modify our eating habits in a way that they keep us happy and healthy in our everyday life.

Genius Foods is by Max Lugavere and Paul Grewal. It is 9 hours and 50 minutes long. They do a great job of uncovering the links between our diet and lifestyle that affects our brain’s health. Without brain health what do you really have?

It shows how eating and sleeping affect our body’s ability to learn, remember, create, develop, analyze, and focus on new and creative ideas.

Pros of the Book Genius Foods

  • Links food with our mental capabilities in an undeniable way
  • Enlists different nutrients that enhance our memory
  • The omission of certain foods to enhance cognitive abilities and delaying aging
  • Provides a how-to guide for you to modify your mood and thoughts by the quality of food you eat

The Verdict

We hope you will take the time to check out our recommendations here. We have learned so much from the 10 books that made their way onto our top 10 Health and Fitness Audiobooks. Are they life-changing? We certainly think that they can be.

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