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Tony Robbins – Diet, Supplements and More!

Tony Robbins – Diet, Supplements and More!

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Who Is Tony Robbins?

Born on February 29, 1960, in North Hollywood, California, Tony Robbins is internationally known for his philanthropy and motivational seminars. These seminars attract thousands of people that aspire to mirror his life accomplishments.

In 1988, Robbins became a household name when he began promoting himself through television. He created a recognizable brand known as Personal Power. Here is a link to his PDF on Personal Power.

He is the owner of numerous businesses that focus on health, charity work, and psychiatric therapy.

Along with personal therapist Cloé Madanes, he is the co-creator of the Robbins-Madanes Center. This center comprises a training program and seminary school for strategic life-coaching certifications.

His website serves as a database of sorts for all things Tony Robbins.

Realizing that choosing the right foods and vitamins is an essential component of helping his supporters, Robbins has created a diverse portfolio of supplements that he embraces.

Let’s get into the vitamins that Tony Robbins uses regularly.

Vitamins Tony Robbins Uses

Tony Robbins is not a small man. Standing at a height of 6’7” and weighing over 200 pounds, it is important for him to have a proper nutritional plan to support his active lifestyle.

White Bowl of Green Powder on Pink BackgroundHe has long advocated the importance of vitamins and supplements.  One of his favorite supplements is complex green powders. These powder share some of the following qualities:

  • High in fiber
  • Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and methylated B vitamins
  • Adrenal powders
  • High-Quality Ingredients


Two of his favorite powdered greens are Athletic Greens and Nested Naturals. These two greens infuse a powerful cocktail of spinach, barley grasses, chlorella, and probiotics. The latter ingredient is made up of beneficial yeast and bacteria extracts. These are highly useful for promoting improved digestive function, particularly during the break down of food in the initial stage of ingestion that occurs in the stomach. Powdered greens also contain alkaline blends of organic wheat, broccoli, kale, and alfalfa grass.

Both Nested Naturals and Athletic Greens are packed with other impressive fundamentals. Astragalus membranaceus, a Chinese herb that is traditionally used for medicinal practices, is a prominent key ingredient.

Botanical additions are also added, notably Rhodiola Rosea, commonly found in the frozen tundras in the arctic regions of the northern hemisphere. It is wholly used to strengthen mental capacity and increases stamina.

Spirulina, cyanobacteria of blue and green algae, is another added source that can potentially fight weight loss and hunger pangs. It has even been clinically tested by NASA to aid astronauts on extensive space deployments in the future.

As is typical of most supplements, Green powders are infused with vitamins A, C, and B for an even greater boost in energy and body sustenance. Together, these qualities have helped to push Robbins into a steady habit of refraining from becoming sedentary, even as he pushes into the age of retirement.

General Diet Information

As a general rule, Tony Robbins is adamant about having an appropriate intake of water.  He has called it something that people often forget about in their quest for better health and nutrition. He has made note of the fact that the body does not have a way to replenish itself from unhealthy drinks.

For example, when an individual consumes a caffeinated drink, the body will retain its water content, making it more difficult to flush and eliminate impurities that are stored within the body, namely an excess of adipocytes.

Adipocytes are tissues made up of fat cells, a way for the body to store unused energy. Although water alone is not a remedy for beneficial health, Robbins recommends drinking an average of at least half a person’s body weight in ounces on a daily basis.

Alkaline Diet:

Bowl of Colorful VegetablesTony has noted that healthy living often runs parallel to a healthy mindset. In his speeches, he mentions that an abundance of acidity in a person’s blood strains vital bodily functions. He suggests that the effects of this could be eliminated with an alkaline diet plan.

This is the foundation of his nutritional advocacy. An alkaline diet is a nutritional course of action to actively control a person’s pH levels, a scale of numerically measuring the degree of acidity that is present within the body.

Chemicals that contain a pH level above seven are alkaline substances, whereas those with a pH below seven are known for their acidic properties. Cola has an average acidity/pH level of 2.5. Purified water earns a level of seven. On the other hand, alkaline water has acidity content ranging from eight to nine pH.

Robbins states that if you maintain a routine alkaline diet, your physical vitality will grow. This growth will allow you to retain energy that will be available during the times when it is most needed: at work, gym, and most importantly, in the morning.

If you want to learn more about an easy way to start an alkaline diet, check out our article on Dr. Sebi. Dr. Sebi is often thought of as a leader in the space of alkaline diets.

Daily Meal Plan

Tony Robbins takes his job seriously. So much in fact, that he is said to sleep for only three to seven hours on any given night. Constantly at an ambitious mindset during the day, he begins and ends it with these consequential actions:

The Journey For Better Nutrition

First Calories

The very first choice for Tony’s consumption is a beverage containing a cocktail mixture of fruits, fruit extracts, green powder, and hearty vegetables that are diluted with water.

As mentioned, green powder contains an explosion of power-boosting vitamins and minerals for an early morning wake up and is a perfect alternative to coffee. Hesperidin and quercetin are usually added for a metabolism and immune system jump.


For the breakfast portion of his morning reflections, Robbins prepares coconut bread. A range of poultry is used that is limited to eggs, but with a large choice of egg, species to select from. Popular alternatives to chicken are quail, ostrich, duck, and goose eggs. They tend to taste slightly milder or stronger than the widely consumed chicken egg.


Robbins does not skip lunch. A sizable helping of salad greens sprinkled with sea salt and extra virgin olive oil is a favorite. In regards to salads, many will homogeneously use romaine lettuce when shopping for it. However, raw spinach is another excellent option for dietary fiber and potassium. It can also be eaten as a salad to substitute or alternate between greens. Or they can be combined for a well-rounded balance of their distinct precedence.

Afternoon Snack

During the middle of the afternoon, a drink that contains a high amount of protein is served. Protein drinks have become relatively easy to make than in previous years, yet care must be given to not purchase anything that contains a high level of acidity and sugar in order to stay committed to Robbin’s diet plan.


For dinner, it’s all about organically produced foods that are high in proteins and presented with low mercury and iron content. This rule can classify into near-unlimited experimentation, so long as some seafood and rice seeds are not eaten as a vice. Olive or coconut oil is used for all cooking. Robbins adds asparagus and potatoes that are roasted, not fried.


When nearing the end of the day, He consumes another but a smaller amount of protein as dessert. 

As Tony Robbins has mentioned, the road to a healthier life will not happen overnight. It did not occur quickly for him. It certainly will not happen quickly for other looking to change their diet routines either. He treated each moment as a learning curve; a hands-on listening experience that eventually manifested into using life-changing formulas for unlimited body fuel.

As a life coach, he knows the hardships that will challenge commitment. These will challenge your diet plan while working, raising children, and taking care of a significant other. Robbins believes results come from forward progress. Continue pushing forward, even in light of challenges.


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