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12 Keto Friendly Adult Beverages

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Welcome to EatMoveHack.Com’s pick for the best keto-friendly adult beverages! We have searched all over the web to bring you some of our favorite keto-friendly adult beverages for you to enjoy. These are in no particular order because we love them all. Look through all of the different types of keto beverages. Hope you enjoy it!

Clamato Michelada


This drink is a perfect pairing for a hot day. If you enjoy the distinct taste of Clamato juice, then you will love the Clamato Michelada. It is Keto friendly, and perfect for a great day with friends.

Click here for the recipe from Clamato.com

Tropical Pineapple Rum Punch

This drink incorporates Bai water into its mix. This tropical rum punch takes all the ingredients you enjoy, takes the carbs out, and makes a perfect drink for your day by the lake or the beach.

Click here for the recipe from Drink Bai

Low Carb Hurricane

If you love a good cocktail. You will enjoy this, all the fruit flavors you love, and all the cabs you do not. This iced down beverage is great on a hot, humid day.

Click here for the recipe from Low Carb-ology

Moscow Mule

As any Moscow Mule expert will tell you, these drinks can only be served in a copper mug. This version has homemade syrup in it. That is the best way to keep your carb count down. These are great if you love ginger.

Click here for the recipe from Thrive Strive

Kamikaze Shot

This delicious shot is home to a tiny 3 carbs. Instead of the usual triple sec and simple syrup, it has a sugar free sweetener, lime juice, and vodka. This is great for those who still want to enjoy their shots.

Click here for the recipe from Ketogasm

Spicy Margarita

This margarita only nets 4.5 carbs, and is quite spicy! It utilizes your own homemade simple syrup as well as everyone’s favorite… Tequila! This margarita packs quite the punch especially if you add an extra jalapeno slice as a garnish.

Click here for the recipe from Keto Diet App

Irish Coffee

Anyone else miss a good cup of Irish Coffee in the morning? No? That’s just me? Okay, well if you are, then this low carb, keto recipe is for you! It’s all the goodness you want with a little (or a large) shot of Irish Whiskey.

Click here for the recipe from Keto Connect

Sex on the Beach

This take on a classic drink incorporates Mio water enhancer to keep your carb count down, and your flavor high. Using club soda, or sugar-free 7-up also helps keep the carbs and calories low, so you don’t blow your diet.

Click here for the recipe from Low Carb-ology


This sangria recipe not only features good red wine, but also vodka. The delicious flavor comes from water enhancers. Those things are great for more than just your water. This isn’t the first recipe to include them. It also has club soda as a mixer.

Click here for the recipe from Low Carb-ology

Low Carb Mojito

In this version, you will want to mash up your stevia with your mint leaves. This way it gets all incorporated in. You use club soda, and low carb vodka to get the desired results in this one.

Click here for the recipe from Ketogasm

Caribbean Rum Punch

This Rum Punch uses coconut and pineapple water as well as water flavor enhancers. I have noticed a trend in these beverages, they use low carb flavor enhancers as well as making your own simple syrup in order to get the sweetness and flavors you like.

Click here for the recipe from Low Carb-ology

Low Carb Margarita

This margarita uses your homemade sweetener as well as club soda. The use of fresh lime juice also helps keep down the carb count.

I hope you have enjoyed the fruits of my labor. I searched high and low for these recipes, and have tried twice as many to make this post a reality for you guys! Thanks for reading!

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