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Keto Everything Cracker Recipe

Keto Everything Cracker Recipe

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I love a good cracker. I thought making a keto everything cracker would be hard but I’ve found a nearly foolproof method. This recipe is one I make over and over again. These crackers fit right into my EMH’s Low Carb & Intermittent Fasting Diet. It’s super easy and fast.

The basic ingredients are pantry staples for me. The only ingredient you might not have used before (but your grandmother would have been familiar with) is lard. Hear me out! I’ve tried other fats to substitute including coconut oil and butter. But nothing comes close to the crispy, savory, golden, and delicious results I get using lard. Check out this article for some great reasons to use it as your cooking oil. I highly recommend that you try it. I really believe it’s the key ingredient in a delicious keto cracker recipe. You might be surprised how beautifully it creates tender and crisp crackers that won’t blow your diet.

Ok, so the whole process takes about 30 minutes. Start by preheating your oven to 350F. I use the convection setting on mine but it’s not required. Then get all your ingredients mixed up. It takes a minute for the lard to work into the dry ingredients. I use a fork to start then as they become more combined, I switch over to my hands.

Once you have a good dough that’s easy to manipulate but also holds together well, drop it onto the center of two pieces of parchment paper. Don’t skip the top piece of parchment. Without it, the dough will stick to your rolling pin and it’ll all go to hell from there.

Roll the dough out between the parchment until it’s cracker-thin. Think something similar to a wheat thin. Too thin and the cracker will be too crumbly. Too thick and the crackers will be a bit chewy.

The last step before you toss them in the oven, remove the top piece of parchment and cut the crackers. I like to use a pizza cutter but a knife works, too. Just be careful if using a knife that you don’t pull the dough with the blade.

Ok, now it’s into the oven. So I’ve found cooking time varies based on multiple factors. If I’ve changed out the seasonings (thyme and cheese instead of everything bagel seasoning in a delicious swap), you rolled the crackers a little thinner or thicker, you’re using a dark cookie sheet or a light one, your oven cooks differently then mine – there are endless reasons it could cook differently! SO, I recommend you start checking after 12 minutes and pull them out when they’re golden and start to pull apart slightly.

Once they get golden and delicious, pull them out of the oven and let them cool completely. Once they’ve cooled they’ll snap apart and can be stored in an airtight container in the pantry for a week. Or you can eat them all immediately on the couch! I love this keto cracker recipe and I hope you do, too. Enjoy!

Here’s the short version of the recipe if you’re looking for a great version to pin! 

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