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Bodyweight Exercises for People Who Hate Exercise

Bodyweight Exercises for People Who Hate Exercise

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It is beneficial to engage in something that your future self will appreciate. Fitness is a healthy investment for the future, and every person has an activity to undertake. You might not be a fan of working out but below are a few bodyweight exercise options for you to check out.

As we continue to look for ways to stay active when we are at home, we thought we would bring you a series of exercises for people who hate to exercise. Also, here are some Positive Daily Habits you can employ for overall better life. Hope you enjoy them!

Woman Doing Yoga on Beach


Trampolines are growing in popularity as an effective and fun bodyweight exercise. The youths and the elderly are staying active and bouncing their way to a healthy life. Purchasing a fitness trampoline is easy as you can find them at the local store or can order one online. It is effortless to install around the home.

The benefits of using trampolines include:

  • It improves cardiovascular health.
  • Builds the power and strength of the leg.
  • Increases the body’s strength and balance. 
  • It assists in body detoxification. 
  • Increases cell energy by enhancing oxygen circulation in the body.
  • Variable effort can allow for a low or high-intensity workout.

This exercising equipment’s recommendation is to place it on a flat surface, non-slippery. Follow the instructions by the manufacturer to enjoy a simple and safe exercising routine. 


Embrace a “dance yourself fit routine” if you are not a personal trainer, gym, or jogging enthusiast. Research shows that dancing is one of the most effective workouts available. As you are moving your body, getting your heart rate up, and having fun, there are several healthy incentives to gain. The benefits include;

  • Feeling good. It is hard to dance and not feel good.
  • Improved flexibility across your various joints and muscle groups.
  • The body muscles build stamina and can endure more.
  • It improves the mental well being of a person.

Through dancing, you exercise both your upper and lower body. The activity involves movements that allow muscular re-alignment in the body. Over time, results are visible as your body strength increases.


Swimming is among the most effective exercising activities. It still qualifies as a bodyweight exercise even though swimming can be a great option for people looking for low impact – since you are nearly weightless in the water.

Swimming is a great way to stay fit while not stressing your muscles, joints, or bones.

This is a good activity for individuals of all sizes and ages. It takes care of all the parts of the body. Some of the benefits of going for a swim include:

  • It soothes aching joints and muscles.
  • Development of upper body strength.
  • It aids in the burning of calories and getting in shape.
  • The lungs become healthier with improved capacity.
  • It is a cardiovascular activity and improves cardio abilities.

The benefits of swimming are way more than we realize. It is a fun, relaxing, and gentle way to invest in your physical wellbeing. Just work at first on establishing a good breathing routine and swimming in a straight line (pool etiquette will get you far). Swimming for two and a half hours a week is a physical activity that will greatly improve your fitness.



This is one of the underrated but most efficient forms of exercising. Many people think that this is an easy exercise that won’t yield results.

Medical research shows that walking as an exercise can be just as effective as running. It takes care of your weight loss and fitness needs. Other benefits of walking include:

  • It reduces stress and anxiety-related problems.
  • Walking reduces the risk of health conditions due to inactivity.
  • It helps in reducing excess body fat.

This is a good choice to complement other forms of exercising. Whether you are walking around the block or lacing your shoes for a long walk, this assures the body of a full workout. 


Yoga remains to be one of the best exercises for mental health. Even though it isn’t a rigorous exercise, it still offers you a great way to unwind after a long tiring day. Some of the benefits of yoga include:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Weight reduction
  • Increased muscle strength and tone
  • Improved respiration and energy

You can practice yoga for 20-50 minutes. You don’t have to be part of any gym club to practice yoga. There are a number of yoga videos on YouTube that can help you do yoga in the comfort of your home.

Air squats

If you are not a gym enthusiast, you can try some squats in the comfort of your home. This no equipment home workout is very ideal for people who hate cumbersome equipment or time wasted going to and from a gym.

If you didn’t know, every time you sit, you squat. So when squatting, don’t think of it as a workout, instead; think of it as a journey to sitting. 

The more you do squats, the more your body gets used to them, making them more enjoyable.  Air squat routines will allow quick progression in terms of total possible reps. Enjoy the process.

Squats can help you build muscles, lose weight, and greatly improve hip flexibility.

Jump rope

If you used to jump rope as a kid, then this is not new to you. This is a bodyweight exercise that offers a lot of fun and can be done anywhere.  It also engages your full body, hence providing a great workout.

So why don’t you grab your rope and start jumping today? You can even set the speed and strength of your choice.

Enroll in a self-defense class

Self-defense class not only helps you to strengthen your whole body, but it also helps you learn how to stay safe in case of an attack. These self-defense classes are designed to favor newbies. So you can quickly learn how to use your body as a weapon without necessarily having years of experience as with the case for martial art programs.

Knowing how to defend yourself is a critical and useful tool. So if you want to keep fit and know how to protect yourself from a violent attacker, why don’t you enroll in a self-defense class.

Sign up For any Fun Run Near You 

Of course, the fun run is also an exciting exercise for exercise haters. Nowadays, there are plenty of fun run events that people, regardless of their fitness level, can be part of even if they don’t like running. 

These non-competitive events allow you to participate in them without having to worry about your speed or beating any record.  From electric runs to backlight runs, and color runs, these events will make sweating fun more than you could ever imagine. In most cities, these events are held throughout the year, so do a bit of research online to choose a fun run that’s appealing to you.

Here is a great article to review if running feels like your outlet –Endurance Running Biohacks to Keep Running.


Many people are not in a position to hit the gym for workouts. These traditional bodyweight exercise alternatives will help you reach your goals. There is no stopping you from being fit and healthy. Embrace the activities in this article and be on your way to a new you.

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