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Liam Hemsworth Workout and Diet

Liam Hemsworth Workout and Diet

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Liam Hemsworth Workout and Diet

If you stay in the loop of any popular Hollywood movies, then you’ve more than likely been introduced to The Hunger Games. Out of the star-studded cast is the standout actor Liam Hemsworth. You may not have noticed, but he is in incredible shape. Lean, muscular, and athletic-looking are some ways in which you may describe his physique. This is the type of superhero or movie start look that most are chasing after. Keep reading to learn more about the Liam Hemsworth workout and diet. We’re going to go over what he does for his workouts and what he eats to get that shredded movie star look.

So, who is this guy?

Liam Hemsworth was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on January 13, 1990. He is 6’3” tall. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were married on December 23, 2018. He has two older brothers, Chris and Luke.

Hemsworth has been acting since 2007 or so. His real breakout came in 2012 as the star of The Hunger Games (and then three sequels thereafter). From there he starred in Independence Day Resurgence, The Expendables, and Century City (where he met his now wife).

Liam Hemsworth Workout Activity Choices

Since he is a very popular actor, he runs a busy schedule. This doesn’t leave a ton of time for him to just poke around in the gym. He needs his workouts to be effective and efficient so that he can get back on set looking his best.

According to Men’s Health, he spends a ton of his workout time doing Tabatas. Tabata is a form of exercise that is very high in intensity, but short in duration. Guy Doing Pushup Smashes Ground and Chalk Flies Up

For example, he can complete a very intense workout in 20 minutes and get the same effect as if he did a slower workout for an hour. A typical setup for this kind of workout would include a round of various exercises such as burpees, push-ups, pull-ups, and squats.

Most of this work is done with just bodyweight but can be done with things such as dumbbells and kettlebells. It really just depends on what is available. Either way, a lot is getting done in a short time.

Within these rounds, there is typically a timer set for 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. This is just enough rest for it to not really count as rest! That’s where the intensity picks up. It doesn’t have to be heavy to be intense.

Liam Hemsworth’s workout routine focuses on these types of workouts because they are efficient, but also to reduce the risk of injury. He doesn’t spend a ton of time with heavy movements such as barbell deadlifts, bench press, or back squats.

He goes for that more athletic look versus the bulkier powerlifter look. In the process, he can keep training for a long time due to not getting hurt. He wants more function over strength.

A sample Tabata workout similar to what Liam would be doing is below:

  • 20 minutes to complete 100 movements *can bounce between movements*
    • air squats
    • sit-ups
    • push-ups
    • pull-ups
    • jumping jacks

As you can see, this workout hits everything. You are hitting the upper body, the legs, and the core all in one 20-minute workout. It’s basic, it’s functional, it’s body weight, and it keeps him looking jacked.

Hemsworth Arms

Now, yes, Liam puts a ton of focus on his biceps because that’s what everyone wants. However, he’s also working on his posture, core strength, stability, and balance as well.

Shirtless Guy Doing Pullup

You will find him down in a pushup position knocking out blocks of pushups. Of hanging from a pull-up rig knocking out sets of pull-ups (primarily neutral grip – palms facing away – with hands shoulder-width apart). Sets of curls or overhead presses (remember, if you want your biceps to look bigger then don’t neglect the triceps – they actually are what creates the bulk in arms).

Most would say that there isn’t anything in his workout routine that is complex. He keeps things simple and effective. These simple things work when it comes to getting that movie star body – it just takes discipline and consistency.

How Many Hours a Day Does Liam Hemsworth Workout?

Liam’s workouts are going to be different than those of his brother Chris (we will talk a bit about him below). You won’t find Liam in the gym working out for hours on end.

Rather, you are more likely to find Liam on a multi-hour hike where he is blending cardio and bodyweight Tabata style movements. He is always looking for efficiency in his efforts.

On these long outdoor trips, he may try to do as many push-ups as he can throughout the hike. Or he will work on air squats, lunges, or sit-ups. Taking advantage of limited time in a hectic schedule leads to fitness multi-tasking.

At most, you will find Hemsworth in the gym tackling an hour-long multi-movement exercise with his trainer Jason Walsh of Rise Movement.

Liam Hemsworth Diet and Nutrition

Liam has actually followed a couple of eating styles. He previously was going full-on vegan. This was due to him feeling really well on this type of diet.

However, he was looking good and feeling strong until recently. He stated that he started feeling lethargic and low on energy. Eventually, he actually ended up with kidney stones due to the number of foods high in oxalates. This extreme type of dieting can lead to a buildup in the kidneys and it is not fun.

If you want to give veganism a try here is some additional inspiration from Frank Medrano – the vegan bodybuilder. Veganism is a plant-based diet that includes absolutely NO animal products. No meat, cheese, dairy, or any other animal-derived food. Also, going vegan can require supplementation to keep you on track –Vegan Supplements – What Should You Take?

You can have any and all forms of grains and vegetables, however. If it was grown, it’s probably vegan. Do be advised that this is a very restrictive diet, and it isn’t for the faint of heart. However, many do it out of their love for animals.

Keep in mind as well, that you too could be at risk for a kidney stone if you were eating the exact thing as Liam. His morning smoothie was vegan and included FIVE handfuls of spinach, almond milk, almond butter, and some vegan protein powder. That contains a ton of those oxalates that we spoke about!

The vegan diet can be approached in a little less of an intense way and be perfectly safe. As with any change in diet, always consult your doctor!

He has now moved on from eating as a vegan and he is feeling great. Hemsworth has moved onto a more balanced diet including eating meat again that will still support his muscle definition.

How Are Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth Different?

Chris Hemsworth is Liam’s older brother and is known for his roles in Star Trek and as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thor is a muscular superhero, and so is the guy who represents him. We have a write up of Chris here.

Thor Hammer

While we know that Liam enjoys his short, intense workouts; Chris is a little more intense. With his character needing a little more muscle mass, Chris spends up to 2 whole hours in the gym. Now, he doesn’t do this all at once. Chris breaks these workouts up into hour-long sessions. That way he can properly recover from the workouts.

Regardless, Chris’s approach is one that puts on a little more muscle mass. His extended intense sessions were designed to be different than the shorter sessions of his little brother.

In addition to Liam, his older brother, Thor or Chris Hemsworth is very open about his eating routine. When he was preparing for his role as Thor, which Liam auditioned for as well, Chris would consume 6 meals a day.

Within these meals, he would total close to 3,500 calories a day! That’s because Chris needed to bulk up and put on more muscle. Of course, this will require that you consume more food to put your body in a caloric surplus.

With That Being Said…

Liam is pretty dedicated to his healthy lifestyle. He is always looking for ways to stay in tip-top shape and feel his best. What is important to note is that he isn’t pursuing this just to look good.

Liam is striving to be his best self. This sets him apart from other people in the industry.

He takes full advantage of high intensity, Tabata style workouts that will give him results in a time-efficient manner. While his metabolism is ramped up, he is fueling it with high-quality food that is nourishing his body. He was previously vegan, and that might be something worth trying if you are looking to mix it up! 

Try incorporating some of his routines into your lifestyle if you are looking to build a body like Thor’s younger brother!

Need help getting started? How about this article to get you moving – How to Build a Workout Plan in 10 Minutes.