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Eat Move Hack is a personal health blog dedicated to personal health optimization. Covering food, fasting, exercising, supplements, nootropics and anything else that helps get the body functioning 100% optimally.

Influencers such as Joe Rogan, Tim Ferriss, & Dom D’Agostino put out great content. Whether it’s from things they’ve learned, or their interviews with thought leaders. We’ve tried to synthesize key messages they (along with others) are putting out, and turn them into actionable, useful articles.

A key aim of this site is to maintain scientific accuracy. So that means citing sources and sticking within the realms of the best data we have to date.

Just like in 2009, we knew a lot, but didn’t know as much as we do now. In another decade (2029) we’ll look back and realize how much we didn’t know in 2019. Therefore its impossible to be 100% accurate, but we should strive to be as accurate as possible.

If you see an article on the site that needs updating or improving, send me a message, and we can improve it.

Hope you enjoy the content!

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