Exogenous Ketones – Joe Rogan’s Preferred Choices

Joe Rogan has been on a keto type diet since early 2016. He initially kicked things off with a low carb, no added sugar primal diet (see his Instagram post on this). Generally, he sticks with the program, but when he falls off the wagon and indulges in some carbs (being Italian, a favorite for him is pasta), he uses Exogenous Ketones to kick him back into ketosis.

He’s not alone in this, its a strategy also favored by Tim Ferriss and Dom D’Agostino.

His go-to Exogenous Ketones supplement is Kegenix Beta-hydroxybutyrate & medium chain triglycerides (see his Twitter + Instagram posts below on this):

Exogenous Ketones - Joe Rogan's Preferred Choices

Exogenous Ketones - Joe Rogan's Preferred Choices

There’s quite a lot of ketone supplements out there – but what sets this one apart from the crowd is their hybrid formula. Rather than just including exogenous ketone salts (Beta-hydroxybutyrate), they add in medium chain triglycerides. This results in a longer lasting boost to ketones than including BHB salts on their own.

When I saw the above Instagram post, I tried to get hold of the “Wild Berry” version Joe used.

Since Joe’s post, Kegenix have discontinued the old wild berry flavor (unfortunately), re-branded to Kegenix Prime, and offer two flavors; Orange Blast & Lemon Twist.

Exogenous Ketones - Joe Rogan's Preferred ChoicesExogenous Ketones - Joe Rogan's Preferred Choices

I’m more of a lemon fan myself, so went for the lemon twist version. So far so good, I’ve tested it post-prandial (after eating carbs) and have been able to get back in to the 3mmol/L range for ketone readings.

Joe actually makes a habit of mixing an Alpha Brain instant sachet (equivalent to 2x Alpha Brain pills!), and mixing it with Kegenix. Presumably this provides a double whammy for the brain – the nootropic effects of the Alpha Brain + the ketones from Kegenix.

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