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Boxing For Exercise – Try It!

Boxing For Exercise – Try It!

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Why Boxing Is Becoming the Most Popular Workout in Today’s World?

According to recent studies, almost one-third population of the world is either overweight or obese. This is because people are so occupied with their lives that they can’t find time for doing regular physical activity and on top of this, people mostly eat junk and processed foods. Additionally, if somehow a person joins a gym, he quickly becomes bored with the traditional workouts. This is because there is such little variety in gyms and the exercises are also less engaging. On the other hand, boxing has a myriad number of styles and everyone could find something that completely suits his fitness goals.

Woman In Pink Hand Wraps Punching

Boxing is the coolest and most engaging workout that yields very quick results. Also, this is a great way to fight back against the growing obesity epidemic. This is why you will see regular gym-goers putting on their boxing gloves and taking up this exercise routine. Read on to learn why boxing is gaining popularity in every part of the world.

Burns Fat and Calories Very Fast:

We are fighting the growth of obesity and many other chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks, and some types of cancers. Self-awareness and focus on personal health are growing because of different campaigns and the role of media. Due to our busy schedules, people are turning to unconventional workouts like boxing.

This workout quickly burns calories.  Research suggests that shadow boxing has the potential to burn more calories than most other forms of “gym cardio”. It is capable of torching extra calories because of its intensity (assuming you use a high level of intensity). At the same time as burning calories, you are also gaining lean muscle mass. What a great combination.

Enhanced Cardiovascular Health:

Boxer Leaning on Ropes ExhaustedThere is no denial that boxers are among the athletes in the greatest physical condition. We all know how important it is to maintain good cardio health.  It is so important because it is directly connected to your overall general health.

When training in a rigorous workout, like boxing, you are improving your cardiovascular health with each minute under stress. Boxing engages your upper body, core, and lower body. This provides you with a highly effective full-body workout.

Throwing repetitive punches on the punching bag or on an opponent in the ring will improve every muscle -including your heart. Leading to greater cardiovascular health.

Improved Abilities for Other Sports:

Boxing has the ability to improve your other physical abilities like mobility, agility, flexibility, reflexes, stamina, and fall reduction. These abilities not only help you in boxing but in other fields and sports too. This is why many non-boxing athletes from other sports, and movie stars, put on their boxing punching mitts and take part in this great exercise.

Moreover, this particular training also teaches you different techniques that will be useful in other disciplines of life too. It is an incredible tool to gradually improve your overall reaction timing, lateral movement ability, and cardiovascular endurance.

Improved Hand-Eye Coordination:

Woman in Boxing Ring With Hands UpHand-eye coordination has great significance on a person’s gross and fine motor skills. This training will help you develop faster reflexes and quicker reaction time. You will experience these benefits even if your coordination is already good.

Strong hand-eye coordination is very important when we age. Good hand-eye coordination can allow us to maintain balance and reduce the risk of falls.

Boxing enhances this ability especially when you punch a speed bag – a lightweight boxing bag suspended from a disc that moves quickly with each punch – or when you’re paired up to spar with a partner (practice punching your partner’s padded mitts). Through these types of workouts, you are forced to watch the moving target, react to the target, and hit the target.

Revamped Mental Health:

Life is already very fast-paced and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Everyone is trying to deal with ever-tighter deadlines and other work and financial pressures. Due to these pressures, every other person is either dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, or any other mental or emotional issue.

In these hard times, practicing boxing can be a life savior. When you hit the punching bag, you are able to transfer your stress and anxiety to the bag. As a result, you will feel relaxed.

Moreover, when you notice your body getting into shape you feel accomplished and this feeling of accomplishment boosts your confidence and self-esteem. Also, when you train in boxing, you learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones. This feeling of consummate for achieving your goal will enhance your mental and emotional health.

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