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Best Biohacking Products in 2020

Best Biohacking Products in 2020

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Best Biohacking Products in 2020

With supplements and smart drugs gaining popularity over the last few years, it is sometimes hard to pick what to use or which products to go with. This article is focused on products and not as much on techniques like mental models, sleep optimization, meditation, and the like. If you want to read more on techniques check out our article here. But now, here is our compilation of the best biohacking products and our favorite picks.

Biohacking Products for Your Health:Wall of Vitamin Bottles

Natural remedy supplements have been popular for a long time.  Whether these supplements are using plant-based natural products or products such as magnesium and vitamin complements. In the last few years, the popularity of biohacking has surged. There has been new and exciting research in areas such as smart drugs (also known as nootropics), cognition enhancers, improved memory, and the human brain in general.

Whether it is improving your general health and fitness, your brain functions, or the efficiency of your workouts, there are products out there to help you achieve the results that you want.

We have gathered by category the most popular supplements and smart drugs, and also included our favorite products!

Of course, we recommend as always that you check what is appropriate for you with your doctor, especially if you have any health condition or are on a specific diet.

Biohacking Products For Your Workouts:

There are plenty of sports nutrition supplements out there that you can use in combination with your workouts. They are normally focused on increases in muscle growth or faster recovery. Here are some of our favorites:

Shirtless Guy Doing PullupWhey  protein:

Whey Protein is one of the most popular sports nutrition supplement. This supplement helps improve muscle growth, as well as muscle recovery and repair. You will find countless brands at various prices. At EMH we like Optimum Nutrition HydroWhey (Get it HERE), which is being used by “The Rock” himself

BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acids):

BCAAs are gaining in popularity as research shows these help greatly with workout recovery, as well as reducing muscle fatigue and potential muscle damage. Again there are plenty of choices available, we enjoy Optimum Nutrition BCAAs capsules.


Creatine is also very popular amongst athletes of all disciplines.  It helps improve general muscle strength and performance. It is naturally found in food groups such as fish and meat, but if you are looking at gaining muscle growth or improving endurance, you might want to supplement your diet with extra creatine. One of our favorite products is this Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate.

Biohacking Products For General Health and Fitness:

A good diet and some exercise are essentials to good overall health. In addition to that, there are a few products that you can use to supplement to help your overall body functions, as well as help, preventing sickness over time.


Magnesium is one of the most popular nutrition supplements. Not only does it have meaningful benefits on your sleep, but it is also used by the body for many processes such as regulating muscle and nerve function, blood pressure, or blood sugar levels. An all-around supplement that is useful for all. We enjoy Thorne Magnesium CitraMate.


Multi-Vitamins can be an important supplement to your general health and fitness. Specific vitamins are used by your body for particular functions. Vitamin D, for example, regulates calcium and phosphate levels in the body. Your body desperately needs Vitamin D to keep bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. It is also a necessary vitamin to help with weight loss and management.  In comparison, Vitamin A helps important functions such as vision, the immune system, and reproduction as well as being an important anti-inflammatory agent.

Person Taking Bite Out of LemonWhile it is easy enough to select food groups in order to supply your body with vitamins, it is time-consuming and might not fit your current diet. A multi-vitamin supplement can help ensure that you have plenty of what your body needs. We recommend O.N.E Multivitamin, which takes care of your needs with just one product.


Iodine is also a great supplement. It has a role in brain and thyroid functions, as well as immunity. Iodine is naturally found in some food groups like fish and dairy products. A deficiency is quite common in the adult population. If you want to do what you can to stave off such deficiency then you could try the Iodine and Tyrosine supplement from Thorne. 


Probiotics are microorganisms that help balance your digestive system, which of course has a crucial role in your overall health.  Healthy people have a very well balanced gut flora. However, most of us don’t fall into that category.

Therefore, you should start with your diet to build a happy and healthy gut flora. A diet that contains high fiber and diverse food, as well as fermented food like yogurt or kombucha, should do the trick, but you might want to add a bit of a boost to your digestive health. We enjoy this FloraMend Prime Probiotic from Thorne. FloraMend Prime Probiotic supports a wide variety of health benefits, including GI support, weight management, seasonal allergy support, and immune function.

Biohacking Products For Cognitive Functions and Brain Health:

Brain function is of course a crucial part of our body health. Whether it is cognitive function improvement or general brain health, there are a few products that you can use to improve or maintain good brain functions. Plasma Ball on Black Background


L-Tyro is qualified as one of these smart drugs we mentioned above, has become increasingly popular in the last few years.

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that is believed to improve cognition, mood, and mental stress response.

Fish Oil:

Fish oil has been a popular supplement for a long time now. Studies show it has an impact on brain health, but also on general energy levels and joint health. There are varied dosages of different types of oil in supplement products. Make sure you assess first what is right for you and your metabolism.

We recommend this Super EPA product from Thorne.


Resveratrol is a natural element that can be found in food such as red grapes, red wine, raspberries, and dark chocolate. A recent study on Alzheimer’s patients has shown protective effects on nerve damage affected areas. It is also believed to be efficient in terms of disease prevention such as diabetes or heart disease. This Thorne product helps support healthy aging through the combination of resveratrol and nicotinamide riboside with cofactors.

Biohacking Products For beauty:

Zinc and Iron:

Zinc and iron are two necessary minerals in your body, and have effects on hair growth, amongst other things. Vitamins play a role in this process, so if you are already supplementing with vitamins, check dosage before incorporating a hair and nail growth supplement. You can also choose to supplement iron and/or zinc, especially if you have a deficiency in any of them. Products specifically targeted to women might also have vitamins and zinc/iron altogether. Here is a great Thorne product that can get you these essential minerals.


Collagen is a protein present in abundance in our bodies, that makes most of our skin and other connective tissues. With aging, the production of the body slowly goes down.Woman Wearing Yellow Halter Top Whipping Her Hair

Research shows that supplementing with collagen may have an impact on skin elasticity and signs of aging, as well as reduce joint pain. Supplements exist in various forms, we recommend powder as it makes it easy to add to your coffee or juice. Here is one of our favorites – we love both the unflavored as well as the dark chocolate with sea salt (which makes a great morning mocha coffee).


As always, we recommend adjusting your supplement intake or deciding to try new products with your doctor or healthcare professional. However, it is great to see all the ways you can achieve better health without the need for prescription drugs. Very exciting.


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