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15 Best Keto Snacks Inside!

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Welcome to EatMoveHack.Com’s pick for the best keto snacks! If you are tired of just eating boiled eggs, you will love what we have inside. We have searched all over the web to bring you the 15 best keto snacks to try to keep you on track with your keto diet. These are in no particular order because we love them all. Use the arrows at the bottom of the page to look through all of the different types of healthy snacks. Hope you enjoy it!

Before we get there, let’s talk about what makes a good keto snack. If you are following the ketogenic diet then you are looking to minimize added sugar, carbohydrates, and pretty much any other added preservatives. You are looking for healthy fat and high protein – who doesn’t love fat and protein? Well, we’ve got them for you. These can come from good sources such as olive oil, whole fat greek yogurt, almond butter, whole fat cream cheese, free-range eggs, and the like.

Targeting these kinds of foods will help you achieve short term goals of weight loss and ketosis. Keto, unlike other general low carb diets, will help you to stabilize cholesterol levels, burn fat and act as a deterrent to heart disease. This isn’t like the other Atkins’ diets out there.

Without further ado, let’s get to the keto-friendly snacks.



EMH came across the Super Fat brand and we were thrilled to find this brand of healthy macadamia nut butter and cookies. The best part of all – they are all keto. Great taste. Convenient. Keto. Healthy. What could be better from a keto snack?
Super Fat offers a wide variety of nut butter, from Cacao mint nut butter to Coffee + MCT but butter. They have a flavor that you will love. 
Maybe even better, they have delicious Keto cookies that come in three flavors – snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, and peanut butter chocolate chip. Delicious.

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