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EMH Chicken Pâté

EMH Chicken Pâté

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Liver gets a bad rap. People think it’s weird and yucky or gross. But properly prepared, like in a creamy pâté, liver can be a delicious and powerfully healthy treat. And it’s SO good for you. Check out this article about all the health benefits of liver if you don’t already know what a nutritional powerhouse it is. Then keep reading for how to make EHM Chicken Pâté. 

Hear me out. On how tasty it is, too.

This plate wouldn’t be complete without pâté

EHM Chicken Pâté is deceptively easy to make for something with such a fancy name. In short, it’s sautéed chicken liver that’s puréed into a spread that goes well with crackers, cheese, and veggies. I make mine with lots of butter, whiskey, herbs, and cream cheese. Those sound delicious, right?!

And I serve it with my homemade Keto crackers. It makes a fancy, healthy, and affordable meal. And it’s perfect for a cool, quick, summer lunch. Try it as a side to a crisp salad or some bright olives. It’s amazing with hard-boiled eggs, too!

I also serve it for special occasions as an appetizer. It looks great on a crudités platter or charcuterie board. because, why not put a bunch of simple snacks with fancy names out to eat?

Ok, so you know the ways I love to eat pâté, but how do I make it? Good news, it’s super easy and cheap to make. The hardest part is finding good livers. I recommend finding a reputable local farmer and sourcing them there. But as that isn’t always easy, you can also ask your butcher and they’ll help you. The good news is, chicken livers are pretty cheap no matter where you find them. And you don’t need much to make a big serving of pâté.

I start with 1/2 a pound of fresh liver. No need to dice it, unless you’re feeling ambitious. I sauté about 3 tablespoons of good butter with a chopped small onion. When the onion is soft, add a tablespoon of chopped garlic, and the livers. Add salt and pepper to taste. I like a heavy hand on the pepper.

They’ll cook quickly so after a minute or two go ahead and toss in your herbs (I like rosemary or thyme) and your splash of booze (I like whiskey but sherry is also a popular option.)

After another 2-3 minutes, pull it all off the heat and put it into your processor. I like to add a splash of heavy cream or 2 tablespoons of cream cheese at this point. And then whiz it all up until smooth!

You can either eat EHM Chicken Pâté at that point or chill it for later. If you chill it you can top it with melted butter to keep the color bright.

Ok, so that’s my easy, delicious EHM Chicken Pâté recipe. I love it so much and I think you put to try it. It’s good for you and tastes great!

Here’s a version that’s easy to pin! 

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