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5 Low-Carb Brunch Tips

5 Low-Carb Brunch Tips

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If you live for the weekend you probably love a good brunch. Going to a low-carb diet shouldn’t ruin your brunch. With all the great benefits of eggs, fruit, and greens, there are tons of great low-carb options on many menus out there. Here are my 5 low-carb brunch tips!

Before we jump in, just a call out that the absolute best tip I have for eating out is to be nice to the restaurant staff. They can help you navigate menus and be your advocate with the kitchen staff. But if you aren’t kind and respectful of them, they really won’t want to help you. Be a good person, get good service!

Look for dry champagnes as they have less sugar

Look for dry champagnes as they have less sugar

Low-Carb Brunch Tip #1 – Low-Carb Bubbly

Obviously we have to start with drinks. Nothing says brunch like a mimosa. And while OJ is obviously off the table, that doesn’t mean you have to have a dry day. Just a glass of dry champagne. That’s right, dry champagne is totally on the table with a low-carb diet. Try it with orange slices and soda instead of orange juice. or throw in a few berries for a bright and flavorful addition. Mix with your favorite seltzer waters if you want an easy cocktail. You can even add rosemary or mint to add flavor and make that glass beautiful. Just remember, moderation in everything!

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Try greens or tomatoes instead of muffin or toast in an eggs benedict

Opt for tomatoes or mixed greens to replace the muffin

Low-Carb Brunch Tip #2 – Eggs Benny Without the Bread

I love a good eggs Benedict! The creamy, zesty hollandaise, beautifully, runny poached egg, salty ham, or buttery salmon. But we have to hit the breaks on the muffin or toast it’s normally all adorably piled on. But don’t despair! Just ask your server if they can replace the muffin with sliced tomatoes or mixed greens. Are you an avocado lover? Ask if they can sub the muffin for avocado! You’ll still have all the delicious parts of an Eggs Benedict without sacrificing anything but the empty carbs. I love this hack and I’ve used it in many restaurants, with lots of success. Try it!

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The best thing about an omelette is how easy it is to customize

The best thing about an omelet is how easy it is to customize

Low-Carb Brunch Tip #3 – Omelettes Got You

I’m a southern girl so I love me some Waffle House. Obviously, waffles are no longer on my plate. Now I order the cheesesteak omelet, add jalapenos, and sub tomatoes for hashbrowns. (My son gets my raisin toast.)But I’ve found that omelets are an easy way to get a big, delicious plate of food that’s easily low-carb. If omelets aren’t on the menu, look for scrambles! Even scrambles that are served with potatoes can usually be easily modified to add replace potatoes with more veggies. Just ask your server for options.

look for sides like bacon to replace potatoes or toast

Bacon is always a good choice, right?!

Low-Carb Brunch Tip #4 – Stay out of the High-Carb Side Trap

Popular options like potatoes or toast will quickly take any brunch from a tasty low-carb meal to a heavy carb mess. Replace potatoes or toast with sliced tomatoes or mixed greens. Skip the grits, oatmeal, or pancakes and ask the server if they have a low-carb soup or salad that you could substitute. And watch out for sides like yogurt or granola, they can be loaded with sugar!

Even some fresh fruit options would work well. Ask your server what kind of fruit is in the fresh fruit and look for low sugar fruit like berries for a good, tasty option. Avocado is having a real moment so many restaurants carry it and can sub carbs for a side of the good green stuff. And don’t forget, bacon, sausage, and other meaty goodies make great low-carb sides!

Appetizers can become great low-carb meals

I love mozzarella with tomatoes as an appetizer made meal!

Low-Carb Brunch Tip #5 – Appetizers as Mains

I love a good appetizer menu. Chicken wings, charcuterie boards, and even spinach dips are easily adapted to a flavor-packed, low-carb meal. for appetizers served with chips or crackers, ask if they can swap out veggies. For chicken wings, ask if their wings are battered or fried naked. And if you see an app you want but it’s just not enough for a full meal, check out the sides menu. Most restaurants are happy to create a mix and match meal for you. At the end of the day, their goal is to sell you food.

Ok, those are my favorite 5 brunch tips! They’re my favorite way to get a good meal without the carbs but packed with satiating good fat. I haven’t found a restaurant yet where I couldn’t make a small change like these to get an on-plan plate of food. I hope you find them helpful and that you enjoy your weekend. Comment below with any of your favorite brunch tips, we love sharing!

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