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550 Rep Full-Body Workout – Basement Series

550 Rep Full-Body Workout – Basement Series

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On our quest to continue to find cheap, effective, and time-conscious workouts, we bring you our 550 rep full-body workout. This workout provides you with a great deal of variety in the program since you are cycling between 20 different workouts in each round.

This full-body workout is endlessly flexible. We are going to bring you the structure we used today for our workout, but I can assure you that we will keep this workout in our routine and trade in and out movements. If you want to use weights or add Olympic lifts feel free.

One of the other benefits of this full-body workout is that it has a cardio component to it. Cycling between 20 different movements keeps your heart rate elevated for the entire workout.

The 550 Rep Full-Body Workout

Man Swinging Blue KettlebellAlright, here is the workout that we did today with notes.

As we said, this is a 20 movement workout. The goal for each workout (except those that are timed) is to do 10 reps per round. There is no clock (although we just kept one running just to see how long the workout took). Just keep moving. Take breaks as you need them, but otherwise, just move from one movement to the next.

Our 20 movements:

  1. Kettlebell swings
  2. Push-Ups (modify as needed – elevated hands push-ups, push-ups from knees, etc)
  3. Chin-Ups (modify as needed – negatives, dead hangs, etc.)
  4. Burpees
  5. Single-leg kettlebell deadlift (here is a good video)
  6. Kettlebell single-arm row
  7. Burpees
  8. Single-arm kettlebell strict shoulder press
  9. Glue hip bridge (here is a good video)
  10. Squat forward press (here is a good video)
  11. Ring rows
  12. Burpees
  13. Single-arm kettlebell chest press
  14. Heel touches (here is a good video – 10 on each heel)
  15. Burpees
  16. Side plank :30 (one-side per round)
  17. Dips (modify as needed – dip negatives, dip holds, bench dips, etc.)
  18. Seated band row
  19. Burpees
  20. Single-arm plank with kettlebell hold :30. On this movement, position yourself in the high plank on your hands. Have a kettlebell that you can manage lined up either under your right or left shoulder (depending on which side you are starting with). When you elevate into the plank you do a single-arm row with the kettlebell and you hold it in that row position for the full plank. Make sure to chose a weight that you can hold in that row position for the full 30 seconds.

Those are the movements for the 550 rep full-body workout that we did today.

Each full round will earn you 200 total reps (20 x 10 = 200). So, two rounds will get you 400.

In the third round, we dropped off the burpees. Dropping the burpees reduces that round to 15o reps. Three rounds get you 550 reps total of a highly effective full-body workout.

Why So Many Burpees?

You probably looked at this workout and thought, why are we doing 100 reps of burpees? Well, that’s a good question. You can find your answer here. To summarize, for January 2021 we are undergoing a burpee challenge. The goal is to complete 100 burpees per day each day during January. So, we used this workout structure to allow us to get 100 burpees into our workout.

After we hit the 100 burpee mark (after the first 2 rounds) we dropped them off for the third round.


So, give this workout a shot. Let us know what you think. If you modify the workout with other movements let us know how you structured yours. If you want to find other creative workouts check out our Basement Series.